How To Reset Your Amazon Echo | Complete Guide

Amazon Echo is a speaker which is developed by Amazon. For resetting this device, there are multiple ways. This device of Amazon Echo is full of entertainment, and it can be quickly brought to its total efficiency by merely resetting the device. Amazon Echo is one of the best tools which has been manufactured through Amazon. Moreover, this device is quite beneficial for entertainment purposes. After resetting, this device can be able to work on its full potential. You can reset this device by using the Amazon Alexa app or its physical device.

how to reset amazon echo
how to reset amazon echo

If you want to reset the 2nd generation echo, then do press microphone off and volume down button altogether. Moreover, this device is also very much full of entertainment. Among many others, there are some simple ways to reset Amazon echo is by unplugging your device and also by restarting it. let’s explain each method in details:

Types and Methods to Reset Amazon Echo

There are several ways to reset amazon echo some are discussed as :

1. factory reset your Amazon echo

These steps may vary from device to device. As there is a different kind of models present here, so that’s the reason that they are different from each other. Now, let us take all the different steps one by one.

  • In the first-generation Echo, you are required to glue a paper stick or earring into the small hole on the backside of the device to reset it.

  • And for the generations other than first, you are required to hold the microphone off button with the volume down button all along so that you can reset the app. This method can also be used to reset the Echo Dot, which is the second generation.
  • To reset the third generation, hold the action button above on the device for 20 seconds.
  • To reset Amazon Echo Show, you need to press the mute button volume down simultaneously for 15 seconds until the Amazon logo appears.

How to factory reset your Amazon echo

  1. First of all, open the Alexa app on your iphone and android, then go to “devices.”
  2. Tap “Echo and Alexa” and then choose the Echo you want to wipe clean.
  3. Scroll down and press “factory reset” and then tap to confirm it.

How to factory reset an echo dot

In order to factory reset your Echo dot, you need to first deregister your dot. In that case, you need to follow the following.

factory reset echo dot
factory reset echo dot

Unregister your echo dot

If you want to get rid of your dot, the first thing you required to do is to deregister the device from the Alexa account

To do this, you need to follow

  1. First, go on Alexa app
  2. If not signed in then do it
  3. Go to settings
  4. Then device setting
  5. Click on the specific dot which you want to deregister
  6. Then click on deregister

Another way to Unregister

  1. For this purpose, if you are not signed in to your Amazon account then sign in now
  2. Then go to accounts and links
  3. Then scroll down to digital content and devices
  4. Then click on devices on the top of the page
  5. Then you will witness the gallery in front of your screen
  6. Click the dot which you want to get rid of
  7. Then click on deregister

Reasons to reset the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the best devices which has been manufactured on Amazon. Moreover, this device is quite beneficial for entertainment purposes. However, the reasons for which Amazon echo requires to be reset are:

  1. In case if the device encountered a threat, so it is required to reset it
  2. In order to make the instrument more efficient.
  3. If you want to remove all the data, then you can reset it.


The above scenario has been discussed in the light of resetting the Amazon Echo. in this whole document it has been repeatedly stressed that how to actually reset the device. moreover, there are so many ambiguities on the matter of resetting the device. however, it has been discussed that resetting Amazon Echo is not really a tough job. i hope this blog has helped you a lot, and you will not regret reading this. We tried our level best to tell you that how conveniently you can take care of this matter.

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What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon echo is a device related to the sound which is  actually used for the purpose of listening.

Which of the company produced Amazon Echo device?

Amazon is a device which has been produced by Amazon itself as it is also replicating by its name too.

What is the simplest way to reset it?

One of the simplest, easiest and convenient way to reset is by inserting a pin or earring in the backside of Echo Amazon.

Why Alexa app is useful?

Alexa app is really useful for the purpose of  deregestering the Echo Dot.

Why it is required to reset the Amazon Echo?

It is important for a person to reset the Amazon Echo if a person is facing any kind of issues with the device and also for the purpose of to make the device work accurately.



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