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How to Find a Music Video By Describing It?


We know that human beings are fond of music. And they love to listen to music whenever they are happy or sad just to match the emotion with the situation. And at that time, a person just needs to relax his or her mind with good music, but sometimes he fails to find one. It is a frustrating situation that everyone might have experienced once in a lifetime.

It usually happens when you remember the girl and a guy from the video of the song, but you can’t remember the song name, or sometimes you only remember few verses of part of its lyrics, and you can’t recall what its name. So in that situation, if you had a recording of the song or you are somewhere where it is already being played, you could use an app like Shazam, which is a popular tool that listens to the song lyrics and lets you identify a song by playing it. But if you are trying to look for a video but you can’t remember the song name and the lyrics, then it’s really hard or impossible to search that exact song.

But you don’t have to worry still, in this discussion we are going to discuss some easy ways to find and identify the song of your choice. Continue reading the article below

Identify What You KnowIdentify What You Know

The first step to search for the song is you to think and recall what you remember about that song, do you recognize the artist? Do you remember any of the verses? Do you know what the genre of music and the song falls under? If you know any of these things, you may have a chance. Even if you can only remember a few verses of the song, then you might be in such luck that you may find that song.

You have the two most commonly used sources for conducting your search: from which one is the YouTube search, and the other one is to try to search the song from Google that you are looking for. YouTube’s search engine runs on Google. However, we will recommend you searching on Google because Google will provide you with all the info of the song rather than just the song.

Try Some Basic SearchesTry Some Basic Searches

Go to the global search engines like YouTube or Google and do some basic searches, which might result in a match for your required song such as “In the end” by Christopher Bennington, but you don’t remember either the title of the song or its artist. You only remember one phrase from the song: and that has the words “I tried so hard and got so far.” Go to Google and type in the search box as “I tried so hard and got so far” and see what you get.

You may get the reference link to the song along with its other details, such as how many millions did it hit and other records along with the lyrics. But there is also a possibility that none of the searched results matches your song. Some of them may include the same words, but you think that this is not the same song that you have been looking for. So with a lot of matches and still couldn’t find the desired result, you have to dig deeper.

Search by Keywords or Use Other Operators

Using YouTubeUsing Youtube

YouTube may have some advanced search features that will let you search for your song.

BAND or ARTIST, partner – you can search by typing the band’s name or the artist, and you can choose the partner option in the search official videos and filter out fan videos.

ACTOR, movie – Type an actor’s name or a movie to see teasers, clips, and even the full movies on YouTube.

News, live – You can type news, or gaming, or whatever else you are interested in.

SUBJECT, today – Type a subject relevant, or a movie, or the actor, or whatever and also a time to filter by. For example, you can search like ‘Sports, this week’ will give you a more varied amount of results than what you will find on your television.

Using GoogleUsing Google

Search engines like Google let you choose from a variety of relevant results from which you can choose what you were looking for.

    • You can Search a hashtag: #Gamesinthe90s.
    • Exclude some words: Add a ‘-,‘ such as ‘-female vocalists’ to filter out all music videos with female singers only.
    • Exact match: Use speech marks to match exact results, “You are going to live” to specify the words in the search.
    • Missing words/Wildcard: Add a ‘*’ to search for a wildcard, such as an example, ‘The best * of all time.’
    • OR: You can use OR apply filters such as ‘hard rock OR pop singing OR band OR a guitar OR dreams before.’
    • AND: Use AND that will tell Google to include things that are matching your whole list. “Atif Aslam AND Mere Khuda AND 2014.”


In this discussion, we discussed how you could find a music video without knowing its name. We discussed various easy solutions such as search engines like youtube and google, and there are apps available like Snapchat and Shazam that listens to the music for a while and then pops up the name of the song that Is being played. By following any of these ways, you can search for your required song very easily. We hope this info was helpful.

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1. What is Shazam?

Shazam is a music application that is developed and owned by Apple company. This application can easily identify a movie, music, or any tv show or advertisement just on the basis of short samples played in its microphone.

2. How much does the shazam cost, is it a free app?

Shazam costs $5 to the new users only; it is available as ad-free on both iPhone and Android. Though the Android users have access to Google’s superior Sound Search.


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