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Will there be a Season 4 of Zoo on netflix?


Zoo was an interesting season, centering on an expert zoologist, named Jackson Oz . in the beginning, he is just a safari guide, where he starts to notice that animals are behaving differently and aggressive towards human beings only. He starts to dig in what’s going on with these animals, along with his fellow companion Abraham. Another girl joins them, who is a journalist named Jamie and a veterinarian doctor Mitch Morgan and also an intelligence officer Chloe from France. They discover many mutations and weird radiation going on that is changing the growth of animals and evolving them in such a weird way that they are smarter than ever. The story revolves around the crew that is trying to find the source of this problem and its solution or a vaccine to stop this ongoing havoc.Will there be a Season 4 of Zoo on netflix

In this modern world, every person is fond of television and its shows and new movies, etc. for entertainment. The Zoo is also a season with a story that is quite loved by the audience. But such tv shows only have specific audiences; they cant gain enough fame when there is already a lot of competition in the game already. There are several top-grossing tv shows all around the world, and the Zoo is not the one that can compete the ratings and audience response rate like the other top tv shows. If a show fails to generate enough of the interest in the fans, it will end up as a flop, and it will be canceled prematurely after a few seasons due to a drop in ratings. Zoo season, originally aired on CBS first aired on June 30, 2015, and it had a total of 39 episodes in 3 seasons before the show was canceled on October 23, 2017, right after a month when the final episode aired.

The ongoing plot twist of this season was not very amusing. During the first season, the whole team travels the world, just trying to find out an antidote for the virus that has infected all the animals, causing their strange behavior towards humans. They think that they have to find the cure, but then they realize that the virus has mutated, and all the animals have gone berserk throughout the world. Then in the second and third seasons, they start to encounter a wide variety of new and strange creatures with different abilities, such as a 70-foot snake that can turn invisible sometimes, burrowing ostrich-vultures, the aggressive razorback wolves, and a wooly mammoth-rhinoceros hybrid, etc. The event of the series becomes intense and more bizarre, with Jackson seeming to fall in insanity, and becoming able to control animals through his mind telepathically, and more.

This series ends on a cliffhanger that there are no more kids to be born, and there is a zombie apocalypse with the animal acting as zombies too.

Netflix And AmazonNetflix And Amazon

When Zoo was first premiered, Amazon and Netflix fought for the right to get this series. After a struggle, Netflix won and then became CBS’s exclusive video-on-demand partner for airing Zoo season. The deal was that Netflix would get access to each season, but only after all the 13 episodes were aired on CBS first. Netflix also got the right to stream the series into more than 50 countries around the world.

Zoo RatingsRatings

Zoo started out fairly with a strong average of 6.4 million viewers per episode and a good 1.06 rating in the key 18-49 demographic during its first season. The first episode had around 8.1 million viewers, although that graph dropped to 4.8 million viewers by the end of the season finale.

Those ratings went down with the second season further, which opened with 5.1 million viewers and then ended with a 4.2 million viewers rating. The average of this season dropped from 6.40 to 4.40 million viewers and also an average rating of 0.74 in the key demographic.

Why Does Zoo Gets Canceled?Cancellation

Zoo went to downfall right after its strong opening, it was good only in the beginning for the viewers, but it went dropping down its rating continuously with every episode. Till the second season, it was still going very well, but the third season was just a disaster to the series that dropped all the ratings and viewers from the season. The ratings went so down that they had to cancel the show, and no one took interest to renew it with another season for a proper finale. And then, after the final episode of season 3, the cancellation of zoo season was announced.

About Zoo Season 4 On NetflixAbout Zoo Season 4 On Netflix

There are several rumors that Netflix may pick up Zoo for season 4 because the streamers are always hungry for getting new content on their websites to make money. And a show with the already built-in audience gives a lot of benefits. Netflix already has taken many dead series in the past and renewed them with a season, so there was a rumor that it may do the same with zoo season.

The zoo season is mostly of artificial intelligence and specialized visual effects, which is quite costly. Animals like creating a giant snake or other animals can put up huge costs, which the risk of not getting the audience is nobody willing to get a loss for that in their case.


In this discussion, we discussed a tv show named Zoo that was quite popular when it was initially released, but it then failed to gain the attention of the crowd and was canceled afterward. Till not, no streamer has renewed for its season 4 series to give it a proper ending. We hope this info was helpful to you.

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1. Is Netflix going to pick up zoo season 4 with a new cast?

No, we are not sure about picking up the season, but no one will ever change the cast that the audience already loves. This breaks the audience’s interest to watch that tv show any further. So this is never going to happen, but we are not sure whether Netflix will pick up season 4 or not.


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