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How to reveal hidden friends list of any Facebook user?


No wonder, Facebook is the biggest social media network having billions of users across the world, and Facebook is getting smarter and smarter day by day, it gets updates around every month. Facebook takes care of users privacy very efficiently. It gives users control over almost every bit of information posted on their social profile. Facebook users are provided by various functionality which let them manage their personal information to who can see or who can interact with, either one by one or in bulk.

Hiding your friend list with others is one of those functions. Facebook allows you to maintain your privacy. You have options to make your friends list visible only to you or just to your friends or in a custom list which is set to public by default.

If you set your friend list visibility to “Only Me” then no one will be able to see who your friends are except you.

How to see hidden friends list of someone on Facebook

Sometimes you may need to check someone’s hidden friend list. Well, there are several reasons to do that (These tricks are for fair use only)

Method – 1: Facebook Friends Mapper

But here we will discuss a tool which can bypass this setting and allows you to see the hidden friends list of any Facebook user. This tool is nothing but just a Google Chrome extension known as Facebook Friends Mapper. You can use this chrome extension to see hidden friends list of any Facebook user. But if you want to see your targeted user’s friends list then you should have a mutual friend with them.

Important note: This tool works only if you have a mutual friend with the target user, and it does not matter if you are friends with that user or not. However, to meet this mutual requirement you can somehow be friends with any of his/her friend.

Step – 1: Install google chrome extension, named Facebook Friends Mapper.

Step – 2: Login to your Facebook account on Google Chrome browser.

Step – 3: Open the target user’s profile, and click on friends.

Step – 4: You will find a new link (Reveal Friends) in blue color.

Step – 5: Click on that link.

Step – 6: Wait for a while to complete the process.

Step – 7: Now their hidden friend’s list will appear on your screen.

The Chrome extension “Facebook Friends Mapper” launched just a few days ago, so most of the users are not yet aware of this tool. And this Facebook hacking tool works on a logical flaw resides in Facebook’s mutual friends feature concept.

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Method – 2: Friend Finder

Through this method you cannot reveal the entire friend list of a person yet you can only see the mutual friends between the person whose friend list you want to hack and the common friend between that person and you. Just follow the simple steps given below.

Step – 1: Open the Facebook Friend Finder page.

Step – 2: Now scroll down to the Mutual Friends section.

Step – 3: In this step, type the name of the person whose friends list you want to reveal.

Method – 3: Graph Search

This method is also very effective if you want to reveal hidden friends list of someone. For example, if you are interested to see friends list of a famous then you must try this method. Facebook itself has provided a search feature called Graph Search.

If you want to know about some famous personalities and their friends then by using the Graph Search. This feature filters the people on the basis of your search words.

Method – 4: Make a new Profile

This trick is very simple. Like, whenever you create a new Facebook profile and send a request to someone then Facebook does show the recommended profiles to add next as People You May Know (these are the recommended profiles which always belongs to whom you have sent a friend request)

The trick is to create a new Facebook profile and send the targeted profile friend request and you will get their friends on the recommendation list.

Create a new Facebook profile and send a friend request to the targeted profile whose hidden friend list you want to reveal.

And if their profile is private and has privacy to accept the friend request from only Friends of Friends then you won’t be able to send the request.

But here is another trick, add that person from your original ID or you may already be friend with them.

Add the new profile to your original profile as a friend. Then the new profile would be able to send them a friend request, but the new profile will get the recommendation from both (Your original profile and victim’s profile), you can filter their friends by checking your friend list.


Why would someone hide their friend list on Facebook?

This is because, in a nutshell, they wish that others not see who they are associated with online. While some people hide their friend list due to some personal issues.

Who to hide friend list?

It is a good thing to protect your privacy as much as you can on the internet. I guess most of you might have lots of Facebook friends following that’s why privacy is a must.

  1. Go to Facebook home page. Now login to your Facebook profile.
  2. Click on your Profile Name. The profile name is in the top right side of your default FB page.
  3. Click the “Friends” tab below your profile name. Here, you can see the total number of your Facebook friend list.
  4. Tap on the pencil-like icon and click edit.
  5. By default, your friend list will be ‘Public’. Click on the dropdown menu and select ‘Only me’.

If you don’t want some selected persons to see your Facebook friend list then select ‘friends’. All your friends will be able to see your friend list but any outsider is not allowed to do so.

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Q1. Is it possible to reveal the hidden friend list of a Facebook user?

Yes, it is possible to reveal the hidden friend list of a Facebook user using various methods such as using third-party applications or inspecting the page source code.

Q2. Are there any risks associated with trying to reveal someone’s hidden friend list?

Yes, there are risks associated with trying to reveal someone’s hidden friend list, such as violating Facebook’s terms of service, potentially causing harm to the individual whose friend list is being viewed, and even legal consequences.

Q3. Can I reveal someone’s hidden friend list without their knowledge?

No, it is not possible to reveal someone’s hidden friend list without their knowledge as the person will be notified if their Facebook account is accessed from a different device or location.

Q4. What is the most effective method for revealing someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook?

There is no one most effective method for revealing someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook as each method has its own limitations and risks. It is best to avoid attempting to view someone’s hidden friend list altogether.

Q5. What should I do if someone tries to reveal my hidden friend list on Facebook?

If someone tries to reveal your hidden friend list on Facebook without your permission, you can report them to Facebook for violating the platform’s terms of service. You can also adjust your privacy settings to ensure your friend list remains hidden from prying eyes.

If you have any questions then mention them in the comments.


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