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Time Warner Router [Login, Setup, Reset, Defaults]


Time Warner Cable (TWC) was a major cable telecommunications company in the United States before it was acquired by Charter Communications in 2016. TWC provided internet services to millions of subscribers across the country, and many of them used TWC-provided routers for their home networks. If you are a TWC subscriber and you have a TWC router, you may need to access the router’s settings at some point to perform tasks such as login, setup, reset, or restoring defaults.

You may need to login to your Time Warner router in order to set up the router and to get the router’s network ready to access the internet. In this article, we will discuss how to log in to a Time Warner router and how to perform other basic settings like changing the default username and password or resetting your router.

How to login to a Time Warner router?

Before we begin, make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements mentioned below:

  • A Time Warner Router
  • A good internet connection with your router. You can establish a connection either by using a wireless connection or by using an Ethernet cable. An ethernet cable is much preferred for this purpose.
  • A web browser.

Now if you have all the things mentioned above then you can easily log in to your Time Warner router. Follow the step by step guide below to do so.

  • Step – 1: First of all, make sure that your device is connected with your Time Warner router either by a wireless connection or by a wired connection. While logging in to your router, it is recommended to use a wired connection which can be established easily by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Step – 2: Now, open your web browser and left-click on the address bar. In the address bar type The default password for the Time Warner router is If it doesn’t work then you can find the IP address of your router over the internet or you can search it in the router manual. Another way to find the IP address is:

Press the Win + R key and then type cmd. In the command prompt type ipconfig and then hit the enter button. Scroll to the top of the page and there you will see the default IP address for your router.

  • Step – 3: After that, you will be redirected to the login page of your router. Here you will be asked to enter the default login details of your router. The default username and password for Time Warner router are given below:

Username: admin

Password: password

If these details do not work for you then you can search for the default login credentials of Windstream router in the router manual. In most cases, the default username and password for Windstream router are printed on a sticker which is then later attached to the router.

You can also look for that printed sticker on your router’s surface. Otherwise, simply type your query on the web and you will get your desired answer.

  • Step – 4: Now after entering the default login credentials, hit the sign-in button. After a couple of seconds, you will be redirected to the settings dashboard of your router.

I hope that now you have successfully logged in to your Time Warner router.

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How to setup a Time Warner router?

How to setup a Time Warner router

Are you facing errors while setting up your Time warner router for the first time? If yes then follow the step by step guide below so that you will get much help while setting up your Time Warner router.

  • Step – 1: Place your wireless router at a safe spot near to your Time Warner Cable Modem.
  • Step – 2: Now, plug in the router to the power supply and turn it on.
  • Step – 3: Connect the network cable of the router with the ethernet port of your Time Warner cable modem.
  • Step – 4: Now, connect the cable to the internet port on the backside of your router. The network light on the router will be turned on which will indicate that the router is broadcasting the WiFi internet.
  • Step – 5: Now, allow your wireless devices so that they can detect your wireless router and connect to your router’s WiFi network.

How to change the default login details for Time Warner router?

How to change the default login details for Time Warner router

Changing the default login details of a router is considered to be one of the most essential things that you need to do. This is because if you do not change the default login credentials of your router then anyone can access your wireless device easily just by using the default username and password.

You can change your Time Warner router’s default network name password by using your router or the Time Warner website. Follow the steps below if you want to change your router’s default login details by using the official website of the Time Warner router.

  • Step – 1: First of all, go to the Time warner web portal.
  • Step – 2: After that login to your account and then in the home settings go to the WiFi settings.
  • Step – 3: Here on this screen you will set up a new network name or a password easily by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Step – 4: After making all the necessary changes, make sure to save them and test them as well.

How to reset a Time Warner router?

How to reset a Time Warner router

In case if you forgot the username and password for your Time Warner router then resetting it to the factory version is the only option left for you. To reset your router, follow the steps given below:

  • Step – 1: Locate the reset button on your Time Warner router. It is located usually on the backside of the Time Warner router.
  • Step – 2: Now, press and hold the reset button for 20 – 25 seconds by using a thin object such as a pen or a paper clip.
  • Step – 3: After sometime release the reset button when the LED lights of the router start blinking.
  • Step – 4: Once, the reset process is completed then your router will automatically restart.

Note: Resetting your router will revert all the previously configured settings back to the factory version. It is recommended to note down all the previously made configurations so that after performing a hard reset you can easily modify the settings again.

Time Warner Router Port Forwarding

Forwarding ports for new devices on the Time Warner router is a simple procedure. To do this below is an easy guide;

  • First of all, set up a static IP on the device you want to forward ports to.
  • Now access the Time Warner router’s main settings page by using its default gateway through a browser.
  • Now login to Time Warner router using its default login credentials. The default login credentials for Time Warner router is;

Default Username: cusadmin

Default Password: password

  • Once you are in the Time Warner router’s settings page, locate the NAT option.
  • Click on the Port Forwarding option from the list.
  • Click on Add.
  • Set up a name in the Name box.
  • Select the Protocol type in Protocol box.
  • In the LAN Server IP box, type the IP of the device you want to forward ports to.
  • For single port forwarding, type the same port number in the Private Port, Start and End Public port boxes.
  • Click on Apply to save changes.

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Q1. What is the WPS button?

WPS means Wifi protected setup.  It is a security standard mainly introduced for wireless networks. You can utilize the WPS button in order to establish a connection between the router and the wireless network.

Q2. Why my Wifi is not working?

In case if your Wifi is not working properly then restart your modem and wireless router. This is the quickest troubleshooting step that can fix this problem.

Q3. What is the default login username and password for the Time Warner Router?

The default login username and password for the Time Warner Router are typically “admin” and “password” respectively. However, it’s always recommended to change the login details for security purposes.

Q4. How do I reset my Time Warner Router to its default settings?

To reset your Time Warner Router to its default settings, you need to locate the reset button on the back of the router, press and hold it for 10 seconds, and release it. The router will restart and return to its default settings.

Q5. Why is my Time Warner Router not connecting to the internet?

There could be several reasons why your Time Warner Router is not connecting to the internet, such as an incorrect username or password, a faulty modem or router, or issues with your ISP. You can try resetting the router, checking the cables and connections, and contacting your ISP for further assistance.


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