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How to Play iMessage Games: Play Pool and Others


Games are used for entertainment purposes, and social connectivity to play with friends and spent leisure time. In this discussion, we are going to see how you can play games like 8 ball pool on iMessage. In the beginning, the iMessage didn’t support any games. iMessage started supporting games on iOS 10, in which Apple introduced a platform where games can be played on iMessages. A good game doesn’t need to be of good graphics or entertaining; it requires a well-designed complexity that keeps the player engaged with it. But to be able to play games on imessage, you need to install them first. And to install games on imessage, the method is quite different for the games.

Installing iMessage GamesInstalling iMessage games

To play a game on imessage, we first have to download it from the Apple iMessage app store. Then

  1. Open the iMessage on your phone and then start a new conversation with any person you want to play the games with.
  2. Select the menu icon and then click on Store and click on the button A. This takes you to the Apple iMessage App Store.
  3. From this menu, you can browse games and download the ones you like.
  4. Open the game and then select Create Game.
  5. Now take a turn and challenge your friend to a game.

You can send challenges through the imessages while playing these games to your friends. When you open the game you make a move and then you send the challenge to a friend with whom you want to play that games with. Your friend will receive the challenge that you have sent him and it will be his turn to make his move During the game, you can also send the messages, or you can leave the conversation and then do your turn, then get back to texting and so on.

iMessage games also create a temporary ecosystem, in which you can play the games and you are allowed to send messages during your play with the game. They use iMessage but are also slightly apart from it, also being specific to the game. It’s a clean and neat system that sits comfortably within the message app.

Games On iMessagesGames On iMessages

There are different games available on the imessages in which most of them are free, but there are also premium games available. You have to pay in order to buy and play a certain game. The store lists them all for you. Some common iMessage games include Truth Truth Lie, Words with Friends, Genius, Four in a Row for iMessage, Truthy: Truth or Dare, Trivia Crack, Polaroid Swing, GamePigeon (collection of games), Song Lyrics +, MsgMe, WordGuess, and a few others. But the standing out games for imessages are

8 ball pool8 ball pool

8-ball pool is one of the most widely played games all over the world. To install and play this game you will need to install the GamePigeon suite first in your phone, and it also offers a wide range of arcade games that you can play on your phone easily. 8 ball pool is a small snooker like mobile game that is turn-based like most of the iMessage games. First, you take your shot and send it over to the other player, and he returns the shot and the turn. So it is a very simple and effective game that requires skill during play.


Checkmate is a chess game that can be played on iMessages. It is also a turn-based game that tests your ultimate skills of chess. It may annoy you or frustrate you like an original chess game. The graphics are with a 2D board, but still, the gameplay experience is good.


Wordie is a word game that displays images and blanks for you to fill in them. In this way, you can create many games with other players or friends. It has up to 600 of games in it, and you are also allowed to upload your own games if you can create it for your own.

Simon SaysSimon Says

Mobile phone users would have some fond memories of Simon Says. It was a huge success in the 80s and 90s as a physical game to be played, and this iMessage version is the new version of that old game. It is also a turn-based game, of course, and it has the same system of patterns you need to follow the turn. The game then shows the other player your score and then offer them their own pattern. It is a simple but very effective game.

The games in iMessage are great and user friendly and offer light relief from the boredom one may feel at home or anywhere or a way to keep in touch with the people instead of having any inane conversations.


In this discussion, we discussed that iMessage could be used to play multiple games with other users or friends. There are various games that can be downloaded and played on the iMessage from the Apple imessage store. You can have different turn-based games for your entertainment.

We hope this info was helpful, leave a comment or reply with feedback on our mail to tell us how this worked out for you.

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1. How do you play games alone on iMessage?

From the GamePigeon iMessage app, you can only play with the people against another imessage content, or someone who has the game installed. You can also play by yourself, but it will put up a bot from the CPU to fight. You cannot play iMessage games against yourself.

2. What is an iMessage on Iphone?

iMessages from the Apple corp are texts, photos, or videos that you send to any other iPod, iPhone, iPad, touchor Mac over a Wi-Fi, or any cellular-data networks. These messages are always encrypted, and they appear in blue text bubbles. To turn the iMessage on or off, you can go to Settings and then select imessages, and tap the on or off button.


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