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Top 10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps


As a social person, you like to interact with people, and you are always looking for certain apps through which you can connect with other people all around the world. And sometimes, you just want to stay anonymous while you are chatting with anyone, and for that purpose, you need such an app that hides your identity and keeps you hidden and secure from the people without knowing who you are.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best anonymous chats that you can use to chat with people online anonymously.


PSST is a chatting app that allows you to chat anonymously, and it does also allow you to chat privately as well. The good thing about using this app is it doesn’t keep any chat logs, so you don’t have to worry about your chats, and your user id and other personal info are also gone when you leave the app. This app comes for the best use for the people who want to stay away from their relatives or people who they know will interfere with them in any sense. So it keeps you safe and private in this way.

Psst helps the people to chat anonymously to each other without knowing each other or telling each other who they are and where they are from or any such clear data. You can easily talk anonymously with strangers. With such a platform, you can easily express your thoughts with anyone without having to worry about getting into any kind of trouble.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a great chatting app that directly contacts you with the people you have common interests with. And even if it doesn’t get you similarly interested people, you can select a random person to chat and talk about anything at all. If you both get in a good understanding and feel like you can trust each other, then you both can move into a private channel. These private channels allow you to get closer to one another, and you can then continue chatting.

You feel really easy using this app because of its simple and easy interface, and it is very convenient for its users. You wont be worried anymore about getting left alone because there are plenty of users on this platform, so you can get to know someone easily from here by chatting anonymously.

If you have mutual interests, then it is possible that you can have a quick conversation with anyone, but if you don’t have mutual interests with anyone, then the conversation is not gonna happen. If you both can start a good conversation like you can trust each other, then you both can move into a private channel to talk to. It is a simple app where you can also join other discussions and do the same.


Omegle was launched in 2008, and it is considered to be one of the most popular apps for anonymous chatting with people around the world. You get a really friendly interface in this app and good functionalities for the users to chat with strangers anywhere in the world.

You can create your profile where you can add your interests and keep all the other info as secret or anonymous so that others may not see anything else is in your bio other than your interests only. The friendly user interface lets you chat with anyone in the world very easily.

To chat with someone with same interests, you have to shake your device to start a search of Omegle users with similar interests and also lets you contact them. The good feature is also that you can do the video calls with strangers anonymously without any of your data being shared with the person.

It is just like another app to chat with people or strangers unlimitedly like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But in order to use this app, first, you need to create a free account with an email id and a password, and then you can use this app. So a user never gets tired of using such an app that even allows you to audio call or video call to any stranger anonymously.


Nimbuzz is an instant messenger that can be used to chat with people that you know, and can also be used to anonymous chat with the people that you don’t know. This app is very similar to Omegle like it also shares common mutual interests of two people and suggests them to talk to each other along with video chat calling option. It is a new app, so it may not be popular as the other apps, but it has all the set of tools and features to compete with those apps.

It can be connected with social media apps such as Facebook, etc., and from there, you can search your contacts and friendlist as well. It’s your choice to talk to people anonymously or in private.


This is a famous chat app for chatting with strangers. It is a great application developed by some skilled developers that gave it a good interface and a user-friendly dashboard to use that lets you choose to have any discussions or debates on any relevant topics. There are groups created in this app for chatting, but the individuals have anonymous identities to share their reviews or remarks about something, or they can do the discussion related to the interest of the group.

With this app, you are allowed to share any news, pictures, videos, and such media, or you can start a debate just with a simple one click. If you want to have a healthy conversation with strangers, then it is strongly recommended that you should use this app that is created by Reddit Organization, and it is a reliable source of anonymous communication with any person in the world.

Meet Me

This anonymous chat app is a dating application that can be used by singles to search and meet with people around the world online. It is a great successful app from its website, and you can use it to search for your partner. This app is available easily on Google store, and you can get it for your handheld device. It is available both for the Android and iOS users. You need to get registered on this app, and after getting registered with the app, you can browse the people with whom you want to start your conversation.

Once your conversation gets started, you can ask them out for a date or any visit outside in order to get to know each other better. It is a successful app with ratings going upwards day by day due to satisfied users from all over the world.


WeChat is the best anonymous chat app out there that has been available for a long time and, it has millions of users from all over the world, and it allows chatting, video calls, and more. There is also a shake function that users usually love very much.

But before using this app or any such app, you need to keep in mind that you don’t give away too much information, and don’t agree to meet someone so early and quickly, and don’t share the pictures that you may not wish that your family see.


This is another powerful app that has recently gained attention in the past few years for those people who need to chat anonymously by using their phones. With more number of users, day by day on this app means getting in contact with someone or to chat is a lot easier through this app. However, there is a great specialty of this app as compared to some of the other chat platforms is that the Whisper doesn’t tolerate sex-related and explicit adult contents. It only lets the users engage in meaningful conversations, where you can explain your feelings and ideas with anyone, such as total strangers using this app and relax your mind. You can do all of this without revealing your identity, and you don’t have to worry about your privacy. And it lets you search and find the people with mutual or common interests that you have with them, or it can search people by their location.

It is a great app like other famous social media chat apps, but the main focus of this chatting app revolves around providing the concept of privacy to its users. This is the reason that most of the people have started using this app to do private chats or conversations and such other things. You just have to input your data to get registered, and then all of your data is kept anonymous to all the other users, and you can have your ways to talk to any strangers or your friends anonymously.


This is a dating app like Tinder in which there are many profiles that you can go through and click on any one that you think you like and would like to talk to anonymously. You can use it for dating by getting to know each other and start a conversation with the other person. You can use the swipe features to easily start a conversation with any person whose profile you are visiting anonymously without letting them know.

For some users, it may feel like a strange app with a new interface and some different functions and methods to use, but it is good for the ones who are out there looking for a date. So it is a good choice for most of the people looking for an anonymous chat app.

Dark Chat

Dark Chat is another best app suggestion for you because it lets you connect with random individuals on the internet, and you can chat with them. This option comes with a special feature that is “light a candle.” This app is free to download, and anyone can use it. And if you are interested in getting some info about a user, then you use the “light a candle” option. If you and the other members want to “light a candle” with you too, then you will be able to see their personal info. After lighting the candle, their info is revealed.

With this app, you can also share some posts that will let you earn more candles to light, and hence you will be able to share more and more posts and connect with more people. You can even generate memes through this application and then share them. But you need to know that you cant get it downloaded from playstore now; you can only get it from APK or any other third party resource in order to use it.


In this discussion, we discussed the best anonymous chat apps from the internet that a person and download and use. Most of these apps have their own unique style, and interface and the users may have different choices in selecting any of these apps to be used for their purposes. We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed the specific features of all these apps that they provide to the users for entertainment purposes. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Can an anonymous texting app be traced?

There are apps such as OneOne that is a new app for Android and iOS that offers a “private and untraceable” text messaging service. It is designed to make your chats untraceable.

How do you know if someone is texting from a fake number?

Textfree is a mobile application that you can use to do easily unlimited text messages and free calls to friends or family members. With this app, you can identify who is currently texting you or calling you.


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