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Best Chromecast Alternatives This Year

In this era, media streaming devices are the new riot in the classification of “Digital Media Players,” and these are doing fabulous as far as their fan base is agitated. Yes, these tools or devices might not have excellently engaged the market as a Bluetooth speaker, or a headphone did, but they are gradually making an impact on the minds of the tech freaks, what say? We will talk about one of the most famous among them, Google Chromecast, and we are in love with it already.

This super-compact media streaming gadget also connects to your TV’s HDMI port, and it is, without any doubt, phenomenal creativity. This device measures about 3-inches or more and it connects right away along your smart TV; meanwhile, it combines with your mobile phone or tablet by utilizing a secure Wi-Fi connection that allows you to stream your favorite audio or video file formats from the supported gadgets.

Moreover, you can also stream content from other programs like Netflix, etc. via Chromecast apps effortlessly, available at a relatively lower cost.

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Although Chromecast is one of the best media streaming devices in the recent times, many users are switching to similar apps just due to the non-appearance of the intuitive screen and deficiency of a remote-controlled gadget for those people who do not have a mobile phone.

Best Chromecast Alternatives

1. Roku – Streaming Stick (Best Alternative)

hero-roku-homescreen Chromecast Alternative

It is not only the teeny streaming stick that is loved by everyone, but it’s also the added perks along with it that catch our notice. Meanwhile, you need to plug in your streaming gadget straight to the Smart TV, and you can also get access to the functions that use the specific remote-control and the committed screen.

Although the streaming gadget by Roku is tagged at a quite higher price than Chromecast, it offers you the choice to select from around 1200 channels of the real streaming experience.

Comprehensively, Roku Streaming Stick is considered as the best alternative to Chromecast that approaches with an HDMI output, a specific Wi-Fi remote, up to 1200 channels to choose from, and free iOS and Android apps.

Price – $49.99

2. Apple-TV

Apple TV is for the ones that already have used Apple gadgets and also Android devices, containing an Apple TV can be an added advantage for them. It is available in the configuration of a compact box within a specified remote control which can play your iTunes material whether rented or purchased, effortlessly. 

By considering that, it presents that much for Apple users by merely allowing them to play the iTunes straightly to the TV screen display and also to play their most favorite iOS games, Chromecast does fall short in this group. Moreover, Apple TV provides a user-friendly environment, that is easy to assemble, and it comes with a built-in digital sound output that often helps you to connect it to your stereo without any problem, these things make it a great alternative to Chromecast.

Price – $69 or more.

3. Allcast

This app is free to download for iOS and Android devices, and there is also a time limit for the usage of Allcast. Well, if you update it to the pro version that is only $5 per month, you will be provided with an unlimited and without any disturbance streaming occurrence. Allcast is compatible with many streaming gadgets.

Price – Free Android and iOS app

4. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Alternative

By using Amazon Fire TV, you are will be able to play your mobile phone or tablet content on your Television and also play the phone games on your TV by using its fantastic gaming features and the gaming console which comes within Amazon Fire TV. It also works with several streaming websites like YouTube, Netflix, and others.

Price – $99

5. Samsung Allshare Cast

To use this device, you should have a compatible Samsung device, such as Samsung Tablet or a Galaxy Smartphone. You can also stream content from your compatible gadget or through a cable by using an HDMI cable or by using a Wi-Fi network, connected to your Smart TV.

It is a fact that your Samsung device supports the Samsung Allshare Cast and it plays the HD video formats, and music, and stream even your presentations efficiently, and it is effortless and easy to connect and assemble. All these properties make it a great alternative to Chromecast.

Cost – $79.99

6. PiCast

PiCast works with an Ethernet connection instead of a Wi-Fi network and is considered trustable as compared to a Wi-Fi connection when it is related to streaming the media content. You can get this application on GitHub and also it is updated regularly, adding more features for you to explore.

It is a beneficial feature that is supported by the popular smartphone operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phones, etc. It is also compatible with the streaming services like YouTube, streams over Ethernet, and Micro USB device.

Cost – It is open source, and it also needs Raspberry Pi that worths about $35

7. WD TV Live Hub

WD TV Live Hub Chromecast Alternative

It is designed by Western Digital, WD TV Live is a first attempt in the group of media streaming gadgets, and it is an appreciatable alternative too. Meanwhile, this compact gadget also allows you to stream pictures, videos, movies, and TV shows through websites like Netflix, and it can also play any locally stored media content seamlessly via WD TV Live.

Besides from being able to stream locally stored media content and turning your phone into a TV remote, it also allows you to watch live TV shows or even the recorded ones straight away to your TV wirelessly and is compatible with a host of file versions.

Price – $69

8. Now TV HD

This newly launched media streaming device is already creating quite a stir with its unique features and its ability to give you access to over a hundred TV channels at a comparatively reasonable price. Developed by Sky, Now TV HD is an excellent alternative to its reigning counterparts Apple TV or Google’s Chromecast in the category.

Try it out for completely free for the first 14 days and then you can upgrade to the premium version.

Price – 6.99 Pounds onwards

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Q1. Is Rouko better than Apple TV?

It is faster, and it also provides a better overall experience. Rouko leads you at only two points that is it has better remote control and a much lower price. While Apple TV is all around a better box but still Rouko is the best if you don’t want to spend more.

Q2. Which TV stick is the best?

Following are some of the top picks for the best streaming boxes and sticks:

  • Rouko Ultra
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Google Chromecast Ultra
  • Rouko Streaming Stick

Q3. Are Chromecast alternatives cheaper than Chromecast?

It depends on the brand and model, but some Chromecast alternatives are cheaper than the Chromecast, while others may be more expensive.

Q4. Which Chromecast alternative has the best picture quality?

The NVIDIA Shield TV and Apple TV are known for their excellent picture quality and offer support for 4K HDR content.

Q5. Can Chromecast alternatives be used with any TV?

Most Chromecast alternatives can be used with any TV that has an HDMI port, as long as the TV is compatible with the resolution and other technical specifications of the device.

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