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A few years ago, we have seen a  countless number of media streaming services popping up. These services have coke as a boon to those who do not like fixed schedules or does not wish to spend ridiculous sums of money on cable TV packages. While the long-established ones such as NetFlix, or Hulu enjoy a wide user base.

Today in this article we discuss ViewSter a fast-growing free video-on-demand service. Read this article till the end. I will tell you every information related to ViewSter.

What is ViewSter?

ViewSter is a global video-on-demand service that was founded in 2007 and has its own headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers an inclusive range of ad-supported free TV shows and films.

History of  ViewSter

ViewSter AG was founded in 2007 by Jorg Boksberger and Kai Henniges in Zurich, Switzerland. Today ViewSter has offices in Zurich London, Berlin-New York City, Adelaide. In the year of 2011, the service was renamed from Diva to ViewSter.

Today, ViewSter Video-on-demand service is available in more than 120 countries, according to third-party audits, ViewSter reaches 39 million unique visitors per month. ViewSter ranked top 10 online video property in the U.S in August 2014.  On February 5, 2019  viewster was required by distributor Cinedigm. 

What you can do on ViewSter?

Viewster enables its users to watch a great deal of content from across the world for free. Today viewster boasts of 12,000 titles with violently up to 20 genres on the Platform. But this differs from country to country owing to the region-specific deals with the help of content Partners.

One can Stream TV series including Brit shows, Korean drama, and European simulcasts like peep shoes, Shameless, superstar, TheInbetweeners and many more. But is better known as best anime site for its collection of anime series with titles like Murderer Princes, Wonder Momo, Demon king Daimo, Gunslinger girl, Bravoman, etc? Thre are also anime movies such as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, log horizon $1, and Highschool of the death.

You also find a legion of classic movies like The Nort star, The lost world, Laurel and hardy, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, The Thief of Baghdad,  and the terror. You can also choose from a wide range of documentaries like Ghistville, Path of faith, Man at arms and The neighborly thing.

It also features foreign films across for languages Spanish, German, English, and French. You can easily filter these movies as per genres like Kids, Music, and Musicals, Crime, and gangsters, Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi, Action, War, Anation, Thriller, and romance. You will also watch or find the trailers of the latest coming movies and popular movies short clips.

It also has an active blog news section where its users can get insights into upcoming content, latest auditions, must-watch films/series, and plot discussions. The platform also conducts an online film festival, encouraging budding filmmakers to submit their movies which are accessible to the users.

Video Quality, User interface, and Load-speeds

The layout and interface of viewster are quite clean, uncomplicated, and uniform across devices. Users can browse through the content by their genre using the browse button, located on top of the homepage.  Alternatively, Users can also scroll down and choose a title from the categories displaying thumbnails in horizontal tiers. Once you have click on a certain title thumbnail, it pulls up information like runtime, plot summary, genre, and ratings. Ratings in the form of a “Hotscore” which is evaluated based on factors such as the number of views, data added, shares on social media, etc.

This is the free service, the video quality may not be the best. We found that the majority of the titles either where a DVD quality, or poorer. Having said that, this does not seem like much of the problem when streaming on a smaller device, like a smartphone. In our experience, opting a full screen was a bit of a hitch and other player features like Volume control, subtitles, and video scrubbing were absent. Viewster also offers on a feature that many free streaming services don’t and that is parental controls.

Speaking of free streaming services, Viewster, such as we mentioned, runs frequent ads to support itself monetarily. 1-minute commercials pop up occasionally but it is not bothersome. As far as load-speeds concerned, In most cases, this will depend upon your internet connection, even with fast internet speed, it might take a few seconds for the video to start playing.

Compatible Devices

Users can also watch content using the viewster website by means of a laptop or a computer , the company has invested heavily in manufacturing an app for a huge range of devices including iOS,Roku, Android phones or tablets gaming consoles like Xbox 360, and select Smart TVs (Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, LG and Phillips).

Any Drawbacks

Unfortunately, not many using the viewster app, we faced with jut one trivial problem. Sometimes the streaming player would freeze and we have to force quit the app and start over again. This bug has perhaps fixed by now or sp we hope.

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Is ViewSter really free?

Viewster is a free streaming website offering access to primarily ane and cartoon or game-related content through the browser, web apps, and applications. The site is completely free, and do not require registration for use, and offers a variety of original content including documentaries, pop culture boxes and more.

Is ViewSter legal?

Viewster is a free and legal online movie and tv shows web that has hundreds of thousands of Hollywood and top best movies, as well as a limited number of free TV,  shows It is very easy to browse through TV shows and movies at viewster because you can scroll through them on the home page. So viewster is a legal website. also

Do you have to pay For ViewSter?

Viewster offers its content free of charge. There are no costs involved in ViewSter. As ViewSter is a legal service, the filmmakers receive their fair share from advertisement revenues.

What is Viewster on Smart TV?

Viewster is a global video-on-demand service provider app. Viewster is available on many smart TVs to have also termed as Viewsyer Smart TV app. It is either pre-installed in smart TVs or available in the particular app store.






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