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[Quick] Neptune Rising Kodi [Install, Update, Download]

Neptune Rising is a video add-on for Kodi, which streams the best free movies and TV shows. It has a beautiful layout and a vast variety of media content on its interface, and it has become the most recent add-on among the Kodi community.

Neptune Rising Kodi [Install, Update, Download]

How Do you Install Neptune Rising in Kodi

The Neptune Rising makes it so wildly popular, but how? You are going to know the following steps below.

1. Enable the Unknown SourcesEnable the unknown sources

Before installing any outsource add-ons on Kodi, you need to make sure that you have enabled the unknown sources to make changes. To do so:

  • Launch your Kodi, and Then click on the Settings icon and go to System settings.
  • Click on the Add-ons options and make sure the toggle next to the Unknown sources is turned on.
  • Confirm the warning message for enabling the toggle if it asks you, press yes.

2. Add the Blamo Repository Source PathAdd the blamo repository source path

  • Press the Esc key from the keyboard and click on File manager.
  • Open the Add source and click on <None>.
  • Copy & paste the the given box and enter the word as blamo.

3. Install Blamo RepositoryInstall blamo repository

The next step is to install the Blamo Repository from where we are going to install our Neptune Rising.

  • Press the Esc button twice to get back to the home screen and then click on Add-ons.
  • Click the icon on the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Then Click Install from zip file. And click on blamo option
  • Click on the repository.blamo.zipfile
  • Now Wait for a couple of seconds for a notification to pop up.

4. Install Neptune Rising to AddOnInstall Neptune Rising to Add On

  • Click on the Install from repository option
  • Click Blamo Repo and then select Video add-ons and open the Neptune Rising.
  • Then click on install option
  • Wait for it to completely install the add on and delivers a successful installation notification message.
  • Then Click on the Neptune Rising and press open.

And here you go! Your Neptune rising works, and Now you have a whole lot of movies and TV shows all at your fingertip. Enjoy!

Neptune Rising Kodi AddOn downloadNeptune Rising Kodi AddOn download

You can download and install the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on by following these steps:

  1. Download the Neptune Rising Kodi Addon zip file
  2. Go to the Addons and Click on the Box-shaped Icon and then Click Install from the zip file, then Navigate system to the destination folder and Click on
  3. Now Go to Install from Repository option and Open MR FREE WORLD, then you need to Open Video Addons and Click on Neptune Rising and then Click on Install.

How to install Neptune rising Kodi on JarvisHow to install Neptune rising Kodi on Jarvis

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. And Go to the System.
  3. Select File Manager.
  4. Now Double Click on the Add source.
  5. And Click on ‘None’ and then Enter // and Click Done.
  6. Now Name it Freeworld. And Click on the Done button and then click OK.
  7. Go back to your home screen and Click System.
  8. Now Click on Addons and navigate to Install from zip file
  9. Select the Blamo and Click on, and then you need to Wait for a few moments.
  10. Click on Install from repository and then MR FREE WORLD and select Neptune Rising from there and press Install option. Then wait again for the notification.

Neptune rising Kodi Features and DescriptionNeptune rising Kodi Features and Description

The Neptune Rising Kodi add-on has a huge variety of movies and TV Shows or documentaries along with a friendly user interface making it easy to navigate through the home page.

The Categories in Neptune Rising are Movies, TV Shows, Critters Corner, What The Fork, My Movies, Top Movies, Tools, Playlists, My TV Shows, and Scraper Settings.

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In this discussion, we learned that how you can get the Neptune rising to add on for Kodi to work for you to stream movies and tv shows. We followed different steps to achieve our task, and it also works fine for everyone. Neptune rising makes it easier for the Kodi to browse and navigate through different movies, but you have to be so sure that you are using a proxy. Because whenever you are using pirated content, the online authorities, hackers, or the govt may be able to trace you down through your IP address, so make sure you are using a VPN when you are streaming through these sources online.

We hope that this info helped you with the installation of Kodi add on and you can share more methods if you have and contact us on our email or given number. You can also provide review and feedback on our content, that would be great. If you have more questions, leave a comment or email us. We will respond as soon as we reach in contact with you. I hope this was helpful. Please rate us. Thanks!

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1. Should I use a VPN for Kodi addon?

Yes, you should, because A VPN such as IPVanish is always safe to use when you are installing anything from a 3rd party such as any Kodi addons and repositories. This will ensure your safety, privacy, and anonymity when streaming.

2. What’s the difference between Kodi addon and Kodi build?

A Kodi build a bundle of best add ons all together from which you can get maximum benefits from which you can use repositories and customized skin, all that you can install with a simple click. A Kodi addon is an extension to play and access streaming websites or sources.

3. Is this Kodi add on legal?

Yes, it is legal. It is not illegal to use these add ons with Kodi. But whatever you access through these add ons may violate the copyright law and may considered to be as illegal. That’s why a VPN is always a suggestion to use when you are using any add on with the Kodi to stream any movies or videos

That’s why a VPN is always a suggestion to use when you are using any add on with the Kodi to stream any movies or videos

4. What is the difference between Kodi addon and Kodi repository, and can you install this add-on on firestick?

Yes, you can install this add-on on the firestick with the same steps as explained above. The difference between Kodi addon and repository is that a repository can store numerous Kodi addons for installations. Usually, you always need a repository to install a Kodi addon.







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