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Overclock Your Graphic Cards With Gigabyte Xtreme Engine


Gaming is considered as an addictive habit. But it just takes our time and gives us virtual entertainment. And you always require a computer to play games. Not just an ordinary computer, but a PC with graphic cards. So, you can play games more conveniently.

A graphic card provides us with better graphics and better rendering. Most of the graphic cards are based on NVidia technology. And today, we will tell you about Gigabyte Xtreme Engine, which is a software to overclock graphic cards. You can use it on your computer for adjustments. Let’s dive into more detail.

What is a graphics card?

A graphic card is an equipment used in computers for rendering graphics. When your computer has to display high-quality images, then it uses a graphics card. You cannot enjoy anything on your computer without a graphics card. Hence it is an essential piece of equipment for PC.

For playing games, a PC requires high-definition visuals to display. That’s where graphic cards come into play. Generally, a graphics card varies in capacity. You can install a high capacity graphic card if your requirement is high graphics.

What is Gigabyte?

It is a company that produces graphics cards and utility software for them. And it also produces motherboards. The company is based in Taiwan. And it has a huge operation. Until this date, the company has produced 4.8n million motherboards.

Gigabyte is ranked 17 in Global brands of Taiwan. The company is public, and its stock is traded in Taiwan stock exchange. The major clients of this company are Intel and AMD.

Gigabyte is a company that works for big businesses, and the consumer enjoys their work in the form of better equipment. Almost every Intel board is coming with Gigabyte manufacturing.

Gigabyte Xtreme Engine

It is a software presented by Gigabyte, which allows you to overclock your graphic card. By this software, you can make necessary adjustments like GPU clock frequency, memory clock frequency, GPU voltage, Power limit, and the temperature limit.

This software provides manual adjustments as well as a one-click solution to the graphics card and GPU adjustments. Moreover, it also allows you to change the settings back to the default position with just one click.

This software works on all graphics cards based on NVidia technology. So, almost every kind of GPU can be adjusted by this software.

How to overclock your graphic card by Gigabyte Xtreme Engine?

How to overclock your graphic card by Gigabyte Xtreme Engine

You need to follow the steps.

  • Go to
  • You need to search for Gigabyte Xtreme Engine.
  • The search page will bring you several results.
  • So, you must choose the right site to download the software.
  • After that, download the software.
  • It will take some time because the software is heavy.
  • After downloading, you must install the software.
  • After installing, you must restart your computer. So, the software work correctly.
  • After that, open the software.
  • It will show you different controls on the interface.
  • You must select the GPU clock and adjust it at the right time.
  • Then you must select GPU voltage and adjust it at the optimum level.
  • After that, you must select the memory clock and change the level to balance the values.
  • Then you must select the power limit and adjust it to the optimum level.
  • After that, you must select the temperature limit and adjust it to the optimum level.
  • The interface also has three functions on the bottom right corner.
  • These functions can allow you to do things like setting things at the default level.
  • You can also reset the graphic card by clicking the reset button.
  • All of the above adjustments represent simple settings.
  • If you want to make the advance adjustments, then you must click advanced OC.
  • After that, variable values will be displayed on the software. And you can adjust them according to your choice.
  • The software will also allow you to adjust the speed pf the fan.
  • You can also adjust led lights with this software.

What will happen with overclocking?

Gigabyte Xtreme Engine will allow you to do overclocking. When you do that, then your PC performance regarding graphics will improve. If a game consumes too much power, then you can low the power limit. If a game puts too much stress on the graphic card, then you can low the temperature limit. The overclocking will give you a better graphics card, which will render your applications smoothly.


Gigabyte Xtreme Engine will allow you to adjust multiples parameters in your graphic card and GPU. The user interface is friendly, and you always have a one-click solution if you adjusted the variables wrong. We advise you to use this software. So, you can have better graphics on your PC. This software is free to download. And you do not have to pay a premium.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What exactly is Gigabyte?

Ans: It is a company based in Taiwan, which produces graphics cards and motherboards. It also develops drivers and software for the hardware. Its major clients are Intel and AMD.

Q2: How do I download Gigabyte motherboard drivers?

Ans: You need to open After that, you must enter the number of the motherboard in the search box and hit enter. The site will give you the drivers. So, you can download them from the link.

Q3: What is the Aorus engine?

Ans: AORUS Graphics Engine is a gaming utility that is designed to provide gamers with more control and options. The features that allow more control arean intuitive interface, clock speeds, voltage, fan profiles, power target, and LED illumination.

Q3: Is Gigabyte owned by ASUS?

Ans: Gigabyte works with ASUS. But it is not owned by ASUS. Gigabyte works as an independent brand in the market. You can visit its website. It has separate management than ASUS. And on from the side of ASUS, there is no claim for owning Gigabyte.


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