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How To Stop Buffering on Your Firestick


It is ridiculous when you are watching your favorite season, and the Amazon firestick stop working or stuck. There may be a little problem with that and which may have a little solution. It has been often observed that in most cases, people do not feel any issue if the device is working on its full efficiency. However, if there is a certain kind of problem then it can occur the buffering in the programs,  In such cases of buffering what you are required to do is given as

How to stop buffering on your fire stick
How to stop buffering on your firestick

Why does the firestick often buffer:

When you initiate watching a video, then your Amazon firestick downloads a small chunk of video which you see smoothly without any hindrance, but when it moves onward to the next part of the video, then it starts downloading for you which takes time there it starts buffering. Afterward, the device will stop working until the next part of the video is downloaded. There can also be different reasons for buffering within it.

ISP throttling

Your internet service provider may slow down the internet connection speed. So when you are going to download and stream a high-quality product, then it hinders you while connecting to the ISP properly.

Hardware limitations

Buffering can also occur because of your backward routers, which do not work properly . so whenever there is hardware limitation so the device may not be able to work on its full efficiency.

Remote server malfunctions

It is also possible to the server that is hosting your video is working at a slow pace. As a result, the device stuck and leads to the issue of buffering within the videos.

Slow internet connections

The slow internet connection can also be the cause of this issue, which can be resolved by complaining about the company, or you can also change the connection too.

How Can We Stop Buffering on Firestick

As it is very annoying when you are watching your favorite videos, then suddenly, the video starts buffering on its own. For solving this issue, you need to check the internet connections before going into the settings because most of the time problem lies in the slow or restricted internet connections. Some of the solutions for such kind of issue can be seen below.

Restart your firestick

Firstly, you should try restarting your firestick for resolving the issue of continuous buffering. This mostly fixes all kinds of issues related to the buffering as you keep your device all the time running.

  1. Launch firestick
  2. Then go to settings from the menu
  3. Then you have to select restart
  4. Finally, click on the restart to make sure.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

  1. First of all, go to settings from the menu
  2. Then select applications
  3. Now select manage installed apps
  4. Then you can select the app
  5. Now select uninstall
  6. Finally, click uninstall to confirm it

Clear app cache on firestick

  1. First of all select settings on the home menu
  2. Then select home applications
  3. Then select manage installed apps
  4. Then select the app from the list
  5. Then you need to choose to clear data or clear cache.

Turn off collect app usage

  1. Go to settings
  2. Now select preferences
  3. Then select privacy settings
  4. Then select collect app usage data and turn it off.

Turn off Data Monitoring

  1. Select settings on the menu
  2. Then, Select preferences
  3. Now, select data monitoring
  4. Then turn off data monitoring

Turn off automatic updates

  1. Launch firestick
  2. Then go to settings which are on the top of the menu
  3. Then select application
  4. Then select app store
  5. Then turn off automatic updates

Turn the notifications off

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select preferences
  3. Then select notification settings
  4. Select app notification
  5. In the end, you need to turn off notifications

Free up firestick ram

It is an important step to calm your device by removing the background apps which are running. Obviously, they are taking so much space on your device’s Random Access Memory. It is important for you to free up your RAM from unnecessary burden from your RaM, which is going to cost you nothing, but this will have a great positive impact on your device in the form of speeding up. You can also get an app from the Amazon store, which is free of cost, which is called background apps and process list.

  1. Fist of all click on magnifying glass icon
  2. Then type background apps and process apps by using the directional pad. You are not required to type the whole name of this app as it will come in front of you by typing some characters.
  3. Select app
  4. Then select get it
  5. Then open the app
  6. Then select the Got it!
  7. Then select close all apps which are in the top left
  8. Lastly, choose an app and select force stop

Install a VPN

If your firestick is working slower, then your ISP is throttling your internet connection. Fortunately, a good VPN can make your ISP work faster than normal and also will not allow you to slow down. A VPN provides you a fully encrypted network that might not allow the device to buffer.


It has been discussed in detail that how to stop buffering on the fire stick. Moreover, all the measures which have been discussed will definitely make you get rid of the problem of buffering. It is a ridiculous problem when you are watching your favorite program, and at the time of suspense, it suddenly starts buffering so their person cannot do anything except patience. Then the question arises when you have such an informative answer is with you, then you should not be worried about these issues.

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