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How to Change Font Style of Text in Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the greatest social networks found on the internet these days, for a good reason. This popular photo-sharing service didn’t just try to recreate an experience offered by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Instead, Snapchat created an entirely new way of communication: time-limited photos and videos that automatically delete after being viewed. This idea spread like wildfire. Besides all these features, Snapchat is not a perfect application. For all its brilliance in features, Snapchat has a steeper learning curve than any social network on the market, even more so than Twitter. This app contains many flaws in it.

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Over the past half-decade, this app has become increasingly complex, adding dozens of new abilities while never quite explaining how to use them. Snapchat’s poor documentation of how to use the app to its fullest extent is a serious problem when it comes to gather new users that will continue to use this app. The new users do not have any idea about how to use the complex features of this app. The instructions provided within the app are not enough for the guidance of a person that is new to Sncalchat.

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One of the most basic aspects of Snapchat’s app is the ability to add text to a Snap, both within photos and videos. There are a ton of options for adding text inside of Snapchat, including size, color, position and much more. You can also add bitmoji stickers to your snap and various filters which enhance the beauty of your pictures. But Snapchat doesn’t offer to change the font style of the text. This app also provides many advanced features such as filters, lenses, writing something or incorporate texts so that you are able to make that snap more beautiful before sharing it on Snapchat together with your friends.

Change Font Style of Text in Snapchat

In Snapchat, the text written, could be formatted as Bold, Italic or subtract as per your preference. It is also possible to change the color of the texts, make it big or small in size or change the orientation of this text. Besides all these features, it lacks the ability to alter font style. You can add, remove, format and adjust the text but Snapchat users are not allowed to change the font style of the text. As Instagram provides its users with various fonts within it, just like that Snapchat user also demand to change the font style. So, in this article, I will tell you that how you can change the font style of your text in Snapchat.

Snapchat Font Download – Install a third-party keyboard

Snapchat doesn’t give accessibility for users to alter font style in its program. However, by using a third-party keyboard, users can get access to various font designs that can be used to add unique fonts to your snaps.

Method – 1

I will recommend FANCYKEY KEYBOARD – COOL FONTS to change the font style in your snaps.

Step – 1: Install “Fancykey Keyboard” from the playstore. It’s a third-party keyboard which supports writing in different font styles

Change Font Style of Text in Snapchat

Step – 2: After installing this app, open it. It will first tell you to power on the keyboard from the manage tab and then you have to make it as your default keyboard. After you have done this then close this app.

Note: It is necessary to make this app as your Default Keyboard so that you can write with this keyboard in Snapchat.

Step – 3: Open Snapchat, then click a snap with your phone camera. This Snapchat’s snap can be saved on the phone, send it to your friends or make a Snapchat story.

Step – 4: Select the Text button (‘T’ at the upper right corner). This button is usually used to write something on your snap. You can also change the color of this text by using Snapchat itself.

Step – 5: Select the Fonts option on your keyboard. You will be able to see this keyboard only when you set it as your default keyboard. After you touch the fonts option select any font from there.

Step – 6: You will be provided with several fonts. Choose any of them and then type whatever you want to get written on your snap. The text will be written in your chosen font style.

Method – 2

There is a second method too, through which you can change the font style. This method is much easier than the previous one as you don’t need to set this app as your default keyboard neither you have to follow lengthy steps. You can write the text in your desired font and then copy-paste it on your snap text. You can also use “Fancy Text Generator” to change the font style of the text in your snaps. Follow the steps below in order to perform this method.

I have used this keyboard too. It also allows you to write your text somewhere else and copy-paste it out to your Snapchat narrative.

Step – 1: First of all, you have to install “Fancy Text Generator” from the play store. It is also a third-party keyboard that allows you to change the font style of your text.

Change Font Style of Text in Snapchat

Step – 2: Download and install this keyboard. Open this app and select your preferred font style. You can also write your text somewhere else and copy-paste it to your Snapchat narrative.

You can use this method to change the “Font style” of the text in your snaps.

Final Words:

Snapchat is a well famous and best app for socializing. This app has many advanced features within it. You can write various texts on your snaps and can also adjust text size and colours. These features are good enough but Snapchat doesn’t allow its users to change the font style of the text written in the snaps. For this purpose, I have introduced and explained two methods that will help you throughout changing the font style of your text. I hope that you will find this text helpful. If you have any complaints or problems then do let me know in the comments section. I will try my best to help you.

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