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How to use iMessage on PC Windows 10


iMessage is a messaging service created by Apple, which was Launched in 2011. It is supported by the Messages application in the iOS 5 and upgrade models and OS X Mountain Lion. Many Windows users try to use iMessage on their PC, but Apple has restricted this app to their own platform of iOS and Mac. So it is hard, if you want to use iMessage on a Windows system.  You need not to worry because you can still use iMessage on your Windows computer by a few possible methods.

It is possible to get iMessage for Windows, though currently there is no official app yet to use iMessage on the PC. There are many emulators and tools available that make it easier to get the iMessage on PC. In this article, you will learn 5 possible ways to use the iMessage on a PC with Windows 10/8/7.

Methods to use iMessage On Windows

1. Remotely access your Mac using Chrome desktopRemotely access your Mac using Chrome desktop

You can access your Mac computer remotely to use the iMessage on your computer. You can use Chrome Remote Desktop app or the TeamViewer app to connect to your Mac computer. The following steps show how you can easily access your Mac computer with the Chrome Remote Desktop.

  • Download and install Chrome Browser on both of your Windows and Mac computers.
  • Add Chrome Remote Desktop extension to your Chrome browsers of both computers. Then follow on-screen instructions to grant permissions to these extensions.
  • Then Open the extension on your Mac, and click on the Get started button of Remote Assistance.
  • Click on Share.
  • Note the access code which the extension shows you.
  • Open that extension on your Windows pc, then click on the Get started button of Remote Assistance.
  • Click on the Access button.
  • Type that access code and click on Connect, to connect it to your Mac computer.
  • Then Click on the Share button from your Mac computer so that it is allowed to be accessed by the other computers.

After this, your Windows pc has accessed your Mac computer, and now you’ll be able to use the iMessage app on it.

2. Use the iOS emulatorUse the iOS emulator

Another way to access iMessage is using an iOS emulator, such as iPadian. To use it:

  • Download and install the emulator on your computer.
  • Search the iMessage app from inside the program
  • Download and install the iMessage in the program. Then you should be able to see and use iMessage.

3. Jailbreak your iPhoneJailbreak your iPhone

Another easy way to use iMessage on PC is to jailbreak your iPhone. This can remove all the restrictions set by the Apple company, and also maximize the functionality of your iOS device. Remember to back up your iPhone through iTunes or iCloud before making an attempt to jailbreak your device.

  • Download and install the app called Cydia, that has a directory of applications which are usable on a jail-broken iPhone.
  • Download Remote Messages which is an app in Cydia for around cost of $4 to set up a web-based interface. Also, It will give access to an extensive collection of applications and extensions.
  • Now you will be able to connect to the web-based interface through your iPhone’s IP address from the browser, which will be following “:333”.
  • Then you can just log in to download and use the iMessage on Windows PC.

Access the iMessage history on PcAccess the iMessage history on Pc

There is another easy method you should try. You can access your iMessage history on the PC with the help of a third-party tool. Which we recommend Free IPhone Data Recovery, using this app, you can not only view and access existing iMessages on the PC, but also the recover deleted iPhobne messages with or without a backup. This program is fully compatible wtih the new models of iPhones. Follow the steps below to access the iMessage history

  • Download and install the Free iPhone Data Recovery tool on your Windows computer, and then launch it.
  • Choose the Messages and the Message Attachments from the listed data types, and then click on “Next” to continue.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and let the program scan the iMessages on it.
  • After the scanning, both the existing and the deleted iMessages on your iPhone will be displayed. You can decide to preview them and choose your selected chats.
  • And Finally, click on the “Recover” option to export and save the selected iMessages on your PC in a CSV/HTML format.

How To use iMessage on Android

You can use the iMessage on Android by following the steps below

  1. Download the SMS for iMessage App.
  2. Install the weServer.
  3. Allow the Permissions.
  4. Setup your iMessage Account.
  5. Install the weMessage.
  6. Login, Sync and then Start the iMessaging with your Android Phone.

How To use iMessage on ChromeBook

To use the iMessage on the chromebook, you need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Apple device that is available from the chrome play store. Then you can download the app and then install it on your pc. Then, click on the Launch button to start working on this app.


If you are searching to use iMessage on PC, go through the tips and methods provided in the above section. Follow any of the methods that is suitable for you and enjoy messaging on Windows PC. And do provide us your feedback about this article, if you know any other way to get iMessage on a PC, let us know in the comments below.

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What does jailbreak mean?

Jailbreaking of an iPhone is a process that involves the switching of an OS version with some other hacked OS version which will break the all restrictions which Apple has imposed on their users. Jailbreaking is similar to rooting in Android devices. Jailbreaking will let you to explore all the hidden features of a phone which cannot be accessed in official OS version.

I have problem with multiple Apple ID’s using the messaging app.

If you already have multiple Apple IDs, then you wont be not able to access all the messages. In short, you can log in, into the iMessages with multiple Apple ID’s at once. And you can switch Apple ID’s according to your choice. Every time you switch your Apple ID, all your messages will be synced automatically.


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