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How To Turn On/Off Autocorrect on Samsung S6/S7/S8/S9/S10


Autocorrect is a computerized bot feature that is also known as text replacement or replace as you type. It is an automatic data validation and correction function that attempts to correct spellings of words when a user types them in any word processors or text editors such as used in smartphones or tablets.How to Turn Autocorrect on off on Samsung Galaxy S6

It was initially created with the idea to help fix the typing of users and improve their spellings in a conversation. But it can also sometimes turn to be frustrating and cause issue for you. For example, it automatically corrects something that was already correct according to you, and that is not wrong. This issue persists in Galaxy s6, s7. s8, s9, s10 and it can be a headache for the users. So I sick and tired users always want to get rid of such a mess from its phone.

AutoCorrect On/Off Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S10

Whenever there is an error, there is always a solution to that. In this case, there is also a way to disable the autocorrect from the Samsung galaxy s6 or Ss6, s7. s8, s9, s10. You can have to make any two of the choices, you can either choose to disable autocorrect simply forever, or you can choose just like typing words that autocorrect won’t be able to recognize easily. In this discussion, we are going to help you through this problem from this walkthrough.

How to Turn Autocorrect on/off on Samsung Galaxy S6?How to Turn Autocorrect on off on Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge that you have
  2. Go to the app or screen that shows the keyboard
  3. Now near the left of the “Space Bar,” select and hold on the “Dictation Key.
  4. Then setting option is popped up and select that gear option
  5. Scroll down to below of the screen and the section that says “Smart Typing,” and select on the “Predictive Text” and then disable it
  6. There are several other options to disable different settings, such as auto-capitalization and punctuation marks.

After turning all these features off, you autocorrect disabled, and now you can type the text of your choice without any interruption of your bot computer with the text. In case you want to turn it back on, you can just go back to the same process and then press those options and turn them back on from where you turned them off.

How to Turn Autocorrect on/off on Samsung Galaxy S7?

How to Turn Autocorrect on/off on Samsung Galaxy S8?

How to Turn Autocorrect on/off on Samsung Galaxy S9?

How to Turn Autocorrect on/off on Samsung Galaxy S10?


In this discussion, we discussed what is autocorrect and how this feature can be enabled or disabled on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge. We hope this info was helpful, leave a comment for the review or feedback at our mail given.

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1. How do autocorrect works?

Autocorrect is a software feature for any tablet or phone using a texting environment that corrects misspellings as you type them. It is integrated into operating systems of mobiles like Androids and iOS platforms and is, therefore, a standard feature nowadays on most of the smartphones and tablets.


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