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What is the Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater?


The Internet has entirely changed the lives of people, and a wifi connection extends its usage. It provides information, entertainment, and various other things at our fingertips. Thankful to wifi devices, it has become even more comfortable to get stretched and uninterrupted services on our smart devices.

Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater
Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater

If you are encountering weak wifi signals at your home, one of the best ways to get strong wifi signals is to set up a wifi extender or wifi repeater. Both of these devices are created to boost wifi signals, but both of these devices do this in entirely different ways. Below we will discuss how these devices work, which one is better, how these two devices are distinguished from each other, and how to set them up.

What is wifi Extender?

What is wifi Extender
What is wifi Extender

Let’s talk about wifi extender first. Wifi extender is connected through a wired connection to your home network, which means you can stretch the reliable and robust connection from your router device to any part of your house.

For this purpose, you can use either an Ethernet cable or a coaxial cable to connect to your router device. Depending on your home, you might connect them via powerline. You can use an older router into a new one as a wifi extender as well.

A wifi extender will create a new wifi network, and since this new network is created from the old one, it should have roughly the same bandwidth and speed, as well as it shouldn’t interfere with another.

Another benefit of a wifi extender is that it doesn’t require a wireless signal to operate it as it is already connected through a wired connection, which means the bandwidth will stay at its full potential.

With a wifi extender, you can extend the range of wifi signals through the signals transmitted from the device. It functions as an amplifier for the signal for the transmitted signals to it through a router device. A good quality extender can produce with double the range if calibrated precisely.

How to Set Up a wifi Extender?

How to Set Up a wifi Extender
How to Set Up a wifi Extender

Wifi extenders are tricky to set them up. If you want to set up your wifi extender, below are some tips;

  • Place your wifi extender device, and you can use an AC extension cord to get the Extender to where it works well.
  • After placing your wifi extender, make sure that there are no objects in between that can absorb wifi signals, such as microwaves, refrigerators, and other electronic devices.
  • When setting up an extender, you can decide whether you want the same network or use a different one. Using the same network won’t require signing in credentials. But if you encounter any issue in the places between router and Extender where the signals overlap, then use another network.

What is wifi Repeater?

What is wifi Repeater
What is wifi Repeater

A wifi repeater connected to your wifi network wirelessly and repeats that signal. Through this way, you can get strong wifi signals to a part of your home where it was weak. A wifi repeater required to receive a strong wifi signal to transmit the signal, which means the further you put your wifi repeater from your router device, the weaker the signal will be.

As a wifi repeater connects to your router device through the same frequency as your mobile devices and other electronic appliances, your bandwidth will automatically be divided into half. As a result, your wifi connection will also be slow down by any obstacle, such as walls, cordless phone signals, floors, radio waves, microwaves, and various other devices that are sitting between a wifi repeater and your router device.

A wifi repeater is easy to establish, and you can do that by just plugging your wifi repeater into any electrical socket in your home. Since it re-broadcasts your pre-existed network, you don’t have to think much about signing in to a new wifi network when moving from room to room.

Although a wifi repeater can assist in getting strong wifi signals in more areas in a room, there are still some limitations applied to it. Instead of stretching your connection of pre-existing network, it is mimicking it and creating a new wifi connection, which you’ll have to connect to browse the Internet.

How to Set up wifi Repeater?

How to Set up wifi Repeater
How to Set up wifi Repeater

As stated earlier, a wifi repeater is easy to set up. If you want to set up a repeater at your home, you can easily do this by following these instructions;

  • Connect wifi repeater to a power socket where you face weak wifi signals
  • Connect your plugged wifi repeater to your system or any other portable device
  • Configure the settings on the computer by signing in to your wifi network
  • After the successful sign in, it will connect your repeater to your home’s wireless network.
  • You can then re-broadcast the connection via repeater to a more significant place in your home or workplace with strong wifi signals.

When we talk about the cost, a wifi repeater is far cheaper than a wifi extender. Wifi repeater doesn’t require much effort to set up.

Difference between Wifi Extender and Wifi Repeater

What is the Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater
What is the Difference Between a wifi Extender and a wifi Repeater

Below are the differences between a wifi extender and a wifi repeater;

Wifi Extender

  • Use a wired connection port to connect to a home network before stretching the reach of wifi
  • Doesn’t create a new network, but extends the pre-existed network doesn’t limit the bandwidth while extending wifi connectivity
  • Configurate is tricky as compared to a wifi repeater

Wifi Repeater

  • Operates by connecting to a pre-existed wireless network
  • Re-broadcast a pre-existed network to an extended area of connectivity
  • Easy to configure as compared to a wifi extender

What should You Use a wifi Extender or a wifi Repeater?

What should You Use a wifi Extender or a wifi Repeater
What should You Use a wifi Extender or a wifi Repeater

Both of these devices have the ability to extend your wifi signals in your home or workplace. If you want to stretch the same reliable and robust connection you get from the router, and then you should use a wifi extender device.

But if you want to place wifi to a location that isn’t appropriate or convenient for cables, such as the backyard or any other similar place, then you should choose a wifi repeater device. It is recommended not to use a wifi repeater at a place that doesn’t have a reliable and robust connection.


Hopefully, now you have developed a clear understanding of what is a wifi repeater and what is a wifi extender, as well as how they work and what distinguishes them apart. If you want to stretch the range of your wifi network or to get a strong connection, you can use either of them as per your preferences.


Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: what is wifi repeater and Extender?

Ans: A wifi extender and repeater used to stretch the coverage area of a wifi connection. Both of these devices can do this but in different ways.

Q: Does wifi repeater slow your Internet?

Ans: No, a wifi repeater doesn’t slow your internet connection.


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