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7 Best Free Streaming Alternatives For Kodi

Do you love sitting in front of the TV for hours without getting bored? Are you a die-hard fan of TV shows, sports, movies, and films? Do You want to stream the TV content from your Home? If your answer is YES(And I know It is, That is why you are here, I hope you won’t regret it).Then Kodi is undoubtedly one of the best streaming apps.

Then why should we look for the best alternatives to Kodi? To understand this, first of all, you should know that the thing that makes Kodi is its amazing compatibility. Kodi does not care what device you have. It can turn every any digital device like Smartphone, Computer or a tablet into an amazing streaming setup box, giving you the pleasure and benefit to Enjoy Your TV shows and all the stuff. And that is why Kodi is called The King of Streaming But…

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As we all know everything has its own benefits and shortcomings along with it. But we humans always love the best among the rest. You would be wondering after the author explained all the features of Kodi, how it is not the best?

Sometimes Kodi is not Great Becuase :

  1. Kodi’s interface is not great and sometimes takes pretty much time to search for the best.
  2. It has legal issues.
  3. People are not happy with the way is Kodi is altering its structure and interface.

I also had these issues and that is why I searched for some best alternatives to Kodi which are suggested by TV streaming Analyst.

Best Kodi Alternatives for Free

1. Plex

plex: best kodi alternative

The reason why I put Plex on the top of the list of Kodi alternatives is that it has a lot of features. It works perfectly for streaming locally stored digital as well as for multiple devices like smartphones and set-top boxes. Due to its client-server architecture, it is very perfect to be used with digital devices. Plex has a home theater software as well, which will give you the authority to view or manage your huge library of media through a great user interface. The reason why it is so useful is like Kodi Plex has also a large collection of channels that will allow you to watch best streaming content based on a vast variety of topics such as news and technology.

What’s more, Plex has for You?

  • Plex’s media server takes proper care of transcoding the media for streaming of a wide range of devices.
  • It can even work on low powered PC as well. (Wawo, that’s really great)
  • It has an optimized bandwidth, which means is more compatible.
  • It is available on a variety of platforms.
  • It has a premium level subscription for its user too. (Premium features include movies trailer and wireless syncing of your photos to the media server.)

Platform Available for Plex:

Kodi is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Android Tv, Windows Phone (Mobile), Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation (Others)

What is the Price: It is completely Free, If you are interested in  Paid subscription then it charges $4.99/month, for the additional features.

2. Emby

emby: alternative to Kodi

Are you not liking the fact about Plex that consists of Property software components?

There is an open-source alternative to Kodi called Emby. The reason why I love it is it makes streaming locally stored media to network-connected devices very much easy. And I hope you guys will like it also. Though Emby is new in the market, it has succeeded in making its worth in the market and has managed to grab the attention of a large number of live streaming TV fans.

Why Embly is a better alternative?

  • Emby has a great feature of Parental Control.
  • Web-based tools allowing you to edit metadata search subtitles and much more.
  • Live TV functionality.
  • You can do manage your DVR recordings in a very efficient and easy way.
  • Can also transcode media files according to different streaming devices.
  • Emby Supports streaming to DLNA compatible devices as well.
  • Premium Subscription unlocks some cool features such as cinema mode and backup/restore configuration.
  • Emby is an awesome Kodi add-on feature that will give you Kodi library Management.

Platform Available for Emby:

Kodi is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Android Tv, Windows Phone (Mobile), Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation (Others)

What is the Price: It is completely Free, If you are interested in  Paid subscription then it charges $4.99/month, for the additional features.

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3. MediaPortal

mediaportal:kodi alternatives

Mediaportal is not as popular as the above alternatives, but it has a significant amount of good features which makes it a good alternative to Kodi. It is open-source and it is a branch of XMBC. You should keep in mind that mediaportal is only available for Windows. But you can also use it on iOS and other platforms as well with the help of remote control apps.

What are those good features of Mediaportal?

  • Support for a wide range of TV tuner cards.
  • You can play videos, music and DVD discs as well.
  • It has the ability to be tuned for Internet radio stations.
  • It is superbly extensible and has a selection of plug-ins.
  • Mediaportal also has DVR functionality like other alternatives.

Platform Availability:  it is available on for Windows

Price:  it is Free


osmc: best alternative to kodi

OSMS(Open Source Media Center) is new to this field of live streaming of digital devices. But the reason I added it to the list of alternatives to Kodi is that of its bunch of features. It has the ability to play back media that is that is stored on local network attached storage and also the internet. You will be surprised to know that based on Kodi. We can also call it a specialized Linux distribution which has Kodi as its main application. In more simple words it means it can also utilize all the add-ons that work with Kodi.

Why OSMS as an alternative to Kodi?

  • Supports a wide variety of Wifi adaptors and TV tuners.
  • Has a desktop environment and a web-based version for future development.

Platform Availability: It is available with Apple TV (1st Generation), Raspberry Pi, Vero

Price: Free to use.

5. Universal Media Server

universal media server: kodi alternative

If you want a media device that will give you the opportunity to stream all the DLNA compatible devices, Universal Media Server is a good option. It has a very simple and easy to use UI and can be set up very easily. Universal Media Player is Java-based and includes and has a large variety of plug-ins for everything.

What Universal Media Server has unique?

  • Supports streaming to a huge variety of devices.
  • Universal Media Server can transcode most of audio, video and images formats without any configuration setup.
  • You can adjust bit-rate accordingly to the network speed also.
  • Web interface which is even compatible with those devices not having any DLNA support.

Platform Availability: Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Price: Free to use.


infuse:alternative to kodi

If you are looking for an alternative that will quench your thirst for online streaming then Infuse can do it for you. It a perfect way to watch awesome content on your digital device. You can play everything you would like to watch streaming media. It will allow you to watch videos, TV shows, and movies automatically by downloading metadata.

Is infuse a better alternative?

  • Infuse allows you to drag and drop videos to your own device very easily.
  • Has a very user-friendly Interface.
  • Supports both media programs and subtitles.
  • Allows you to do get access to multifunctional media players and multiplatform.

Platform Availability: It is available with iOS devices.

Price: Free to use but charges $9.99/yr for a premium subscription.


stremeo: kodi alternative

The next in the list of top 7 Kodi alternative is Stremio. It is a video streaming application, which will allow you to watch and organize video related content from a vast variety of devices over the streaming media including movies, series, Live TV, Video channels and much more.

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Why would I Choose Stremio?

  • It has the ability to provide you with an add-on system, by using which you can enjoy stream service like Netflix,iTunes, HBO, YouTube, Twitch and more.
  • It provides an excellent watching experience, with an extra feature of casting support or subtitle support.
  • You can create your own personal library allowing you to place all of your personal movies and shows together.

Platform Availability: It is available with  Windows, Android, Mac, Web, Linux.

Price: Free to use but charges € 30.00/yr for a premium subscription.


Q1. How do I install streaming alternatives for Kodi?

A1. Installing streaming alternatives for Kodi is relatively easy. First, you need to download the add-on repository for the alternative you want to use. Once downloaded, you can install the add-on from the repository by following the on-screen instructions.

Q2. Are these streaming alternatives legal?

A2. The legality of these streaming alternatives is a grey area. Some of them offer free access to copyrighted content, while others don’t. Therefore, it is important to use them at your own risk and ensure that you are not violating any copyright laws.

Q3. Can I watch live TV on these streaming alternatives?

A3. Yes, some of these streaming alternatives offer live TV channels. You can watch a variety of channels from different countries, including news, sports, and entertainment channels.

Q4. Are these streaming alternatives free to use?

A4. Yes, all of the streaming alternatives for Kodi listed here are free to use. However, some of them may offer premium content that requires a paid subscription.

Q5. Is it safe to use these streaming alternatives for Kodi?

A5. While these streaming alternatives for Kodi are generally safe to use, there is always a risk of malware or other malicious software. Therefore, it is important to download add-ons only from trusted sources and use a good antivirus software to protect your system.

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