[Quick Method] Install Showbox on Roku?

Roku is a production line for various digital media players that was initially introduced in May 2008 with the first model. Roku was developed with the collaboration of Netflix. Hence, the Roku organization offers access to different online streaming contents to its users through online services.showbox on roku

Showbox is a free streaming app that lets you watch your favorite tv shows, movies, sports, and all the entertainment. It can be used on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Installing Showbox on RokuPrecaution to keep in mind  while using  Showbox on Ruko

You should be clear about that Showbox cannot be directly installed or played on the Roku. It can be done if you have an Android device that will help you in casting the Showbox content, with the help of an Android device on to the Roku TV. It will also require a screencasting app from the google play store. You can do this easily if you go through these steps

Preparing Necessary requirements

In the necessary requirements the most important of them is the Android device, such as any tablet or the latest phone with multiple functionalities. Then you must use a stable wifi connection that should be connected to both the devices at the same time. Then download the Showbox app and the screencasting app both from the web, screencasting app will help you to cast the content of Showbox on the Roku. In this discussion, we are going to use the ALL screen screencasting app. Now

Installing Showbox Procedure

Roku doesn’t allow to install third-party apps directly, so you need to bypass such problems with the help of cast apps such as Showbox. Follow the steps to bypass

  • Connect your Roku first and then your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network available. Make it sure that you installed and updated all the apps that you need on the Android side.
  • Then browse the Settings menu in Roku and select the System option. Then, make sure that the Screen Mirroring is enabled.
  • Open All Screen screencasting app on your Android device and search for your Roku on the list of available devices currently. Select it and then connect the two devices.
  • Then from your TV, click on the Add channel button to add the All Screen screencasting app.
  • You will see a digital remote on the Android’s screen; click on OK to confirm the setting. And don’t close it, keep it running in the background and then proceed to the next step.
  • Then open the Showbox app on your Android phone.
  • And choose any movie or TV show that you like. An ad may pop up during this, Close the ad and select the video quality.
  • Then you must tap on the “three dots” icon next to the Video Quality setting. Then choose the Other Player option and close the window.
  • Click on Watch now button and make sure it says Open with All Screen screen casting. You can choose it either just once, or you can always select when the app prompts you.
  • Now select your Roku device and wait for your screen to load. Then your Roku should start to receive the signal from your Android device. It may take some time; just wait till the loading process finishes.
  • When the video loads successfully, it should start playing on your Roku, too, mirrored from your phone or tablet.

Precaution to keep in mind  while using  Showbox on RukoPrecaution to keep in mind  while using  Showbox on Ruko

When you are using a streaming app or any such application that shares a pirated content, then you must keep yourself and your ip safe on the web. You should consider using a VPN service that hides your IP address Since Showbox streams the copyrighted content for free. The platform works just the same as the torrents, and it is considered illegal in the US. You need to keep yourself protected and safe in this case when you are doing stuff like this online, because authorities may charge you for fine at quite a high price. Also, keep in mind that, third-party apps, not just only Showbox, might compromise your data like email or personal contact info. So, to keep yourself protected, It is an additional reason you should use a quality VPN service to protect yourself.


In this discussion, we discussed that what is Roku, what is Showbox and screencasting, and how we can install Showbox on the Roku. Because most of the online streaming services are quite expensive, so the user needs an easy way to stream without paying anything like an app or any such tool. Therefore, some of the apps like Showbox, are totally free for the users. If you have Roku installed, you can watch the app’s content on your TV very easily. This is very handy because you can have endless entertainment at home for free. You just need to stay safe and secure with a VPN or a proxy so that your data or info may not get compromised.

We hope that this info was helpful and you find it interesting, do leave a comment or a review and tell us how it worked for you. If you have more questions contact us on the provided email, we will get back to you when we get your notification of email.

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1. Why is the Showbox not working?

Showbox may not be working due to its previous version been installed. Reinstall the latest version of Showbox from the Apk. Open the app and check that if the Showbox stopped working, then In the Settings option, select the App and tap on the Showbox and then select clear cache and reinstall the app again. Choose or select the movie that you want to see and click on the ‘Watch’ button.

2. Do you need a separate Roku for each of the TVs?

The answer is yes; you will need a separate Roku box for each of the TV sets in your home. The Roku Streaming Stick may be the lowest-cost model, but it has HDMI only, so it won’t be able to work with older TVs. Just in case, the Roku Express+ will work with older TVs without any problem because it has a special composite video output of its own.

3. How can I easily connect Roku with the multiple tv sets?

The Roku players are only eligible to be connected to only one TV at a time. Because Roku players have only one connectivity port for HDMI or the USB port to connect to a TV. If you are watching one TV at a time, then you can plug the Roku player out from the TV and plug it in into another TV. But keep in mind that two TVs cannot be connected to one Roku player on the same time, Because you don’t have multiple HDMI ports.

4. How can I add the second Roku with my account?

You can add your second Roku in your account with the following steps

  • Make sure that you are logged into your Roku account.
  • Then first connect your Roku to your TV and then turn the Roku on.
  • Then enter this code on the web page as QKUB and then click the Submit button.
  • Then you need to select the channels to add to your Roku.
  • You will see that now you are now done linking your Roku to your account.







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