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Top 10 Best Chat Room Apps


The people who love getting social and a lot of interactions with others are always looking for some new chat room apps that are popular and have good functionalities to provide them the need that they require. It lets them connect with new people and keep their privacy as well. Such apps let two strangers interact with each and other, and they get to know others much better. And with time they get better friends and also can get facilitated by each other.

Best Chat Room Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best chat rooms that are available today in the app store that you can download and use for yourself to interact with all the people around the world.

Palringo Group Messanger

Palringo is a popular group messenger app for the gamer community that is like a chat room where you are allowed to discuss anything about the game, you can also participate in the public opinions, and even you can have a chat with your friends in private. There is a great group functionality option, from where you can add your friends, and then you can play a wide range of games with them while you are having a group conversation during that session. It is an app that lets you search and join the dedicated communities that are created by users specifically for any kind of discussion of different games.

This app lets you play games while you are having a group chat, and it also lets you send multimedia messages such as MMS or pictures or any audio recordings. You can also create a group chat of your own, but you may also feel some issues or problems with your connection. It may let you experience some connection errors or a lack of customer support. But it does provide you a lot of good things to look on.


Twitch is an app that is created for video game enthusiasts to meet, chat, and gamers competing against each other. Twitch is owned by Amazon that is a video platform, and it has expanded into other categories. It was introduced in June 2011 as a subsidiary of Amazon. You can chat with millions of fans and users around the world. Its community has expanded allot, and it has over two million streamers each month who stream their videos just about on any topic.

Twitch offers a very great experience, enabling the user to chat via an easy-to-use chat interface with other viewers. It’s a great place to watch the professionals honing their skills. Twitch is a free source that has chat rooms for you to use and also the global chats from where you can stay in touch with your fans worldwide. Twitch is a platform that is available online as well as on mobile devices, and you can download and use it for your personal chat rooms.

Rawr Messenger

Rawr Messenger is an app that allows you to chat through a 3D character or an avatar on your mobile device. You can download and open this app, and it will let you customize or create an avatar of your own, and there are plenty of options to modify your character. You can customize everything from body shape to facial features like eye color to shoes, and then you can start chatting. The good thing is that you can also connect with your friends on Facebook, or you can invite your friends directly, but you can also have the opportunity to chat with new friends. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you need to click on the message icon on the right of the screen, then click on the Globetrotter. Now your avatar will appear on the screen, and you become available for the people, they will enter the chat room, and you can chat with them.

There are 3d different scenes for the background that includes a beach, a cafe, or night club. You can also enter a hashtag and the environment of your choice if you want to change it, for example, #cafe. It is a free app, but you can make in-app purchases such as “mall,” which will allow you to customize your avatar with more options.


Camfrog is a widely used video chat room based community that has become very popular where you can have video chats with millions of users on the app who are active from all around the world. The good thing about this app is its compatibility with all the platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, and also on PC, which makes It more universal and easy for everyone to approach. You can also search and browse through thousands of chat rooms on the app that are created by the people worldwide. You are free to join any chat room, there are no restrictions, and you can have a video chat with those participants in the room.

It has great features like Cross-platform and compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, and PC, and it has a Room browser where you can search and browse through active chat rooms. You can also have a live group video chat with random people or other active members of the chat room. You also have the ability to add friends to your contact list. But there may be some problems such as the recent update changed the user interface making it hard to use and to access some features you will require to have a pro version.

The Link

The Link is a chat room app that is designed and created to help you to connect with the people and create chat rooms within your city or your country. You can browse and search for chat rooms through this app based on their categories and your categories of interest, and it does count your geographical location. And when you find a relevant or interesting chat room, you can request for it to join in. But you need to keep in mind that the app is not only limited to chat rooms and groups. Here you are allowed to connect with people in private so that you can start a private conversation with them. Using these chat rooms, you are allowed to express your emotions or condition using media options such as photos, audio, and videos

To shrink the details in one place, you can join chat rooms and connect with people based on your location and your interest, and you can share mutual interests. You are also allowed to share pictures, videos, and audio files using chat rooms. But the issues that you may feel are that this app has been outdated for a long time, so you may encounter some issues. And not to forget some chat rooms and communities are poorly managed.


ICQ was launched in 1996, and it is one of the earliest chat platforms by AOL, and it became really famous for group chats in the past and old days. And now, in the current era, this platform still gets into the list of best popular chat room place to make new friends and connect with people and hosts free chat rooms that cover some common interests such as location, language, and fun pop trends.

It gives you chat rooms that are a fun way to meet new people all around the world. And you can connect and get social with the people online, but you should be careful to use chat rooms with care, and you should also be very careful in sharing personal information of yours or your exact location with any person in the chat room or via the mobile app. Keep yourself safe from everything in such chat rooms and apps.

Badoo is a platform that makes you get social and interact with people around the world. You can also use this app for dating purposes. It is available on the internet, and you can get it downloaded on your mobile devices. Badoo is specifically a dating app, but you do have the option to specify and explain why you are using this app or what you are here for. You can add options like making new friends, or just for chatting or dating. It has a “nearby” feature, which enables a user to find new friends in his area or geographic location that he inserted.

It is a free app, but you can make the in-app purchases such as “Superpowers,” which can be purchased for credits in the app that you have to buy from your account. It will allow you to gain additional friends and exposure to new people.

Band Group And Communities

It is a chat room app in which you can even join chat rooms, or forums, and the local communities that are based on your location so that you easily can get in touch with locals around you or around in your country. You can choose a location and set it as your location and then find nearby groups and communities or the chat rooms.

With this app, there are thousands of chat rooms that you can join, including rooms for games, food, travel and leisure, fitness, or any sports. This is easy to use the app for the management of a private community or group of people to stay in touch with each other. The good thing about this app is its ability to share files or the calendar events, and it lets you create a poll, or share photo albums, and chat with members. And the groups that are created can be accessed from the smartphone or even a computer with an Internet connection.


Viber is a popular communication that gained attention worldwide due to its built-in messenger app that also allows you to stay in touch with your friends and contacts via video calls, audio calls, and messaging. Viber also allows you to participate in public chats or chat rooms actively. You can search and find chat rooms with the topic of your interest from around the world. And you can also share and exchange your views with the community in that chat.

Using this app, you can find trending topics using the Discover chat feature. And you can share, exchange, and learn a lot about other people’s opinions on relevant topics of your interest using these Public Chat rooms.


In this discussion, we talked about the best chat room apps that are available to you for your interest and ease. You can use these apps and their great features to get your desired demand fulfilled, or you can join in just for chatting with random people online. These apps let people connect with new people and keep their privacy as well. Such apps let two strangers interact with each and other, and they get to know others much better. And with time they get better friends and also can get facilitated from each other.

All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


1. What are the world’s most-used apps?

The world’s most-used apps from the year 2019, according to the statistics, are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. Collectively, these apps are downloaded by 16 billion people around the world to be used with WhatsApp holding the top spot.

2. How can you talk to girls online?

In order to talk to girls online, you can start by adding a profile picture of yours with the best of the shot. So you can leave a good first impression, and then you can leave a message to her about how she is or just a hello, then try to get into the conversation and keep her talking with the flow.

3. Who owns the TikTok?

Tiktok app is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, and it has more than 1.5 billion all-time downloads.


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