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How to cheer on Twitch?


Twitch was introduced in June 2011 as a subsidiary of the Amazon and it is one of the world’s leading live video streaming service. It is a streaming platform for the gamers to watch and chat with their millions of fans and users all around the world. The twitch community expands over large area having over two million streamers each month who stream their videos just about on any topics that you can imagine.

Cheering on Twitch means showing some respect and piece of appreciation for the streamers who are streaming online videos for the viewers. These cheers can help them make money from their work. In this discussion, we will talk about everything related to cheering on Twitch. The cheer in Twitch is a tip bonus or an amount that is counted in bits, these bits can be considered as money or a currency and each bit costs a cent and can be sent to the streamers. These received bits can be converted into cash. The person who selects to cheer for someone usually gets a badge as a unique emote indicating that this person has cheered.

Cheer on Twitch Explained Process

Due to its neat and clean system, it encourages the streamers to stream more content on live streaming to show their appreciation.

Setting up Cheers as StreamersSetting up Cheers as Streamers

The streamers that are going live to share the content with the audience have to enable the cheering on their streams, and the viewers need to fill or load up their accounts with bits to be able to use them as for cheer for those streamers. If your Cheering is not enabled, then you can do it manually yourself

  • Go to the partner settings in the twitch dashboard
  • Move to the cheer section and then select enable cheering with bits option
  • Then sign the tax form that appears and review the cheering amendment to content partner agreement.
  • Scroll to the bits threshold settings and then set minimum bits to cheer on to 1
  • Then set your minimum bit to emote to above 1
  • Then select the cheer chat badge settings so that your audience can get the love too
  • Post an entry on your page that will tell everyone you know that you accept cheers now.

Setting the cheer above one for minimum bits will stop most of the spammers. Smaller channels need to set it on lower because there are a lot of spammers on the site.

Setting up cheers as a ViewerSetting up cheers as a Viewer

Keep in mind that you have to first load your account with bits if you want to cheer for a streamer online, and don’t worry about setting up your channel, and then you can offer Twitch to your streamers of choice. These bits are purchased from money and are then loaded into the account first. And they are not refundable, so you don’t have to buy them over in excess. It is easier to buy bits using a pc through a browser and website, but you can also buy them from mobile too

  1. First of all, Log into your account.
  2. Then select either the Get Bits option at the top of the screen that is above the video player or from the message box in chat.
  3. Then select Buy and then choose a payment method.
  4. Log in and authorize your payment.
  5. Select Continue to check your purchase.
  6. And then select Pay Now to do just that.

If you are not willing to pay any money for Cheering the streamers, than you can also still cheer in Twitch by using Bits for Ads. This is a fresh service recently introduced out that rewards the users with Bits in return for watching some certain ads. It is available via app right now and on personal computers soon.

  1. Install the Twitch app or update it to the latest version of Twitch for Android or Twitch for iOS.
  2. Then select the chat window and click the Get Bits from within the chatbox.
  1. Click on Watch Ad at the top.
  2. Now your bits should be automatically credited to your account.

You have to watch the whole ads to be eligible for receiving the payments, but once you are done doing it, the stated amount of the Bits will be credited to your account automatically.

How to Cheer on Twitch?How to Cheer on Twitch

  1. Select the chatbox on stream.
  2. Then you can select the Bits icon in the box and select Twitch Cheermote.
  3. Now add the number of Bits you want to Cheer. You can use it from the menu or simply type as ‘cheer500’ to Cheer 500 Bits.
  4. You can change the amount of Bits as you see the best fit.

Twitch is a simple system that doesn’t cost much, but it can make a lot of difference to a streamer for his streaming. It is the reason that the platform is home to so many top-quality streamers and will continue to support those streamers.


In this discussion, we discussed that Twitch is an online streaming platform for millions of streamers worldwide, and it lets you connect live to chat and stream your content. There is a way to cheer on Twitch for the streamers through which streamers get paid In cents for each cheer. We discussed the settings and methods on how to adjust this all.

We hope you find this info useful if you have any questions you can call us or contact us. If you have any inconvenience, then leave a comment or feedback with a reply at our email provided below. We will reply as soon as we get your mail. Thanks

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1. How much a streamer gets per bit?

Twitch pays $1 to Twitch Partner behind every 100 Bits used, so most of the $10 million of the revenue has gone to creators of Twitch that means that Twitch users have spent already between $12.3 million and $14 million on the Cheering (note: pricing for Bits ranges are from $1.40 for 100 to $308 for 25,000).

2. Are twitch streamers poor or rich?

Tyler Blevins is a Twitch streamer, more commonly known as Ninja, on the Twitch. He is one of the most well-known gamers, and he is really rich by earning on the site. His estimated net worth from 2019 is estimated to be $10 million.


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