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Play Music On Hoverboard


Hoverboards are fun to travel around and make best from a day out. Hoverboards can make your trip feel shorter and quicker if they can play music for you, and you can enjoy listening to music while riding them.

Not all hoverboards are the same, as some of the top lines have Bluetooth and speakers in them that can make your ride great. In this discussion, we are talking about playing music on Hoverboard so that a person relaxes himself while going somewhere with ease of mind.

Bluetooth Hoverboards

These hoverboards that have a Bluetooth receiver module and a pair of speakers are automatically connected to a network that they have accessed to. When you turn on your self-balancing scooter, it would also turn on the Bluetooth connectivity through which you can play music on your Hoverboard.

The Bluetooth hoverboards are easy to connect with any android or iOS devices making them versatile enough to be used by any user for listening to music. So let’s see how it actually works and how can you connect Bluetooth.

Connecting Bluetooth to Hoverboard

It’s an easy step procedure to connect Bluetooth with the Hoverboard.

  • Just go to the Settings in your phone and then select Bluetooth
  • Go to devices and search for the Hoverboard
  • Remember that each brand hoverboard has a different name, so you can opt for your Hoverboard that is display in your Bluetooth devices.
  • When you make a successful connection with the Hoverboard, it will tend to make a beep sound which indicates that the device is connected with the Hoverboard through Bluetooth.

Play Music On Hoverboard

Play Music On Hoverboard

After you have successfully connected the device with your Hoverboard using Bluetooth, you will be able to play and listen to the music with the help of the speakers from your Hoverboard. Then you can start listening to your favourite music and tunes through the music player app of your phone.

You can adjust the volume of the hoverboard speakers through your phone and make sure that you don’t turn down the volume too low to make it inaudible.

Playing Music on Hoverboard Using iPhone

To play music through iPhone, you have to connect the Hoverboard with the iPhone. There are some steps that are given below to complete this process.

  • Turn your Hoverboard on, and then you have to wait for some time until it gives a sound. If you don’t hear a sound, Bluetooth wasn’t turned on.
  • After when it makes a sound, go to settings in your iPhone.
  • Visit Bluetooth settings and refresh the available devices list.
  • Once it displays all the compatible Bluetooth devices, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the option of Bluetooth signal to connect.
  • If it connects the Hoverboard, your Hoverboard will make another sound after the connection.
  • Then play the music of your choice and enjoying listening to the tune.

Playing Music on Hoverboard Using Android

If you’re trying from long hours to pair your Hoverboard’s Bluetooth with your Android device to play any music, then you don’t have to waste energy anymore. You can follow our instructions to connect your android with the Hoverboard’s Bluetooth easily.

  • First, before you start to connect the Bluetooth with your device, you need to go to settings and then turn on the Bluetooth settings in it.
  • After that, you can turn on your Hoverboard and let it turn on the Bluetooth connectivity too. Now your phone will be able to discover your Hoverboard’s Bluetooth range.
  • Through this signal, you can search for the required signal of certain devices, such as the device name of your Hoverboard, which may be different for different models.
  • You can select the Hoverboard’s Bluetooth to successfully connect to it, and the Hoverboard will make a sound that confirms that your phone is now connected with the Hoverboard.
  • Now check that your device should be paired with it, and you can play music on Hoverboard wirelessly.

In case you’re not content with the sound of your Hoverboard with Bluetooth, you can search for another choice of Hoverboard with better speakers. There are hoverboards that have top-notch double speakers that have great surround and quality audio.

Connecting your cell phone to the Hoverboard is simple. Essentially turn on your Bluetooth on your cell phone either in the settings, and then hang tight a couple of seconds for it to actuate the Hoverboard’s Bluetooth and then click on the pairing option found with it. Your phone gets connected to it.


This was a discussion about playing music on Hoverboard with the help of Bluetooth connectivity that makes it a versatile device to satisfy a user’s need. A Bluetooth hoverboard can be of great help as a source of travelling as well as entertainment to enjoy your day out. They have quality speakers and good performance to keep you entertained. For more details, leave a reply in the box given below.

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Does my hoverboard have Bluetooth?

You can know whether you hoverboard has Bluetooth or not by turning it upside down and check to see from all sides to make sure it does or doesn’t have speakers included in it. If it has speakers, then it is Bluetooth, if it doesn’t have speakers, then it isn’t.

How do you connect your hoverboard to music?

You can connect your hoverboard to music with the help of any Bluetooth device such as an android device or an iPhone. Just link the Bluetooth and play the music of your choice.

How to connect hoverboard to your phone?

Go to Settings, select Bluetooth

Go to devices and search for the Hoverboard Bluetooth name

Each hoverboard has a different name so you can search for your hoverboard that is displayed in your Bluetooth devices. And click on it to connect with it.

How to reset hoverboard Bluetooth?

You have to press and hold down the power button on hoverboard for minimum of 10 seconds. Then let go of it and turn off the hoverboard. It should be reset now and you can connect it again.

How to turn off Bluetooth on hoverboard?

Just like you turn on the hoverboard to turn on the Bluetooth, you can switch it back off to switch off Bluetooth too.

My hoverboard wont connect to Bluetooth, what to do?

Make sure that your hoverboard’s Bluetooth or your device’s Bluetooth isn’t off. If the connection doesn’t happen between them, then try switching off hoverboard and then switch it on. Check again and if it doesn’t connect the device still, then restart your hoverboard.


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