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4 Easy Methods to Make Utorrent Download Faster

In order to take complete advantage of torrents, spend some time to gain knowledge about this term. Searching for a good and healthy torrent (along with some seeders) is an essential part of this process.

Sometimes, the healthy torrent that you have found also works slow in terms of downloading and it takes many hours to complete a downloading task. uTorrent is also a healthy and safe torrent along with the same slow downloading problem. And this problem is really very irritating.

In this article, we will talk about how you can make uTorrent download faster. There are some tweaks available that will help you to get faster uTorrent downloads. Read out the article below to know more.

Before we move ahead let’s discuss some important facts about uTorrent. These will help you to know more about it.

What is uTorrent?

uTorrent is basically a P2P file-sharing platform that allows its users to share files by means of torrents. uTorrent is completely free and it offers its users with various sharing options like the users will be able to create a torrent or change the number of users who are able to connect to the computer at the same time. uTorrent is quite different from other P2P software.

How uTorrent works?

uTorrent offers its consumers to download and upload the torrent data through the internet. A torrent is generally a file that contains a rough data regarding a given media or group of media, that can be shared through the internet. Also, multiple users are allowed to download the same file. A torrent does not contain any actual file and it cannot be accessed unless you have a file-sharing program such as uTorrent.

How to make uTorrent download faster?

If you want to increase the download speed of your uTorrent follow the methods mentioned below. I have tried my best to provide you with some tips and tricks in one place.

1. Enable UPnP Port Mapping

Enable UPnP Port Mapping

UPnP (also known as Universal Plug and Play) is a protocol that offers its users to communicate easily between several devices. By enabling this option you can connect to your seeders and ultimately you will get a faster speed.  To perform this action, follow the steps below:

  • Launch uTorrent on your desktop computer
  • Head towards the options, and from there go to Preferences
  • You will see ‘connection‘ on the left side of your window. Click on that option.
  • Now, make sure that the ‘Enable UPnP port mapping‘ is turned on.
  • Now, click on the ‘OK‘ button to save the settings.

2. Change the port

Change the port

Many of the IPs change the ports so that the torrent traffic will not disturb their downloading network. The default port allocation for uTorrent lies somewhere between 6881 and 6999. It is recommended to change the port server up to 10000 in order to avoid problems and network errors as well as slow downloads.

To perform this action, follow the steps below:

  • Step – 1: Open the uTorrent and select settings from the menu available.
  • Step – 2: Now scroll down towards Preferences and Connections.
  • Step – 3: Change the port number to 10000 or 12000 or in between.

3. Queue Settings Optimization

Queue Settings Optimization utorrent

None of the torrents contains the best queue setting. But, it all depends upon your downloading needs. If you are willing to download 20 items at a time then you need to configure the settings in the uTorrent application. Keep in mind that each file that you will download at the same time will take a separate space of your bandwidth.

If you have a lot of time then you can keep a long queue. But if your torrent is not providing the download speed which you are looking for then a small queue will help you to attain it.

4. Change additional bandwidth settings

Change additional bandwidth settings utorrent

In case if you are downloading several torrents at the same time then I will recommend you to allot more bandwidth to the download that you want to finish more faster. For this purpose, right-click on the file that you want to download faster.

Select the ‘Bandwidth Allocation‘ option. From the side menu, choose the option ‘High‘. Now go through the same procedure with other torrents, note that only set those to low which you don’t need too urgently.

In order to change the additional bandwidth settings of your torrent. Go to Options and after that select ‘Preferences’ from there. After that, search for the tab ‘Bandwidth’ and use the following parameters.

  • Set the maximum upload rate to 14.
  • Set the download rate to 1800.
  • Set the global number of connections to 2329.
  • Set the maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 257.
  • Now set the number of slots per torrent to 14.

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Q1. How do I fix a slow speed?

  • Run a network speed test.
  • Run antivirus software on your device, locate the harmful malware and eliminate it.
  • Close the programs that are not in use.
  • Switch from a wireless connection to a wired connection.
  • Reduce the amount of streaming and downloading on your network.

Q2. Why is my uTorrent download speed so slow?

The most common reason why your downloading speed is low may be a poor internet connection. If you are using dial-up or a poor quality broadband connection, then you will experience a slow internet speed.

Q3. How can I increase my WiFi speed?

  • Select a good place for your router.
  • Keep your router up to date.
  • Get a stronger antenna for your router.
  • Cut off all the wireless leeches.
  • Buy a WiFi Booster.
  • Switch to a different WiFi channel.
  • Control your Bandwidth.
  • Use the latest WiFi technologies.

Q4. How fast should my download speed be?

The FCC has defined broadband, or fast internet, as internet with download speeds of at least 25 Mbps and upload speed of almost 3 Mbps, back in 2015. Now, the latest download and upload speeds for you depends on your internet usage.

Q5. Does a WiFi booster help to increase the speed?

By adding a booster or extender to your existing network, you can upgrade to the latest WiFi technology.

Q6. How can I boost my WiFi signals?

  • Adjust your WiFi router’s settings
  • Put it in the Center of your Home
  • Don’t Box it in.
  • Keep it away from electronics
  • Change the Wireless router’s Antenna’s Direction

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