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Top 10 Best Renting Apps


When you visit a new place or you are shifting from a city to another, or you just want to change your current location for getting resources, you look for houses or hotels to stay in by paying rent. Sometimes it is difficult to roam in an area or to ask people from where can you find a place on rent and get yourself a flat, room, or a house on rent. In that situation, there is a solution for you. You can use the online renting apps from where you can details about all the renting places and buildings around you in your area so that you can get the details about them and get going with your process.

Best Renting Apps

In this discussion, we will discuss the best renting apps that you can use to find a hotel, room, or houses available for rent around you so that you can make a booking or contact the owner privately.

Zillow Rentals

Zillow is a great app that Is very popular among people for renting homes from where you can search for more than hundreds and thousands of apartments or homes or such places for rents. Zillow is a great app with all the features to check and search for the rental places with their proper details besides them. There is a great feature of a rent affordability calculator that lets you filter and calculate the amount of rent that fits the best in your budget.

The good thing with this application is it information on 400,000 rental properties across the U.S., and in this app, you can customize your search that is based on specific requirements or features that you are looking for in a rental place. You can check for the garage parking options, or laundry area, or the lawn included and other such options. You can save these searches that you make on the app in order to reload those pages that you visited previously to look for a rent house. You can use the map and draw a circle with your finger to select a certain area to look for the places for rent in that area specifically. You can see all the available rental places in that area, and you can check them one by one and see which one fits the best for your choice, and then you can make a go for it.

Trulia Rentals

Another great app for searching for renting apartments is Trulia, which is in the market for a very long time. This company was owned by Zillow in 2005. Then, later on, it created partnerships with different sources to allow the website to gather more and more info related to crimes, school districts, etc. Now the Trulia Rentals app has grown so much that is created for both Apple and Android phones that helps streamline the inquiries about the rental places with its one-click feature, that directs you to contact the property manager, without having any problems to fill an inquiry form for each apartment that is in the interest and lets you with a phone number.

Some popular places in which you can look for rental spots are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston, and San Jose. Trulia searches and provides the best suitable of local context in an easy-to-use place that is suitable for the person.


Zumper is a huge rental library app that knows the local rental markets around you pretty well. When you search for anything from this app, you get all the details about properties and their description with history and the current weather conditions in that area and the local culture that is being followed there. You can add up your required criteria in the app and then the app can let you know after you turn on the alerts, it notifies you when certain requirements are met, and the app finds you a suitable rental app for your requirement. The good thing about this application is that it is available for Apple and Android phones, and it has an inventory with more than 1 million listings to which you can access and see the specific details that are your requirement. You can set up alerts to be notified about the new listings as well.

Zumper also provides you credit reports so that you can submit any rental application to a landlord through this secure app. This app is really useful in major markets such as New York or Chicago, where renters can take advantage of features available to the users such as booking the tours, making an offer on a rental, or prequalifying for an apartment. Some of the most popular cities that this app support to search for rental places in New York, L.A., Chicago, Houston, and also Dallas. The Zumper app makes it easy to rent an apartment just as booking a hotel by allowing the renters to get enlisted first as a prequalified member and depositing some advance payment for that.

This app has an instant apply feature that lets you connect to the landlord, who will review your application for your designated properties. You can filter the listings with different options such as you can choose the number of bedrooms, pet policy, or the price ranges and other options. You can choose the alerts to set them on, which will notify you whenever there is a new listing of any rental property that fits the best for your required criteria and then you can connect to that through the app and get your chance to get it before someone else gets it first.


HotPads is another great feature app for Apple and Android phones that is best known for its apartment listings within the major cities. Some unique features of this app are that its inventory displays the neighborhood or details of a selected area throughout the country, and you can also see the schools or hospitals and your walking distance from that place so that you get the idea of that place before you can make your booking. There is an option of Hot listings where you can see the places seen by most of the app users already. HotPads names the major cities in the listing, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Diego, and Philadelphia, among its top listings. The application will also share how many times the selected listing has been viewed by the users and how many times that property has been contacted.

You cannot just only book your rentals but also post your available rental place to find a roommate to share it together by using the app. You are allowed to read and review the comments or feedback by the neighbors and users about the history and highlights about that particular area.


RadPad is also another best renting app that is available for both Apple and Android phones that provides a list of available apartments nationwide. The RadPad users can pay their rent through the app by using their debit or credit card without any charges, and then it sends the payment directly to the landlord. Some of the major cities supported by this app are Dallas, Chicago, L.A, Miami, New York City, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Washington, D.C. RadPad is a Photo-based app that lets you see the apartments or rooms available for rents along with their pictures and rent and other specific details. The person who is uploading the ad can add up to 3 pictures and can also post a small virtual tour about that place.

The good thing about RadPad is that it also offers the people to pay their rents online, even if their landlord doesn’t use this app. The payments can be transferred by using debit or credit cards, and you can also easily split the rent with the people who are renting with you together as a roommate. There are other facilities from this app, such you can connect your RadPad app with your Facebook account, and then it will sync and show you which of your friends are using this app to look for a new place to live in. Using this app can save you a lot of time and tiredness, and you can search for apartments to rent without having much of a problem for you.


You know that shifting from one place to another is not that easy when you don’t know about the area or whereabouts about that place. And relocating yourself can be a bit of a problem when you really don’t know where you will find a place to rent to live in. You can use Rent.com that comes very helpful to those who want to save their money through a special feature that is called the Moving Center. The good thing about using this website app is it will help you to enter the size and location of your home and also the info about the city where you are headed, and then it will provide you help by telling you how much you will be spending.

Rent.com’s app works on both Apple and Android phones, and it allows you to find available places with visit times and lets you take a peek on the apartments which you are interested in. You can make a keen observation with specific listings based on the reviews by the people so that you can be more precise about where you should check for residence.


Apartments.com’s app is also available on both Apple and Android platforms that provide real-time availability. It uses a map through the app with details of the apartments and the rooms available, along with their fees that could be expected. It does provide 3d tours from where you can have the idea about the apartments before you can physically visit and check the apartments.

Realtor.com Rentals

The rental app supports both of the platforms, i.e., Apple and Android. It allows the user to browse using a map or a photo and gives the driving directions to that apartment location so that you can check it out. The app also alerts you when it detects an apartment of your required criteria. You can use it with a single click, and then you can talk to the leasing agent about the other details.

Realtor.com is the app that is best for you to start your hunt for the apartments, because the interface is really great and user friendly, and you can personalize a lot of things according to your choice and select prioritized features. It also gives you the info about the neighborhood in which you are searching for an apartment and lists all the details of pricing and other options. There is also a map that shows you all the restaurants, grocery stores, and other entertainment options, stores, or facilities that will be available near you.


In this discussion, we discussed the best-renting apps for a user to search for an apartment, room, or home. Each of these applications has its own features and facilities to help the user easily find its suitable required place to rent for.

We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these apps that they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Is Zillow a good app for rentals?

Zillow is a good app for rentals; however, with recent changes about the listing rights in the industry, the problem is that not all listings are syndicated to those sites.

Are Zillow and Trulia the same?

Both of these sites are real estate databases, and they provide for-sale apartments and rental listings to the general public and also connect people with real estate agents, and they share some of the key characteristics. Both have formed up the same company, Zillow bought Trulia.


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