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Writing checks and posting them for hospital bills is a tedious task. You have to write the correct details, enclose them in an envelope, put down a postal stamp, and go to the post office. That’s how you do medical billings in the old way. Another conventional option is waiting in the line at the hospital counter.

Both methods take a great amount of time, which you can save by opting a digital portal. You must be wondering how? Yes! You can pay hospital bills online.

One of the secure and reliable online payment portals is You can choose this portal for all medical expenses and bills.

What is

It is a service devised for both hospitals and patients. Any patient can log in to the website, enter the statement, and pay bills.

Peryourhealth takes payments from the patients according to the bill and hands over the payment to the health care provider.

This service eliminates the time problem for both hospitals and patients. It clears the bill instantly right after the payment procedure.

Medical billing has never been easy in the past, but now, with, all process is online.

Login and Register login

Bill payment to a health care provider becomes super-fats with this online portal. You only need a statement from the hospital, and it has all the details for the payment process. Here is the complete process in layman words.

  • Open the web browser.
  • Type in in the address bar.
  • Take the statement of the health care provider.
  • Find out registered user ID and account number from the statement.
  • If the statement has none, then contact the hospital for the proper statement.
  • Go to the main page of the website.
  • Type in the registered user ID in the box.
  • Type in the account number.
  • Then hit the submit button.
  • You will be directed to a page with all your billing details.
  • Cross-examine the details for removing the errors.
  • If your details are correct, then proceed to the payment page.
  • At the payment page, you will have various options like Visa Card, Master Card, Discover Card, Personal Checks, and Money Orders.
  • Put in the details of your payment option.
  • Double check the amount of payment.
  • After verification hit the payment button.
  • In an instant, your bill will be cleared.
  • Save the receipt of payment.
  • Print the receipt for the record.

Advantages of using

This payment portal carries certain advantages over other digital options. Here is the detail.

  • Your payment is credited to hospital in a matter of seconds. You do not need to worry about late submission fines.
  • You do not need to go to the hospital and wait in the line for clearing your bill.
  • You have the simple, secure, and reliable option for paying medical bills.
  • You do not have to pay extra for this option. Your bill will never include service charges or hidden fees.
  • You can print the payment receipt for legal use.
  • You can check your payment history and current status of your medical bills.
  • You can download an electronic statement for legal use.
  • You can add details to your account.
  • You can pay recurring bills through this service.
  • Your payment never lose its track in the system.
  • You can pay for multiple patients through a single account.
  • Your information is safe, and the company never leaks out your details to any third party.
  • This service is recognizable to health insurance companies.

The refund policy of

You can ask for a refund if your payment exceeds the charges in some cases. This online portal refunds all extra payments. Sometimes the hospital asks for the advance balance due to the sensitive nature of health care procedure. These advance payments are subject to the use of procedures. In case of non-use of the procedure, you can claim the refund. You have to follow these steps.

  • Get the statement from the hospital.
  • Contact the portal through the official website.
  • Claim the refund with the proper statement.
  • You will be refunded in the minimum time possible.

Customer support for

This online portal offers 24/7 customer support. If you have any query, question, or problem, then you can call them or e-mail them.

Their official customer support number is 1-888-702-4073. They have a team of professionals. Your problem will be solved under 24 hours.

General problems faced by customers are an incorrect user ID, slow loading of the website, and wrong details on the statement. Most of the problems happen due to human error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many options are available for payment?

Ans: you have more than four options available. You can use Visa Card, Master Card, Discover Card, Personal Checks, and Money Orders.

Q2: How much time the payment process takes?

Ans: All the time will be consumed, filling in the details.

Q3: Why the website does not accept my User ID?

Ans: It happens due to human error. You need to contact the hospital for correct details.

Q4: Can I use electronic statement for legal use?

Ans: Yes, you can use the electronic statement for legal use.

Q5: Is my details safe with the service?

Ans: Yes, you can trust the service. This company never leaks out the customer data to third parties.

Q6: How much I have to pay for the service?

Ans: This service is free for patients. The company charges the hospitals; not the customers.

Q7: How many payments can I make in a month?

Ans: You can make an unlimited amount of payments in a month.

Q8: How much time it takes for a refund?

Ans: The refund is subject to confirmation from the hospital, which takes two or three weeks.

Q9: Can I use electronic statements legally?

Ans: Yes, the electronic statement is valid in court, insurance companies, and banks.

Q10: Can I have the mail support?

Ans: Yes, the company sends a statement by mail and e-mail.

Q11: Do the company hold the payment for some time?

Ans: The company never holds the payment as an escrow. It pays the hospital instantly through an electronic transaction system.

Q12: Can I pay for two bills with a single ID?

Ans: No, you have to pay the bills with the designated ID.


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