September 10

How to reduce pdf file size without using any Premium services?


If you want to know how to compress pdf file size without using any premium or paid services, then you should know this content is going to help you a lot in the simple learning of tips and tools that would help you in reducing the file size. If you are low on the monetary budget, then using paid and premium tools is not a wise step, and you should avoid it. You should know that this three-minute resource would be a great help to you so we would suggest that you keep reading this content to tell the very end for a better experience!

How to look for the ideal solution?

There are many utilities on the web that can help you compress pdf, but not all of them are free, reliable, accurate, workable and ideal for use, so you must find the ideal resources to reduce or compress pdf files. Here we have given some points that you should consider while looking for compress pdf tools!

  • The first thing is the cost that you have to worry about. Premium services are reliable but are costly, and the reason that we are looking for alternate services is because of the cost factor. You should always look for a free or affordable compress pdf tool. 
  • The second most important thing is that the tool is easy to use. There are many tools/resources on the internet these days, but to find the most effective and friendly one is not that easy, so you have to make sure that the solution you are looking for is user-friendly!
  • The tool or the solution for reducing the file size of your document/pdf should simply be secure and safe to use. You should always look for an online resource that has respected the ownership of your content and does not copy it!
  • Overall features of the compress pdf resource should be of good repute and compliment the original tool. 
  • The ideal solution should be in the form of a tool that is compatible with all of the devices that can have pdf files on them.
  • You should also look for an ample upload file size in the tool. 
  • You should look for a tool that can help you reduce pdf as well as image files as well!

Compress PDF with Duplichecker

This is the first tool on the web that we have shortlisted after our research and consideration of all the mentioned points. Duplichecker is without doubt one of the most popular platforms, especially when it comes to plagiarism checking and other seo services. The compress pdf tool by is one of the best online tool because it is free and easy to use, it has the safest and cleanest interface, it can provide you with ample uploading space and can also help you compress all kinds of pdf files including the ones having images in them. If you don’t know how to shrink pdf files, then you should simply move towards the steps that we have stated below!

  • Open the website we mentioned above and navigate to the Compress Pdf Tool.
  • When you open the tool on your device, you would see a very understandable interface with a few ads on it that you can ignore. In the resource, you would see an upload button that you can use to simply grab pdf files from your local gallery.
  • Now after dragging files to the compressor tool, you just have to fill in with the one last step which is tapping on the ‘compress pdf’ button below the tool.

This Pdf compressor will help you get a reduced version of your file within less than seconds, and the best part is the formatting, and the style of the original huge sized file is not at all disturbed. This is also an ideal feature in a tool that can be used for free and without any formalities. You should know that you can use this tool without even registering yourself with it!

You must know that this is the most feasible method of compressing pdf that you can hook up with. We will always urge and ask you to use the free tools on the web that have the best resources and features in them like the one by duplichecker. All of the tools including the compress pdf tool by Duplichecker are of good repute, and you should know that if you have to make a batch reduction and compression, then this is the best online tool that can help you reduce as many files as you want to in a single day!


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