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How To Play as Solo in Apex Legends?


APEX LEGENDS is an online multiplayer game that is totally free to play. In this game twenty teams are made of 3 players each, and they play their battles on the ground of different maps where they scavenge for new weapons, armors, and other equipment in the ground. It is a battle royale game that was initially released to be played in Playstation and Xbox, etc. The game has four seasons. It is a sort of game in which players team up to form a squad and play the ironic battle. They land on an island before searching for weapons and supplies to attempt to defeat all the players in the combat. Apex legends are one of the games that should be better played in a team, but there’s also plenty of users looking to check out a solo mode.How To Play as Solo in Apex Legends

Playing Apex Legends may be difficult for you if your team is new to the game, and they don’t have relevant skills and tactics, and if they dont know how to carry a gun or an extra gun or more guns that may make any difference in killing the enemies. And, you can get the in-game XP bonuses for adding more friends before entering a match, which makes it a no-brainer to focus on team composition instead of playing solo.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official permanent solo mode available in the Apex Legends yet, but you are never out of options. In this discussion, Let’s take a look at how to play solo in Apex Legends.

Iron Crown Collection EventIron Crown Collection Event

An iron crown collection event stays for 2 weeks, that has been passed in August, the apex team introduced a new mode called the solo mode with ranks too. So if you are looking for a solo event or a solo play, you shouldn’t miss the iron crown event where you are allowed to play solo with the team.

Playing the Apex Legends soloPlaying the Apex Legends solo

The Apex Legends doesnt have any solo mood introduced yet, so dont have to keep on waiting for that mode, instead there are other ways by which you can play solo by yourself. You don’t have to talk to your teammates through the mic or other people; you can choose to play on your own. When you land, you can go separate from your team and jump alone to make your own way across the map. It’s hard to balance your character as well as taking care of the teammates too. The team play differentiates this game from other games such as pubg and Fortnite, but you are playing this game, so you have the right to play it your way as you like to.

Advantages of playing solo in Apex LegendsAdvantage of playing solo in Apex Legends

When you are fed of team matches and you dont want to play with other players along with you, at that point you can choose to play solo, by going separately from them on the ground, the big advantage is that you can select your own drop point, and you can drop away from your team where you loot everything for yourself. This will test your ultimate skills through the map. At the start, you have two teammates on your side, but it’s your choice whether you want to go with them or without them, so you can choose to land separately. You can travel far away from the team and ignore those ping calls or any questions whatever they say. This may be difficult for you, but this is the only way to play solo too. It makes you independent from the other two players, and you can make your own choices to play the game. In this way, you can also get purple items quickly.

Disadvantages of Playing soloDisadvantage of Playing solo

Such multiplayer games are actually built for team work and squad matches to hype up the team play, which means that wherever you go your team will be with you, and you all will have enough loot for all the teammates. The teamwork and cooperation do matter in this case. But the downside is that you may run out of loot sometimes or you may not have the other two teammates that could have been your eyes, or your support when enemies outnumbered you, if you are down, you go down, and there is nothing you can do about it. You are simply dead. The team plays last as longer game duration, whereas solo may end up as short matches.

The other problem with playing solo is that each character has strengths and weaknesses, which means that no single character is suitable enough to survive as a solo on its own. Like Gibraltar is the strongest one in the game, but he is clunky, whereas playing with lifeline and wrath may be fun sometimes, sometimes they can be squishy. Bangalore requires a lot of med packs and armor, but still, it isn’t a perfect character either. The pathfinder and bloodhound are not tough enough to play as a solo. There is a chance that there may be solo characters introduced soon.

Now it’s up to you whether you choose to play other games as single play such as pubg, Fortnite, etc. or you choose apex legends to scavenge with your team and play at a good pace.


In this discussion, we discussed what an apex legend is and how you can play as a solo player in the game. There isn’t any option to play solo, so you have to go Into the map at your own separate from the team as a solo player, which may be harmful to you and your team too. Survival is not easy for a solo player because there is no one to defend or cover you at the point. So you can have your choices. We hope this info was helpful, leave a comment or reply if you liked this article.

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1. How many characters are in Apex legends?

Apex Legends has eight playable characters as the basic characters, although two of them must be unlocked via either Apex Coins or the Legend Tokens. The other six can be selected and played with to complete your matches.

2. Is there difference between characters in Apex Legends?

Yes, there is a difference. Each character has its own passive ability and a special skill that is activated by pressing the L1 button. Along with that, all eight characters have a unique alt exclusive all to themselves.


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