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Quickly Fix a Cracked Phone Screen With Toothpaste

It is quite a problem for the users if they purchase a brand new phone and due to some reason, it got cracked so it would look very bad so to remove such kind of nasty cracks a person is required to apply toothpaste and rub it with soft hands in a circular motion so that it can be improved. Moreover, this is the cheapest way to remove any kind of crack.

How To Fix Phone Cracked Screen with Toothpaste

How To Fix Phone Cracked Screen with Toothpaste
How To Fix Phone Cracked Screen with Toothpaste

Nowadays, phones have become one of the most important gadgets in our life. The screen of the phone is also very vulnerable, which can be cracked or broken by just hitting something hard. Moreover, this trick of repairing a cracked screen can be one of the most productive tricks. The broken screen looks very bad and hinders most of the functions of daily life. We are nowadays using mobile for each and every function of our daily life like calling through phones.

Fixing with toothpaste

It will be new for you to hear that it can be so conveniently done that we can remove the scratches from the screen of a mobile phone by using toothpaste. For that, some of the steps are given below:

  • First of all, place a soft cloth under the table on which you are going to place the mobile and place the mobile in such a way that it faces you so that you can conveniently revamp the condition of your mobile phone screen.
  • Clean the screen with a cloth or, if needed the use a blower to use the compressed sir to clean that screen.
  • After blowing off the screen, then again remove the dust from the screen of a mobile phone which has been gathered on the surface of the screen.
  • Now is the time to apply toothpaste on the crack and apply excess toothpaste on the edges of that screen, which needs to be removed with the help of a finger. And then clean up your finger.
  • Then hold the cotton swab with your right hand and the mobile phone on the other hand. Then put the swab on the left side of the crack.
  • Press the swab down gently and move that swab in a circular motion in a way that it covers the crack completely.
  • When you have covered the crack completely, then the tip can be removed from the screen, and then you should throw the swab away.
  • Then you need to give rest to your phone’s screen for a while.
  • After that, clean the screen gently with a soft cloth.
  • Check now if the crack is visible or not. However, in most cases, it has vanished, but in case if it is still there, then you need to repeat all the steps which are given.

Causes of Cracks On Phone Screen

In most of the cases, there are so many different kinds of causes for the cracks on the screen of a mobile phone

Broken screen due to falling of mobile

A mobile screen can be cracked if the mobile has fallen from a place and its screen was facing the earth, or it fell on some sharp thing like any kind of metal or fell on simply the land. In that case, a user is required to take care of the phone very much it looks really bad when a screen of mobile phone is broken it also hinders in most of the functions like basic functions of the phone which are dialing for a call, and further testing can also be entrusted.

Something heavy fell on the screen

This is also the case in the result of which a screen of a mobile phone can be broken or can be cracked to avoid such kinds of mishappenings. You need to place your phone in a safe place so that it can be prevented from cracking.

A sharp thing like a metal swiped on the screen

Anything like a blade or sharp pin which unknowingly swiped by the user can leave a crack on the screen of a mobile phone. That also needs to be prevented from such kind of blunders. And a person should take care of the phone very well these all kinds of blunders can take place because of the irresponsible use of the phone.

Cracking of screen because of force applied to it

Mostly people use to put the mobile in the back pockets of pants so that a force exertion is imposed on the screen, and as a result, it can be broken or can be cracked.

Preventive measures

It is also significant for a person to take some preventive measures to take good care of the phone; some of the points of prevention can be seen:

Use glass protector

For the best protection of the screen of the mobile phone is to use a glass protector, which can prevent the screen from every kind of uncertainty. Moreover, the glass protector takes every risk on its own. However, in case there is no glass protector, so the screen becomes vulnerable to it.

Use mobile with soft hands

Using is also another problem rough use of mobile phone shall be avoided. Moreover, the mobile mist is used with soft hands as it is one of the most important things.

Responsible use

Use your phone with the responsibility that it is all yours, and any kind of issue to your phone will go into your account, and you have to bear the expenses.

Taking care of it

You have to be very keen while using your phone and you should take care of it for using your device for the long term.


As we have noticed that it is very convenient for a person to remove cracks from the screen of a mobile phone, and a person should also be used with care because in today’s world phone has become one of the most important things for most of the users.

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