[Quick Method] Cancel CBS all Access on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives members access to a variety of Amazon services; it is a subscription service with a lot of benefits to include to the members of it. Yearly membership for Amazon may cost you $119 per year. It has fast and free shipping services with many perks. Amazon announced that Prime members would get amazon fresh deliveries for free. The advantages are huge in number. You can subscribe to channels too.

But sometimes you are like to add only more subscriptions, but then you cancel most of them in the end; it is because whenever a new streaming service comes out, it has new content and mostly loaded with original stuff that you can resist to subscribe to. Due to this, you don’t usually have time to settle for everything. For example, if you purchase the CBS for watching a certain movie show or tv series but then you realize you are not into it anymore, and you have to cancel it. In this discussion, we are going to discuss how you can cancel your CBS all access through the Amazon Prime

Canceling CBS All Access on Amazon PrimeCancelling CBS All Access

Amazon prime keeps all premium channel subscriptions in the form of add-ons in it. And it makes it easier to handle all of them through one dashboard, and you can easily cancel any of the subscriptions from that dashboard very easily through amazon prime. What you need to do is

  • Go to the accounts & lists menu in the top corner.
  • Select the “Memberships & Subscriptions” From the list.
  • Then, choose the “Channel Subscriptions.
  • Look under the “Prime Video Channels” and locate CBS All Access.
  • Then, under the “Actions” button, select the “Cancel Channel” option.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking the confirm button.

After you have canceled your CBS All Access subscription, you will be able to notice that under “Renewal Date,” there will be a new date listed. It shows the date your subscription will end on. You can watch the content until the date ends; after that date, you are immediately terminated from that subscription. If you change your mind before the expiry of CBS ALL Access subscription, you can go back to the “Actions” section of your account and then click on “Restart Channel” option. This cancelation doesn’t mean you are getting back any of your refunds for any previous charges made in that month.

If the time expires and you want to get CBS All Access back, you will have to buy a new subscription. Note, canceling CBS All Access, won’t automatically cancel your Amazon Prime membership. So you don’t have to worry about that

Another way to cancel the CBS All AccessAnother way to cancel the CBS All Access

Maybe you are not very happy with the current subscription of your drama or tv show. Or perhaps you may have found another way to watch your favorite tv show. Canceling the CBS All Access through your Amazon Prime is simple. But, if you still want to, you can do it through CBS.

To cancel the subscription via the CBS, first, go to the CBS All Access page and then proceed to:

  • Using your credentials, sign in to your account first.
  • After you sign in, you will be redirected to the “My Account” home page. If it doesn’t happen, click on the link at the top of your screen.
  • Click on the “Cancel My Subscription” button at the bottom of the page.
  • CBS will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription. It may probably offer a bonus or a free month trial of subscription. If you are certain that you want to cancel, click on the “continue with my cancellation” button.
  • Now, it will redirect you to the page where you will be asked to confirm the cancellation and that you understand their cancellation terms. Then, click on “Yes, cancel my subscription” button.
  • CBS All Access may ask the questions of why you are leaving. They ask for a review so that they can improve their services in the future. Select any of the answers and confirm your cancellation.

Amazon Auto-Renewal OptionAmazon Auto-Renewal Option

The Auto-Renewal feature allows you to automatically renew your subscriptions and never miss your favorite content. It is a very interesting option for managing your subscriptions on Amazon Prime. This means that you can also avoid those irritating reminders and promotional ads from the other streaming companies.

But you must also remember that the auto-renew option can be a burden for you. If you are forgetful and have too many subscriptions, it will increase the number of subscriptions in your list, which may be difficult for you to manage. You can cancel the auto-renew feature if it is not satisfactory for you and causing you a burden. It is probably best not to choose the auto-renewal option before trying a channel for the first time, then decide afterward. If it satisfies your need for your favorite TV shows that has three or more seasons ordered. Then it is perfectly safe for you.

If you think that CBS ALL Access wasn’t worth the money that you spent, It’s easy to follow through the steps above and cancel your subscription if you are not happy with it at all. Also, if you don’t have time to watch all those subscriptions which it brings, it’s ok to leave it. You can always return back to subscribe new one anyways.


In this discussion, we read that what is CBS all-access subscription on amazon prime and how you can cancel it through different ways, the subscriptions let you watch your favorite tv shows and movies on amazon prime, and auto subscriptions lets you get the new content every month automatically. But the problem may be that it may increase too much traffic of your content, and that may increase the burden on you, and you start to feel like you should unfollow or cancel this subscription. So we suggested ways how you can do that. We hope this info was helpful, leave a comment or review this post at our email given. Or if you find any alternatives to doing this, do tell us or contact us, we will try to contact you as soon as we reach to you.

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1. How do I cancel CBS subscription on my Iphone?

You can cancel the subscription of your CBS from an iphone by following these steps

  • Log into your iTunes using your Apple ID.
  • Select the Account and then select View My Account.
  • Enter your password and then select View Account.
  • Select Settings and then click Manage next to Subscriptions.
  • Select CBS All Access and then click on Cancel Subscription.

2. How is CBS all access showtime billed monthly?

If you have added CBS All Access to your SHOWTIME Monthly subscription, and you have run outside of your free trial period, you will be billed for the prorated amount immediately, of the combined price and will then you will be billed for the full combined price of subscription on your next billing date.







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