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How To Text From Computer Using Email


A person can send text from Computer using email on windows and Mac. As technological advancement is growing on such a fast pace that everything is possible in this world. It was an issue before the invention of these technologically advanced things like the phone and computers that how to send messages? However at that time messages were sent by using different methods like a telegram, posts, or by using birds like a pigeon. After the technological advancement, it made easy for the people to send and receive messages in one click or tap. Moreover, the way to text through Mac and windows is different, so for more explanation, some of the steps are explained below:

Send Text From Computer Using Windows

Send Text From Computer Using Windows
Send Text From Computer Using Windows

If you do not have a phone or misplaced, it does not worry, and you can still send the message. There are many methods to send a text from the windows though we are going to explain some amongst them. This is one of the best ways to send messages if a person does not have any phone for that. Some of the methods are below through which a person can send messages.

Text through mail

Mostly, people whenever use to say anything important and detailed related to the business or anything private; they use the medium of emails. Similarly, the standard texts which are mostly sent by the mobile can also be sent through the windows. Probably, you know the number of your friends then, you can combine your friend’s number with any of the following domains.

AT&T: @text.att.net

Sprint: @messaging.sprints.com

T-mobile: tmobile.net

Here is an example of the phone number is (342) 445-5354 and the carrier of wireless, which the owner has, then you will send an email to (342) 445-5354@text.att.net. Afterward, you are required to insert the body of your message and then send it. Whenever the person is going to reply to your message, the message from that person will go into the inbox of your email. And you have to keep in mind that a longer email will be broken down into many pieces, and this will also be going to apply standard charges of the text received by recipients because those texts are sent as a regular message.

Text through your wireless carrier website

It depends on son the service provider that which wireless carrier website through you may be able to test to the other subscribers. If you have Verizon, you can easily log in to it, and moreover, you can send photos, documents, and texts. It is also possible for the public on Verizon that they can download the desktop applications for their computer. It is one of the best ways to send text messages to any user without any phone.

Text through a free SMS website

On the internet, when you are going to search, then you will find a bundle of apps that offer free messaging service. Those apps may allow you to send messages internationally. In these websites, there are mostly witnessed the cons. On such a website, you would not be able to receive the reply quickly. However, in most cases, you would not be able to receive the responses directly on the website. Moreover, in some sites, you would have to register and also to sign in to access the functions. After that, there are also many kinds of interruptions, including ads, and the reason is that these ads make that website work swiftly.

Text through google voice

As some of the ways have been discussed above, but this method is quite different, from this method you can send and receive text messages with Google Voice without having any kind of knowledge related to the carriers of the recipient. This website offers you a brand new number, the number which you have used previously.

Text messages from Mac
Text messages from Mac

Texting from the Mac can be done by setting up the iMessages. First of all, you require to login to the messages in your Mac with the Apple ID, the similar one with which you are logged in your iphone. For more details we are going to tell you how we can take care of our loved ones if we are facing issues with our our phone so how is it possible to connect with them by texting. Moreover, the Mac can also help a person by sending and receiving a text from their loved ones.

How to send messages through google voice

It is nevertheless difficult sending a message from google voice. here are some steps in which we are going to explain that how you can do so. The steps are:

  1. Firstly you need to go to the website on your computer and that website is voice.google.com
  2. then you need to open the tab for messages.
  3. At the top of the window you are required to click on send a message.
  4. then you can enter the number and name of the contact.
  5. here you can also make group to by adding seven people.
  6. at the bottom of the window type message and click send.

This is an easiest way to send a text from your phone.

iMessage iOS texting service

It can be used by logging into your account. Here some steps defined in detail.

  1. Go to settings and then messages

First of all, you are required to go to the settings of your iPhone, and then you are required to go into the messages and click on the imessages and then enable it by tapping on the screen. Once you enabled the imessage, you will have to tap the button next to move forward for the next step.

  1. Scroll down to send and receive

Then you are required to scroll down, and then you need to select a valid and accurate phone number and email address. This is the method by which you are going to send and receive text messages to the people. By texting this way means you can communicate with each and everyone even if you do not have the credit in your account.

  1. Open messages on Mac

Then you need to open Mac and login with the id and password of your iphone. This is very helpful in communicating to the people around you. This texting through Mac has really relieved the people from the headache of recharging and finding your mobile to get connected with the other people.

Now for downloading air message server

By air message server you will be able to send and receive text messages without your iphone. Your messages would be sync in both devices if you remained login from both devices that are Mac and iphone.

  1. Visit Air message

First of all, what you need to do is that visit AirMessage and furthermore select the server for macOS on the bottom of the page.

  1. Then install it

Afterward, you need to install it on your Mac and then tap on the edit password here you require to change the password. Then click ok to close the window present on the screen.

  1. Install air message on android device

Now you have to install the AIrMessage companion app on your Android device.

  1. Enter the IP address

Then you have to enter the IP address in your Mac and the password which you choose in step two.

  1. View your phone imessage

Now you are all set to view the messages and sends them as you were doing from your iphone


Here in this article, there are clear cut ways have been explained for sending and receiving messages from Windows and Mac. Moreover there very informative techniques are described. For texting from windows, it does not require any special measures; however, from Mac, it needs to install the AirMessages server first. Moreover, all the process realized that in case if there is no mobile phone, even then, you can send and receive texts.

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Q. How can we send tex through windows?

You can easily be able to send the text by using windows. For the purpose of sending and receiving texts, you can use google voice and free SMS websites.

How can a message sent through Mac?

For sending message from Mac you need to download and install Air message server then you will be able to send messages from Mac.

What can be the advantages of texting through windows or Mac?

texting through windows and Mac can be very advantageous in the times when you lost the phone or you are unable to text through the phone.


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