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How to see hidden photos of someone on facebook?

Without any doubt, Facebook is the largest social media networking site ever created. There are almost 1.94 billion active users who upload 300 million photos per day and this number is increasing day by day.

Facebook also faces security and privacy issues each day. The developers are trying their best to fix them as soon as possible because privacy is the most important factor considered by Facebook.

There are thousands of privacy bugs om Facebook. Today, we are going to tell you another incredible method through which you can reveal someone’s hidden photos on Facebook.

Note: Once I say hidden photos, this means they are hidden to you but not to everyone, it also doesn’t mean that you can see someone’s private photos on Facebook.

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If you are not a friend with someone then you can’t see the photos in which they are tagged by their friends even if those photos are public.

Security experts and hackers found a serious issue in Facebook with the advancement in cyber technology.

How to reveal someone’s hidden photos on Facebook?

Revealing someone’s hidden photo means that “Seeing someone’s photos that are somewhere visible in the public but not visible to you”.

For example, your friend uploaded a group photo publically and tagged you into the photo which will be visible to you, your friend’s and everyone who checks your friend’s photo.

But if someone checks your timeline they will not be able to see that group photo as you have not shared it yet.

By any chance, if someone wants to see those photos in which you are tagged in, then they will have to check all of your friends photos which sounds too difficult and if your friend list is hidden then it seems impossible.

If you want to see hidden photos of someone on facebook then follow the steps below:

Method – 1

Step – 1: Go to the timeline of the person whose hidden photo you want to reveal.

The URL of the profile should be like:

Step – 2: Now you have to find the numeric Facebook ID of that user. You can search for various tips and tricks to find the numeric ID.

Step – 3: Do a graph search on Facebook like –

You just need to replace the facebook_id with the real numeric ID.

Hence, you can see the hidden photos of someone which are not visible to you.

Example of Graph Search of Facebook to see Hidden Photos

As an example, I am taking an example Profile to show you the process

Now I will find the Numeric ID of the above profile by checking the URL which contains ID.

Let’s suppose the Facebook ID for the above example is 100007619728087 (it is just an example)

To reveal the hidden photos you need to perform a graph search on Facebook like –

To see the hidden photos of the above example profile I have to make this URL look like this:

To reveal the private photos copy the URL and paste it in your browser and hit enter.

From here you will be able to see the hidden photos.

If you check the revealed photos then you will come to know that these photos are public where the targeted user is tagged.

This graph search will list all the photos in one place. It does not matter if they are hidden or shared with you, you can simply scroll down and view the pictures on Facebook.

Method – 2

This method is nothing new in fact it is a Google Chrome extension that automates the process I have mentioned above and you just need to click on a button to start the procedure.

Step – 1: Download PictureMate Chrome extension to your Google Chrome.

Step – 2: Now go to the target user’s timeline and click on the PictureMate icon at the right top corner of the Google Chrome.

It will find the numeric ID and will perform the graph search for you.

This extension is easy and simple to use but it will show you many redirect ads that are quite annoying. Therefore, I recommend you to go with the first method.

Important Note: A recent update is launched by Facebook. This new update has limited the graph search since this tool is being used by online investigators to gather evidence of cyberbullying, war crime and human trafficking.

As if now this graph search to see all the photos of any user is not working accurately.

Method – 3: View Private Profile Pictures on Facebook

In this method, you have to change the URL structure of the locked image to see private Facebook photos.

Step – 1: Login to your Facebook account.

Step – 2: Go to the account or timeline of the target user whose profile photo you want to see. (This is done in the case when the other user has set its privacy settings to “Only Me”

Step – 3: Right-click on the hidden photo and copy the URL.

Step – 4: After you have copied the URL of the desired image, paste it into any text editor.

Step – 5: Now edit URL of the image by removing the part that starts from “/hprofile-ak” till 160×160.

Step – 6: Now copy the edited URL from the text editor and paste it into the address bar. Now you will get access to the full enlarged profile picture.

Final Words

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks with a huge population which is become high and high with the passage of time. The most important factor that matters is the privacy protection of a user.

Many people inquire about how to get access to hidden images on someone’s Facebook profile or timeline. In this article, I have mentioned some methods through which you can get access to hidden images (which are hidden for you only). There is a step by step guide in each method so that you won’t get confused. Follow the guide and get access to the hidden images that are not showable to you. If you have any problem then mention it in the comments section, I will try my best to provide you a good solution as soon as possible.

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Q1. Is it possible to see hidden photos of someone on Facebook?

A1. No, it’s not possible to see hidden photos of someone on Facebook unless they have made those photos visible to you or the public.

Q2. Can I use a Facebook profile viewer tool to see hidden photos?

A2. No, Facebook profile viewer tools are scams and do not work. Do not trust any website or software that claims to be able to reveal hidden Facebook photos.

Q3. Can I request access to someone’s hidden photos on Facebook?

A3. No, you cannot request access to someone’s hidden photos on Facebook. Each user has control over their privacy settings and decides who can see their photos.

Q4. Can I see someone’s hidden photos if they are tagged in them?

A4. No, if someone has hidden a photo on Facebook, it will not be visible even if they are tagged in it.

Q5. Is it ethical to try to see someone’s hidden photos on Facebook without their permission?

A5. No, it is not ethical to try to see someone’s hidden photos on Facebook without their permission. Everyone has a right to privacy, and trying to access someone’s private photos without their consent is a violation of that right.

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