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What is the Difference Between Router and Modem


As you have heard so many times of both of them router and modem on the internet, probably you have not understood the difference between them. Moreover, the difference is that the modem connects you with the internet, and the router connects your devices. In short, it can be witnessed that the router of yours creates a network between the computers which are present at your home while the modem of yours connected to the network so as to result in the computer will be connected to the internet. Whenever a person is going to connect with the wifi, he is really going to connect with a router. In this scenario, the router and wifi forward the traffic between the internet and the computer. Most of the internet providers use to provide joint modem and router that is able to perform both functions.

What is the difference between router and modem
What is the difference between router and modem

The functionality of a router

The router is a device that is used for the purpose of connecting multiple devices with it. A router connects multiple networks and routes traffic between them. It is not difficult at all. In case of your home connection, your router has one connection to the internet and one to the private local network. And there is another best function of the devices that they contain a built-in switch that lets you connect to the many of the wired devices.

There are also many radios which let you connect to the wifi devices. One of the simplest things is to think about the routers, especially on your home network is like this. The function of the router is to play the role between the internet and your local area network. It allows the devices to connect many devices and also allows other devices to communicate through the local area network. Moreover, the router also offers protection to the devices for being exposed directly to the internet. All the traffic which is coming from one’s house is coming from a single device.

The functionality of a router
The functionality of a router


How the router works

A router creates LAN that connects multiple devices by forwarding “data packets” between them, according to make use of a site devoted to consumer tech. Each device is connected with the local internet protocol address, so these data packets are sent to the right place. There are many service providers who advise you to change the router every two years because of the reason that every year, new devices connect to the router, which puts extreme stress on it. So after a certain time span, you are required to change your outdated router.

Router brings internet to your device

As it has been discussed earlier that the router brings internet to your device through which you can be able to do it. The major function of the router is to give a proper connection to the devices. You can say that the router is the link to join many networks with each other. Moreover, the router is also beneficial in the use of one internet connection by so many users, while the connection remains one.

The functionality of a modem

A modem device is like a bridge between the local network of yours and the internet. It should also be known to you that historically the term modem is shorthand for modulator-demodulator. Modems were used for the purpose of modulation so that the signals can be modulated on the phone lines so the digital info can be encoded and transmitted over them, and after some time, they can be demodulated on the other end. However, most of the cable connections do not work the same way, but even then, we kept calling them as a modem just because of the familiarity with such devices. It depends on the type of connection you have the way it is going to connect with the network you have.

How modem work

Here modem connects to your ISP, which typically provides either cable or DSL internet service. Cable modems have the same connector found on your tv or cable box. Cable modem uses a few megahertz for the purpose of receiving and sending an electrical signal. The major function of the modem is to connect with the internet; it supports only one connection.

How modem work
How modem work

Combined routers and modems

There are some of the ISPs who offer the modem and router in a single device, which means you do not need to buy them separately, but you can have both facilities in one device. It provides both functions which act as a modem that can communicate with your ISP and functioning as a router to create a home network.

Connection of  modem

There is a fact about the modem that only one device can be connected to it. As now we all know that modem is used for quite different purposes then router. However, this can also be said that the modem is for the broader perspective as it connects to the internet while the router is said to be of a limited perspective as it only connects nearby devices.

Connection of router

It is now clear that if the modem is connected with one device because of its difference of nature from the router. So the router can be connected to many devices because of the reason that it is going to have a local area network.

Integrated modem and router

Internet service providers (ISP) some of them provide integrated modem with the router to their customers. This is also called a gateway. It combines both the functions of both devices in one device. These are very beneficial devices and can also be very helpful in society. Some of the advantages of this device are:

  1. Less clutter in the house
  2. Fewer points of failure in the network
  3. ISP can also manage the device remotely

Here some of the disadvantages of a gateway are:

  1. Gateway is a competent modem, but its routing features are likely to be subpar
  2. The gateway cannot match the range of the good wireless system
  3. In case if ISP manages your home network, then it may be threatening your security.


Here we discussed the difference between router and modem. Moreover, the router and modem are two different kinds of devices one is to connect with the devices, and the other is to connect with the internet, respectively. These devices are quite helpful, but all of the above advantages is that when these both are combined by some of the internet service providers, then it helps a lot.

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Q. What is the difference between the router and the modem?

Ans: Router and modem are quite different from each other. As the router is for the purpose of local connection, so the modem is to connect with the internet. Moreover, the router can be connected to too many devices while the modem can only be connected with one device.

Q. What is the purpose of a modem and router?

Ans: Mainly there is the one purpose of each device. For router is to provide a local area network connection in which nearby computers and devices can be connected; however, the modem is to connect with the internet that can be said that WAN wide area network.

Q. How many devices can be connected with the router and modem?

Ans: Here we can say that router can be connected up to eight devices while modem can be connected with only one device because its nature is the difference from that of the router.


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