April 23

[Fixed] “Cannot Play Video” and “Server Not Available” on Showbox Error


Showbox is a free streaming app that lets you watch your favorite tv shows, movies, sports, and all the entertainment. It can be used on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Showbox has been banned from the official Google Play store, but still, it remains one of the most popular apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Other apps are perhaps less soluble with the environment about the legality of their offerings. Showbox provides more than other apps. Showbox just serves up pirated movies without explanations. Due of this, Showbox is not offered in the Google Play store. Instead, you can download the app from the APK file if you want to use the app obtained from a website.

One common problem with the Showbox is that the users have reported that they get error messages, ‘Cannot play video,’ or ‘Video not available, try another server,’ or maybe ‘Server down or Server unavailable.’

In this discussion, we will show you how to resolve these errors.

How Showbox Works?How Showbox Works

First of all, before finding an error and looking for a solution, we have to see how an app works, like Showbox, works. We should know that whether, Is there a website somewhere with millions of pirated video streaming on it, and Showbox just knows where it is? No, because although for some movies, the app might get pulled from a single source. Other than this, the app works on a peer-to-peer network, the same as the way how torrents work.

What Can Go Wrong?What Can Go Wrong

On pirated websites and streams, anything can go wrong at any time like Copyright holders are constantly working to take down the illegal stream content or material, mostly for the new movies or top hit shows. The Showbox clients themselves are sometimes a carrier of a virus or any malware, released by unethical developers to spread their bad code on thousands of phones and computers worldwide. Because of such problems and risks, Showbox can’t be considered as a stable app.

Rebooting your PhoneRebooting your Phone

When an error occurs on the phone, the most common way to fix small bugs is by rebooting the phone. It solves most of the problems. Rebooting any Android is very fast, and it will instantly wipe out any configuration problems or if it has any memory glitches that might be generating the error messages. If rebooting your phone doesn’t fix the issues, it does get your phone in a clean state from which you can try other fixes afterward.

For Android devices, most of the phones are restarted by simply pressing and holding the Power button until a restart menu appears. This will let you turn the phone off or restart it. Select the ‘restart’ option and then let your Android device get back to its life.

If this doesn’t fix the problems, then move on to the next solution for the common Showbox errors.

Showbox cannot play Video Error:How  To  FixShowbox cannot play Video Error

It is one of the most commonly occurring errors. It mostly appears because the Showbox supports a large number of variety of video file formats, but it typically relies on only standalone programs to actually play the streamed video or the downloaded video. If the player that you have installed doesn’t support the format of the video that you want to play, you will get this error message. But don’t worry, fixing this problem is simple, and a matter of installing a different video player can remove the error which does support the file format.

MX Player is a great option to consider because it has been most popularly used everywhere in the world. It’s free of cost, and supports lots of formats, and also plays very smoothly with Showbox. If you are having any trouble playing videos on Showbox, then downloading the MX Player should solve this problem. Otherwise, you can also try VLC for Androids, which is a popular Android video player. To use this, you just download and install the players of your choice that supports the file formats, and then shut down the Showbox and restart the phone. When you start the Showbox again, it will automatically analyze and recognize the video format of the new video player and use it for their appropriate formats.

ShowBox Server Unavailable: How to FixShowBox Server Unavailable

It is another error message encountered by a lot of Showbox users that says ‘server unavailable.’ Although this error sounds like its having trouble in finding a server online, this is actually a problem with the Showbox app’s cache memory.

Showbox thinks that there is a server out there with an IP address that has stored that IP address into its local memory and, the server has gone down, or, have been moved, but the Showbox doesn’t understand this issue and keeps trying to locate that particular server that it knows.

To fix this error is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Stop the Showbox app first and then shut it down.
  2. Go to Android Settings, then App Manager, and then Showbox app.
  3. Select Clear data from it and let the process complete.
  4. Then select the Clear cache and let it complete.
  5. Then Restart Showbox and retest it.


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In this discussion, we discussed that Showbox is a little app that performs incredibly well with different systems. It streams well, and offers access to a huge content, and has a simple, interface. But it does have an issue and might show up the odd error, but all other apps do so too. We hope this info was helpful. Contact us on our mail for more questions


1. How do I fix the connection error on Showbox?

To fix the connection error, click on Connect on the page you are trying to open. You will only see this error if your computer or mobile date and time are not accurate. To fix the error, you have to open your device’s clock and make sure the time and date are correct.


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