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Discord Deleted User [How to Know]?


Discord has more than 250 million registered users according to the record of July 2019. Discord is an application that allows your PC or mobile to focus most of its resources towards the actual game, rather than the chat application running in the background. We know that the chat app has become one of the most important features both in and out of gaming. Discord is easy-to-use communication between buds and mates; sometimes, it can be too much to handle.

How To Tell if Someone Deleted their Discord AccountHow to tell if someone has deleted their Discord Account.

Certain individuals may feel that this app is not secure or there is far too much trash-talk, or abusiveness and have crappy connectivity, so they would rather use any other VoIP app. But with the current issues, it may have reached the point where the users would just rather be done with it now want to leave or delete their account altogether.

There is a simple solution to find out if someone has deleted their account or not. Although, it may seem as if they may have unfriended you or just possibly have been banned from using the Discord. But we will figure this out in this discussion.

If the Discord Account is DeletedIf the account is deleted

Each account has its own unique identification number attached to it when the account is created in the first place. The account’s username and unique id number are no longer connected to each other in any meaningful way once the account is deleted. When an account is deleted, its name changes to something like this DeletedUser##### with the number of # being generated in a huge bunch of numbers around it, so if your friend still appears in your Friend List in this way, there is a possibility that their account has been deleted. This assures that the person whose account has been deleted, the information, and previously posted text related to that account cannot be traced back to them.

The same DeletedUser##### also appears for the Discord users who have been banned from the platform already. If someone has unfriended you just in case, you would still be able to see their name as it was used to be. If you are blocked, you won’t be able to see anything related to that user in your area of communication.

Restoring A deleted AccountRestoring A deleted Account

If we even consider that your friend did delete their account, but it might have happened to be by accident, and he is worried and unable to figure out what to do to restore it back. You know this because you are friends and you have a communication with this person outside the Discord and are looking to help him out. But the good chance is that you can still restore the account even it has been deleted because Discord sets the deletion for after 30-days still to be pending. Till then you can make changes in your decision

Once the 30 days time period ends, the account gets permanently deleted along with all the personal information attached to it. You cannot do anything about it after it has been deleted after the 30-day pending period.

In case you want to restore the Discord account to its normal standing:

  • The user who has deleted his discord account previously will need to login to Discord by either the desktop or the browser app.
    • As soon as he logins the account, a pending option saying “Account Scheduled For Deletion” window will show a pop-up message showing that your account has entered the countdown to the permanent deletion.
  • There is a Change in your mind? Button, just below the I am sure! Button. There you should see a Restore Account account option.
  • Click on Restore Account to get access back to your account once again.
  • If in case it doesn’t show you any dialog box saying to restore your account within the given time, it is already too late then. The account may no longer be available for restoration and may have been permanently deleted.
  • To create a new account, you would have to begin the process as a new user.
  • For the accounts that were deleted by Discord, you all will have to create new accounts. It is also possible that the IP attached to your deleted account has also been banned. This means that you will need a VPN service to circumvent the ban; otherwise, you will stay restricted to create a new account.


In this discussion, we saw what is Discord, and the users may get fed up of it with time and try to find ways to delete or remove the account and then disappear from the app. There are different ways to delete the account. The deleted or banned accounts don’t show up to the friends, and they get renamed as DeletedUser with some # added with the name by a number of times. You cannot view any info related to those accounts anymore. You cannot access those accounts or view any messages from them. Every data related to that account disappears. All you can do is stop the deletion of your account within the given period of 30 days before the deletion is permanent. If you fail to recover it before, then its too late.

We hope this info was helpful for you; you can leave comments below to tell us was this info helpful?

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1. Does deleting a message on Discord also deletes it for the other person?

If you delete the messages, it will delete for every single one of them who received those messages, not only just you. And you can’t also delete the messages which others have sent you. The person who sent you the messages have to delete them by themselves.

2. How long does it take to delete the account?

Unfortunately, it takes around 14-30 days to completely delete the discord account. You cant change that because of its part of Discord’s policy and legal conditions and terms.


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