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[Easy Method] How to See the Deleted Tweets on Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service from America, where users post and interact with each other through messages known as “tweets“. The registered users can post, or like, and retweet the tweets, but the unregistered users can only see and read them. From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.

How to See the Deleted Tweets on Twitter?

A Twitter user would know the feeling of anger and frustration when a tweet is accidentally deleted. You know that pressing a few buttons wrong can delete a tweet, that you will never be going to see again. Well, you should know it is not possible to restore your deleted tweets to your Twitter profile, but there are some services that provide you with a way to not just only see but also recover the deleted tweets. In this article, we are going to show you how.

The Native Way to see Deleted Tweets

The Native Way to see Deleted Tweets

You need to know that twitter keeps an archive of all the users’ tweets, which means that it’s not difficult to access them. Here is a way to get to this archive:

  1. First of all, Go to Twitter and log in.
  2. Click on your profile icon, that is in the top-right corner, right next to the “Tweet” button.
  3. From a dropdown menu, select the “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Now go to account settings, scroll down until you find a Content section. Then at the bottom of this page, there is a button saying “Request your archive”. Click on it.
  5. Twitter will start to prepare your archives, immediately and displays a pop-up window to you to let you know about it. Click on the “Close” button.
  6. Wait until you receive the email from Twitter. The email is received on the same address on which you chose on Twitter. Open it.
  7. The email notifies you that your tweet archive is ready. Then click on the “Download now” button and wait for it. Your web browser asks you to download the zipped folder “tweets.”
  8. Then go to the folder where you downloaded it to.
  9. As it is a zip file, you don’t need any third-party tool to extract it. You just have to press the right-click on it and choose the option “Extract all…
  1. Then the “Extract Compressed Folders” window will appear on your screen. And it will show you where it is planning to put your tweets and it will ask you if you want to open it up the newly created folder when it is done extracting. If you do choose, then select the “Show extracted files when completed” checkbox. You can also change the destination folder for extraction just in case if you want to change where the files should be saved, click on browse button and select location.
  2. When you are done and ready for it, click on the “Extract” button. If you have checked the box, then a new File Explorer window will pop up.
  3. Open the “index.html” file first that is inside of the “tweets” folder. It shows you all of your tweets, and it is just like looking at your Twitter account but with all of your deleted tweets including as well. Just keep in mind that this is done all offline, so nobody else will be able to see unless you share them again.

Use Snap Bird To See Deleted Tweets

Use Snap Bird To See Deleted Tweets

Twitter doesn’t delete tweets on its own, if you want to recover tweets, you might want to use this option. There is a website called the Snap Bird, which specifically lets you fetch a tweet, even if you have deleted it in the past. This also works for the other person’s tweets or your messages. The site has a potential downside in terms of its security that its not quite safe. You need to authenticate the app first with Twitter, which means giving it the access to your profile and DMs and all the basic info. However, if you are ok with this, it’s a great solution than lots of searching and scrolling. You need to be first logged into the Twitter, and at least the app lets you know first what it can and can’t do.

Use WayBack Machine To Find Deleted Tweets

Use WayBack Machine To Find Deleted Tweets

The wayback machine is an online service that can work for twitter as well as other apps too. It is a service that saves multiple states of a website throughout the years. It has a storage for saved pages of over 370 billion web pages, so it is clear that Twitter is on the list.

To use the Wayback Machine:

  1. You need to type or copy a link in the address bar and then press Enter.
  2. It will first display you with some search results shown in the form of a calendar. Move over to such a date that has a green circle which is saved as a snapshot by the app to see the exact number of the snapshots taken on that day in case if there is more than one. Otherwise, you can also just simply click on the date.
  1. Chances are that you may need to be logged in to your Twitter account, depending on what you want to find from it. Also, you can’t choose the interface language by yourself.
  2. The Wayback Machine takes you to the site while still allowing you to change the date by accessing its menu at the top of the screen.


We discussed how you can view twitter deleted tweets through easy ways, we hope this info was helpful. If you have any questions, mail us or leave a comment in the comment section below.

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How long does a tweet take to delete?

Sometimes it takes a while to delete a tweet and update deleted tweets on your twitter profile. But usually it will take about a couple of minutes but sometimes it may take up to two hours. Depends on the twitter server and your internet speed.






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