March 27

Roku Screen Mirroring [Windows, Android, IOS]


Roku recently launched a new beta version ‘screen mirroring’ feature, which is compatible with Android, iOS, as well as Windows devices. Now with a few clicks, you can cast your mobile screen on your computer and vice versa just by clicking the ‘cast’ button.

It also helps you to mirror your screen that means if you mirror your phone screen on your PC, then everything you do on your smartphone will also be displayed continuously on your PC’s screen. Before we begin, keep in mind that the screen mirroring feature offered by Roku is a beta version, so you will probably face some minor issues.

How to mirror your Android or Windows Screen with Roku?

In order to proceed, you must enable the screen mirroring feature in Roku’s Settings interface.

Roku Screen Mirroring Windows 8.1

To enable this feature in a windows device, follow the steps below:

Note: You must have Windows 8.1 installed on your device; otherwise, you cannot cast your screen.

  • Step – 1: If you are using a Windows 8.1 PC, first of all, press the Windows key + C in order to access the charms. Select the devices ‘Charm.’
  • Step – 2: Tap on the Project button to select a project.
  • Step – 3: Choose the option saying, ‘Add a wireless display’ in order to start casting your screen with Roku.

This method will only work if you are using a modern Windows PC that contains Miracast-compatible hardware.

  • Step – 4: In the devices list, find Roku.

devices list, find Roku

  • Step – 5: After you have finished searching for Roku, then tap on the button in order to add it to your Windows PC’s list of devices.
  • Step – 6: Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

Now follow the steps below to cat your PC’s screen

Step – 1: Open the Roku app on your PC.

Step – 2: Access the Settings Menu

Access the Settings Menu

Step – 3: From there, choose the ‘system.’

choose the 'system.

Step – 4: Open Screen Mirroring

Open Screen Mirroring

Step – 5: Make sure that the ‘Enable Screen Mirroring’ option is selected.

Roku Screen Mirroring Windows 10

Roku Screen Mirroring Windows 10

  1. Open the Action Center. Refer to this Microsoft article for help.
  2. Select Project.
  3. Select Connect to a wireless display.
  4. Select your Roku device and following the on-screen instructions.

Roku Screen Mirroring Android Devices

If you are using an android device, then follow the steps mentioned below in order to connect your phone with Roku.

  • Step – 1: Open your Android device and then head towards Miracast
  • Step – 2: Select the Cast Screen option.
  • Step – 3: Search for Roku in the list of devices available. After finding, tap on the device.

After connecting your android device to Roku, follow the steps below to cast your screen from your Android device to PC.

  • Step – 1: Start your android device.
  • Step – 2: Open the Roku app.
  • Step – 3: Select the Display option and then tap on the Cast Screen option in the settings menu.
  • Step – 4: In your windows PC, select the device’s charm. And after that, tap into the project option in order to create a new project.
  • Step – 5: Here, you will see the Screen Mirroring splash screen, which will appear on your Roku. After that, your screen will be displayed on your PC.

In case if you have done casting your android screen to your PC, then you can simply tap anywhere in the Roku remote control. Doing this action will instantly leave the casting mode, and it will display your Home screen. Thus, you can perform any other activity on your android mobile phone.

Roku Screen Mirroring Android Devices

Roku Screen Mirroring iPhone/iPad

If you want to mirror your iOS device to your PC, then follow the steps below:

roku screen mirroring ios iphone ipad

You will require a Roku Receiver in order to proceed further. Before we begin, make sure that your iOS device and Roku Receiver are connected on the same network. If you have any doubt, then you can verify your network settings with the Roku Receiver.

  • Step – 1: Go to the Roku settings and then head towards the System and then go to Screen Mirroring.
  • Step – 2: Under the Screen Mirroring mode, check if the Prompt or Always Allow option is selected or not. It will be indicated with a checkmark. If it is not checked, then click once on it.
  • Step – 3: Now, download the Roku app from the App Store. Open the app when you have finished installing it. Accept the Terms and Services page in order to move forward. The Roku will start searching for a receiver.
  • Step – 4: Search for Roku in the list of devices available. Once you have found a device, then tap on it in order to connect it with your iPhone.

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Q1. Can you stream the phone to Roku?

In the last month, Roku released its beta version along with a new screen mirroring features for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and Android devices. The latest and beta version of Roku allows you to stream your phone or tablet in various devices by utilizing the cast button.

Q2. Why the screen mirroring is not working?

This issue is usually reported by iOS users. If you have ever encountered it, then follow the steps mentioned below:

First of all, restart the Apple TV. After that, go to the settings displayed on the Apple TV. Now, in the settings, make sure that the AirPlay option is turned on. In the WiFi settings of your iPhone or iPad, check if the WiFi network you are using is connected to your Apple TV or not.

Q3. How do I cast to Roku?

  • Step – 1: On your mobile phone, open the app that you want to use, and after that, select the video that you want to cast to your TV.
  • Step – 2: Now, click on the casting button icon located inside the app.
  • Step – 3: Choose your Roku when it is prompted to select the device.
  • Step – 4: Your Roku channel will automatically launch, and playback will begin.

Q4. How do I use Smart View?

  • Step – 1: First of all, connect your Smart TV and your android phone to your WiFi device. Doing this will confirm that if both devices are using the same network or not.
  • Step – 2: Now, install the Smart View App on your phone
  • Step – 3: Open your smart view app and click the allow button when you are further prompted.
  • Step – 4: Now, select your Smart TV from the options available.
  • Step – 5: Select the Allow button on your TV.
  • Step – 6: Now select the app or media that you want to use.

Q5. How can I stop screen mirroring on my Roku device?

To stop screen mirroring on your Roku device, simply disconnect the mirroring session from your source device. You can also go to Settings > System > Screen mirroring on your Roku device and select “Disable screen mirroring” to turn it off completely.


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