Amazon Prime [Membership, Video Quality, how to use?]

There was a time when TV was the only option for video content. Other than that, video players contribute to visual entertainment. But then, a person has to rent or buy the videocassette. After that analog period, the internet came and engulfed all with video content. The use of video streaming websites has become so embedded in pop culture that no day is passed without the streaming of videos for an ordinary person. Amazon Prime is one excellent example of video streaming services. You have to buy a premium subscription. But you enjoy high-quality content.

This article will tell you about Amazon Prime video quality settings, and how can you change them? So, you must keep reading to find out more.

What is Amazon?

It is the largest retailer on the internet. You can find almost every kind of product on it. The range of products includes lifestyle products, technology products, home accessories, clothing, toys, gadgets, and everything you can imagine. The founder of Amazon started this portal in the 90s by selling books through the internet. The initial operation was expanded to homeware products. After that, Amazon started to sell everything they can. Now, it is a trillion-dollar company. The success of Amazon has made Jeff Bezos as the richest man alive on the earth.

If you need a specific product, then you can read reviews and ratings on Amazon. And that practice will enable you to make better decisions.

What is Amazon Prime?

It is a video streaming service presented by Amazon. And it offers movies, TV shows, documentaries, music, and special videos. The best thing about this service is one, which is the absence of advertisements. That’s why users pay happily for the subscription. The service contains video programs for more than ten languages. You can stream videos on this service in your native language.

This service has become an alternative to owning a satellite receiver. The users can watch any TV show on it without advertisement. The absence of advertisement save the time of users and bring quality entertainment.

How can you use Amazon Prime?

There are two methods to use this service, which are described below.

  • Amazon Prime on the web browser
  • Amazon Prime on the mobile device

How to use Amazon Prime video on the computer?

How to use Amazon Prime video on the computer

You need to follow the steps.

  • Open your computer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Go to
  • Search with the query Amazon Prime video.
  • The search result will contain the link of service.
  • Open the link.
  • Now, you need to buy the subscription.
  • Fill in the details in the form with your banking information and buy the subscription.
  • After that, you can browse the videos and watch them.

How to use Amazon Prime video on a mobile device?

How to use Amazon Prime video on a mobile device

You need to follow the steps.

  • Open your mobile device.
  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for Amazon Prime.
  • You will see the apps in the result.
  • You must download the Amazon Prime app.
  • After that, install the app.
  • After installing, you must open the app.
  • It will require you to enter your banking information for buying the subscription.
  • So, you must enter your details and buy the subscription.
  • Now, you can browse and search for videos and watch them.

How to change Amazon Prime video Quality settings?

How to change Amazon Prime video Quality settings

You need to follow the steps.

  • Open your mobile device.
  • Open Amazon Prime App.
  • You must tap on the menu.
  • It will open a list.
  • You need to select settings from the list.
  • On Amazon Prime video quality settings, you need to select “stream and download.”
  • It will open a new screen.
  • On the “stream and download” settings, you need to select “stream quality” and “download quality” to change the quality of videos.
  • You can choose from good, better, and best options.
  • Now, you have successfully changed the Amazon Prime video quality settings.

How much Amazon Prime membership costs?

How much Amazon Prime membership costs

The membership comes at the cost of $99 per year. It becomes $8.3 per month, which is quite affordable even for students. The membership cost is relatively lower than competitors like HULU and HBO Go.

What includes in Amazon Prime membership?

The members of Amazon Prime get the following benefits.

  • Free and fast shipping
  • Live TV show streaming
  • Movie streaming
  • Music streaming
  • Unlimited reading
  • Exclusive purchasing deals

What channels are included in Amazon Prime?

The following is a list of channels.

1) Showtime.

2) HBO Now.

3) Starz.

4) CBS All Access.

5) Cinemax.


6) PBS Masterpiece.

7) Boomerang.

What is the difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime?

What is the difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime

Netflix and Amazon Prime are both subscription-based video streaming services. But both have their limitations. Some content is available on Netflix, but not available on Amazon Prime. The difference between the two services is the nature of content and variety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What resolution does Amazon Prime stream?

Ans: The official recommendation of the company is to use a connection with a minimum speed of 15 MBps or above. If the speed is below, then the stream quality of the video will suffer. At optimum speed, according to Amazon’s requiring, Amazon Prime stream video with a resolution of 4K.

Q2: Is Amazon Prime video having problems?

Ans: There is not a complaint about Amazon Prime video from the server-side. The servers are well managed and do quality service to users. The problem come mainly due to connectivity. If your Amazon Prime video is not working rightly, then you must check your internet connection. It should be stable, interruption less, and more than 15 MBps. Other than connectivity, Amazon Prime Video does not have any particular problem. And users also reported none.

Q3: Does Amazon Prime have 4K?

Ans: Amazon provides all content via streaming 4K resolution. You will find TV shows like High Castle, The Grand Tour, Red Oaks, Prison Break, My Name is Earl, The Man in High Castle, The Ranch, Two and a half men, two broke girls, and many more in 4K resolution.



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