Best Texting Apps That You Should Try

As we know, the world has become a global village, and it needs a click for a person to send messages. Nowadays, communication has become one of the most convenient things by using different means. Moreover, it is no more the  system of telegrams or sending messages through birds like pigeons. However, today each and every communication can be done through technology that created so many ways for the consumers so that they can communicate. Similarly, there are so many best texting apps created by software developers. As it is known to a text message is the most convenient and favorable method to communicate.

Reasons to Shift From Traditional Apps to Best Texting apps

There are many of the reasons which will compel you to change the app which you are using previously for texting. However, third party messaging apps are very good to protect your privacy. Moreover, they also offer so many features to make it easier for the user to sync the conversation among the different devices of yours. There are different texting apps; some of them are:

Chomp SMS

It is free and best texting app for Android. The app enables you to choose from hundreds of themes and skins, and you can also use different kinds of features related to app lock and many more. You can also have the features related to dual sim support and group messaging. You can also customize different kinds of icons and many other customizations related to the color of led. It is also compatible with pushbullet and yappy. It is one of the best apps which can be used for the purpose of texting. Moreover, this app can also help many people around them.

chomp sms
chomp sms


Go android app is a fun android app for sending free text messages. Here you are able to do free texting. This app has the ability to send free SMS, and MMS.this app also supports dual sim. In this app, there is a private box that encrypts messages and protects the privacy of yours. This app also has the ability to stick to the conversations to the top of the app. Here you can also pop up messages for the quick view.

go sms
go sms


This app of Handcent enables you to send the text messages from both your iphone as well as Android. You can also use this app on the tablet when you are not willing to type on your small and nasty phone’s keyboard. Here in this app, you can switch your phone number if you have more than one number.




This app of mighty text enables you to send free text messages from your computer, which is synced with your android phone number. This app of mighty text allows you to send and receive SMS and MMS from your tablet or computer, and you can also get notifications from your phone on your computer. Here messages can be scheduled to send in the future. The app Mightytext is available on Android and also on the desktop in the web app.

mighty text
mighty text


This app of Mysms enables you to send and receive text messages from your communication devices like computers and tablets, just like you would on your phone. This app uses the number which you are using currently and also send messages from your phone. However, all the messages sent and received are encrypted and saved in the cloud. Here you can also use this app for the purpose of sending messages to the other users of the Mysms app. This app is available for windows eight and Windows 10.

my sms
my sms



It is a free SMS app through which you can send messages without spending a single penny. This app follows google material design guidelines for the minimalistic interface, and above 200 themes are present that you will be able to customize the display. Here you can be able to send and receive free SMS and MMS. This is going to be really helpful for you in the process of communication because it is an awesome app.

qk sms
qk sms

Textra SMS

Textra SMS app is an app that is used for testing purposes. It can be used in android phones. It has more than 100 designs of themes, and it also can be customizable very quickly. It has many features like dark and night modes. Moreover, this is also one of the best spp, which can be used for texting. In this app, you can customize bubble colors, styles, and notifications for every conversation. Moreover, it is also compatible with Pushbullet and MightyText for desktop notifications for replying.

textra sms
textra sms

Google voice

It is one of the most famous texting apps. Which can be used for the purpose of texting and calling. It allows you to make free calls in the US and Canada. That outside of those areas has spotty coverage at best. It is one of the best texting apps which can be very helpful to the people who live in long-distance relations. It also has so many features that also make it one of the best texting app. It is one of the best options in the series of apps, and you should try this.


These all the above-mentioned texting apps are very much lucrative in their functions. Most of them can make communication really strong. These apps are really helpful in the communication process of different peoples and groups. All the apps have different kind of positive features which can help you.

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What is the function of texting apps?

The major function of the texting app is to send text messages and MMS; however, some of them also can make voice calls.




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