May 7

7 Quick Tips to Get Small Payday Loans Online with No Credit Check


As things stand, the world is embroiled in a pandemic. Millions have lost their jobs yet they still have to eat, pay up rent and lead their lifestyles normally as they would. Of course, that is only possible if the said persons borrow. One such debt instrument is the payday loan.

This is a small amount of money that is often advanced at a higher rate of interest. It is issued out on the agreement that it will be repaid the next time the borrower receives his wages. As with all other loans, this too demands a credit background check. For this reason, not many people can access and benefit from it.

All is not lost though as it is still possible for you to gain this loan without any credit check. Our aim in the article below is to let you know the steps and the tips that may help you out in this. We highlight and explain the ways in which those tips may get you the loan in record time.

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Tip I: Shop around for the best payday loans online company

There are many companies out there that issue payday loans. These companies operate on stringent terms and conditions that are unique to themselves. You must, first of all, identify the right company and then find out whether they may help you out or not.

One of the ways of getting the right company is to use the major search engines that exist at the moment. As soon as you key in the ‘payday loan’ term, you will receive lots of suggestions that may help you. Access the sites and find out how they dish out loans to their clients.

Tip II: Make sure you meet the lending criteria

After identifying at least 2 or 3 companies, you now have to assess whether indeed you meet their lending criteria or not. As mentioned above, each company operates on a stringent set of rules and regulations. You have to study their terms and find out how they go about the issue.

Straight away you can tell whether you indeed qualify or not. Do not waste your time with any company that is not promising the necessary cooperation you need. Instead, just roll on to the next. That may require that you carry out a fresh search from scratch.

Tip III: Try using third parties or middlemen

Third parties are persons or institutions that have already engaged the said lender before. They hence have already created a rapport with the same firm and are more likely to be trusted with more. It is usually highly unlikely that a company may entrust a stranger just like that.

Apart from that, you may also ask this third party to act as a guarantor for your loan. That again goes a long way in upping your chances of getting a loan with the said firm. In the event of a default, the said third party may remit the loan back or at least portions of it.

Tip IV: Borrow only if you must

Most loan applications are often rejected on the grounds that the reason behind their borrowing is just flimsy. You do not want this to happen to you at all. That is why you have to see to it that you only borrow if you must. Be ready to provide sufficient and satisfactory reason for the borrowing when called upon.

Perhaps one sure way of getting about this issue is to prove that you have no outstanding bank balance and that you cannot soldier on without this loan. You may have to line yourself with documents from various social offices to demonstrate to the lender that you indeed are needy of the loan.

Tip V: Have your supporting documents in order

Remember, you are not the only one who is in need of this loan. There are others just like you who desperately want the same. So, you should never waste the time of the company whose support you are seeking. The best way to guarantee this is to have your supporting documents in order.

These could be letters of dismissal, documents from the social office, and bank slips. They generally prove that you indeed are needy and hence badly need the financial support you are seeking. To make the documents more valid, have them certified or notarized by the relevant authority.

Tip VI: Borrow one at a time

You should borrow from one lender only one at a time. That means you should clear an existing debt first before you contemplate taking another one. Most lenders are often reluctant to lend to people who are yet to clear some debt with them first.

If you must take on debt on top of another one, do so from two different lending companies. Otherwise, you may be placed on a long waiting list that may delay your access to the same loans going forward. A cleaner past is of course more trustworthy.

Tip VII: Maintain a good reputation with the relevant authorities

No credit checks do not mean that the lender will not carry out other checks. The lender may still go ahead and check your background for any pending criminal or civil disputes in a court of law. Woe unto you if you have any pending crimes that are yet to be sorted out conclusively.

As a sure way forward, see to it that you have no pending criminal proceedings against you. That will not only hasten the processing of the loans but also boost your chances of getting the loan altogether. Only persons with great track records may be trusted, of course.


Probably as a way forward, we ask you to put your house fully in order before attempting to apply for such a loan. It could be that you are qualified, yes, but without all the documents and information required to be ready, it may take longer to have your way!


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