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Top 10 Best Sleep Apps


There are many benefits when a person sleeps on time to keep his mind and body fresh and active. But there are a number of people who are not getting sleep at night on a regular basis due to many reasons.

List of Best Sleep Apps

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best sleep apps that you can find for yourself to help you sleep at night and maximize your winks and then send you into a good deep sleep.

Some of the best sleep apps are as under.


Headspace is a great meditation app that relaxes your mind and lets you forget about all the worries, and it is also great for sleep. If you download the free version of this app, it has Sleepcasts, which are about 45-55 minutes of audio experience with a bedtime story or narration that helps you to visualize some of the calming experiences, like a slow drive or a walk through a dune. You get newly updated stories every night so that you do not get bored from the app.

And if in case you want to get the premium version with full benefits, you can more than that. Like you may get 40 different themed meditation courses that can help you rest and sleep and a lot of sleep casts and music options to choose from them. It is a free app, but you can get it for full access on a yearly basis for $95.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is a good sleep app that is designed to help you to get relief from insomnia, and you can sleep very easily and comfortably in your bed. If you are having a problem while sleeping at night, then you can use this app to help yourself relax, go to sleep. You can download it from the Google play store. With this app, you can select some relaxing audio and sounds, add a touch of nature, or combine it with a melody. It lets you feel a choice of mindfulness relaxing meditations can that can lure you soundly to sleep.

In addition to this, you can create your own mixes; melodies are shared by the Relax Melodies community, which can be accessed easily to discover new sound combinations. To improve your relaxing and soothing experience, you can integrate your favorite songs from the library to the sound layers to create your tune.


Recolor is an app that provides you more than 1,000 images that are colorful, and they help you to relax, rest your mind, and also send you into a meditative state. The good thing is that you are connected to the internet, so you get new pictures every day that makes you focus on them and make you feel sleepy after some time. The library of this app is organized by theme with categories from animals, pictures of any food, and patterns, sports, pop arts, scenery, or sea life.

After you select an image, then the app automatically offers a color palette with a lot of shades and contrast mixtures to complete the artwork. This way, it helps you channel your anxiety into spending time in making a satisfying and creative output to relieve the stress from your life, and then you can sleep peacefully.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that can analyze your sleep pattern after tracking it. You can set to choose your times such as wake up time or sleep time in the app and then the app will gently stir you from your slumber when you are at your lightest phase of sleep to ensure that when you wake up, you are feeling rested, refreshed, and also ready for the next day. The app uses a microphone from your phone so that it can pick the movements when you sleep using its vibration and sound analysis tool, and then it analyzes that data to check if you are in deep sleep or light sleep or if you are in your dreams just with random eye movements.

The application analyzes the data to check if you are in light sleep, deep sleep, or a dream state is known as random eye movement (REM) sleep, and it pinpoints the optimal time to wake you up within a 30-minute window that you set. There is also a statistics dashboard that displays graphs and analysis of your sleep phases, and the other is Trends dashboard that details your sleep quality percentage and sleeps and wakes up times, and it can even detect, track, and measure the snoring sound as well. Monitoring sleep with Sleep Cycle is easy and hassle-free.

Relax and Sleep Well – Hypnosis & Meditation

It is an app that may not work for everyone, but hypnosis has been used to treat a variety of issues, such as relieving pain, fighting alcoholism, and smoking. Hypnosis can also be used to treat insomnia; some people treat themselves with that. This hypnosis app is used to help you get into a state of relaxation.

Relax and Sleep Well is a sleep app that can help you get a good deep sleep if you have insomnia or such other sleeping problem. The app combines its voice-led hypnosis and relaxing sounds from its library to lure you into the sleep.

Pzizz Sleep

Pzizz is a good sleep app that combines different features such as music, sound effects, and beats to make a person’s mind relax and ease him into the sleep. Pzizz is a great app that generates a different soundtrack every time you are using it. The sounds are similar, but the tone is changed a bit enough that your mind gets to relax, and you feel sleepy. This repetition helps you get to relax and good sound sleep. You can also set a timer for a sleep session, so it keeps on playing a soothing music tone that is a combo of music, voiceovers, and some sound effects while you go into the rest mode and snooze; then after the time is completed, you can wake up with its set up alarm.

But keep in your mind that in order to get access to the full features of this app, you will need to upgrade it to choose different sounds. You can get this app for seven days as a free trial. The free trial lasts only a week, and then you are charged $9.99 per month and $69.99 per year.

Sleep Time

Sleep Time is an app that has a state-of-the-art algorithm that can analyze sleep. It provides a comprehensive insight into your sleep pattern. It can monitor your movements when you turn it on, and it stays active all night and generates customized data of your sleep cycles. It makes some easy-to-read graphs and charts. You can also set up Sleep Time’s smart alarm after it learns your sleep patterns to wake you up during the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase when you are sleeping.

Your body and mind take an hour to fully awaken, which makes you feel exhausted and drained from your health. So this app adds some soundscapes like gentle waves and raindrop sounds or forest storms that generate a relaxing tune in your ears and stimulate your brain with the natural environment to enhance your ability to get to good sleep quickly. The dashboard of Sleep Time gives you a report of your progress and sleep activity and other Insights so that you can find the patterns about the variables that are affecting your sleep.


Pillow is another best sleep tracking app that has an analysis alarm clock that monitors your activity at night. The design is clean, and beautiful with an easy to use interface. The algorithm used in the Pillow app uses motion detection and sound pattern to create a complete picture of your sleeping session. There is a comprehensive sleep stage graph or a diagram that plots the times in which you are awake and when you were in deep phases of sleep, as well as it also provides sleep session statistics. Pillow is integrated with Apple’s Health app that helps you to get more knowledge of your sleep using health and fitness metrics that include weight, blood pressure, and your heart rate, and caffeine or alcohol consumption to measure or monitor how these measures will affect your sleep quality.


Slumber is a sleep app that offers combinations of experiences in order to get you to sleep. It may consist of meditation procedure, or a six-part bedtime story, or the sound of something soothing and mesmerizing. You can also choose background noise by your own choice and set it to play for up to 10 hours after the track ends.

With its updates, some of the new sleep stories that will lure you into sleep and meditations are added on a weekly basis, and you can listen to all of them all if you decide to upgrade it to the premium version. It is free app with limited features, but for 10+ episodes, you get to pay $40 per year for full access.


The calm app is also a sleep app that is very easy to use, and it has a collection of sleep stories such as bedtime stories to put a person in a relaxing sleep. It narrates or reads it aloud for the listener in any of the famous celebrities voice that makes a person more interested in the story and let him relax his mind. But the thing with this app is, you only get a few stories for free, and you can get a lot of stories or a whole library full of stories after subscription. It is free with some features, and it charges $70 per year for full access.

Sleep Score

SleepScore is a good sleep app that is slightly different from the other apps that use a different approach to record your sleeping pattern. It doesn’t need any extra gadgets or wearables to record anything from your sleeping pattern. Instead, it has a sonar station like a system that uses your microphone and speakers to record your sleep movements or to snore, etc. it has many features to benefit you with, such as counting the sleep score and variety of other metrics to analyze your sleep quality.

The Premium subscribers of this app can get access to a longer period of data tracking and more of the analysis. And it will also add a sleep report that you can show to your doctor. The free app has limited features, but the premium subscription gets you a lot of benefits at the cost of $5.99 per month.

Headspace Premium

Headspace Premium is the best relaxation app for people who have problems and stress in their life, and they can’t sleep properly. It has guided meditation and a dedicated sleeping aids section, from where you can get some soothing guided meditation. And it gives you some wind-down exercises that will let your mind get prepared for some rest. And relaxing music runs in the background that leads you to good sleep. That’s all on top of Headspace’s rich library of free and premium guided meditations.

The premium subscribers of the headspace pay $12.99 per month, getting them access to the full library with more than 40 different courses and shorter meditations.


In this discussion, we discussed the best sleep apps that you can find for yourself. Most of these apps have common features that are very friendly and helpful to users. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.


Does the sleep app really work?

Experts say that these apps track your sleeping patterns and may be worth trying to make you more aware of your sleep, and they may help you to sleep better.


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