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How To Update Amazon FireStick


Amazon fire stick is a device produced by Amazon, which is the best streaming device that can be controlled by the remote. To update amazon firestick, you are required to go to the settings and then click on my fire on the right side. Now you have to click on about. Now you have to scroll down to click on the install system update. Finally, you need to wait for the process of installation. Now we are going to tell you the complete process of updating your fire stick.

how to update your Amazon fire stick
how to update Amazon firestick

How To Update Amazon FireStick

Now the steps which I am going to tell you are applicable to Update Amazon FireStick: 

  1. Firstly you are required to go to the main menu Hover over settings and scroll to the right to click on My fire tv.
my fire tv
my fire tv

For the process of update, you are required to go to the button present on the fire stic named my fire tv then you have to click it.

  1. Then you need to click on about
click about
click about

After clicking the button of my fire tv then you need to go to the about button and click on it.

  1. Afterward, you are required to click on the install system updates
click on install system updates
click on install system updates

then you will see the button of install the system updates button you have to click on it to install the updates

  1. Then the installation process will start. You have to wait for it.
wait for installation
wait for installation

once you click on the button of install the updates then you are required to wait because the installation of updates has started.

Why it is required to update Amazon firestick

The fire stick needs to be updated with the passage of time. Moreover, the device needs to be updated for the reason of new functions and the proper working of the device. Some of the reasons are listed as:

If not working properly

The fire stick needs to be updated if the device is not working properly. If the fire stick faces glitches while running the program so that it needs to be updated. Whenever you are going to update the fire stick, it will change some of its features, and it will appear to you as a newly installed app. However, the data in it will not be misplaced by the device.

If stuck on running

If you face the issue in the device that is stuck on running a program, then you are required to update it. If you are going to update the device, you will come up with the fresh fire stick so you will not face any of the issue related to the device which you were facing before.

If buffers a lot

When you are running the fir stick, and it takes too long to buffer, that means the device has some issues regarding the program or its software. So for that, you are required to update the fire stick, and it is a very simple procedure to update it.

For new functions

You are running a fire stick for some time, and now you got fed up because of the old buttons, functions, and graphics, so at that time, if you came to know that updating the fire stick can resolve the issues, so you are right.

When to update your firestick

Yes, it is right that you can update your fire stick manually, but in case it is connected to the internet, then it can automatically be updated whenever there is a new version available. However, it is very important to update the fire stick so that it can work well. You want to update the fire stick by yourself. Then you need to look it over and over so that you can find an update for it. By updating your fire stick, you can minimize the issues present in it.


Firestick can be updated easily, and you do not require to think much about the updating of the fire stick. Moreover, if you want to maximize the speed of your device and want to run it unrestrictedly, then you strictly need to update your fire stick. Firestick is also helpful in live streaming, and if you face any kind of problem during this, then you are required to update it. However, if you want to update it, then you can easily either there is another to update it by automatically for that you need to leave it on its own.

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What is the Amazon firestick?

Amazon fire stick is a device that can be used for the purpose of streaming online the TV channels, and it is also very helpful to the consumers in this developing age.

How can Amazon firestick update?

It can easily be updated by going into the settings then go to my fire TV after than go to the install button, and then after waiting a while, your updates will be installed. Another way to install the way is by doing it in a way so that it can be automatically downloaded.

What are the advantages of updating the firestick?

There are multiple advantages to updating the fire stick. It can improve the quality of the device. Moreover, it can also make your device work fluently. It will not let your device to hang in the mid of your favorite program.

Why does Amazon firestick require to be updated?

Amazon fire stick requires to be updated because of the reason that the device is working at a slower pace. Moreover, the device has some old features which are needed to be updated. The major reason for updating the fire stick is that a man wants a change in each and every perspective of life so that this kind of software is updated.


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