10 Useful CMD Commands of The Year

We post many articles related to windows, youtube, and other different errors. But, this article is too much different. In this article, I am discussing the 10 best and useful cmd commands which you must learn. The commands that i am telling you are very useful and these commands work in every version of windows including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, WindowsXP, vista and many other versions. So, we can not share only cmd commands but will elaborate each of them. So please read the article till the end and get ready to learn about cmd commands.

What is a cmd command?

A cmd or cmd.exe is also called command prompt is the command-line interpreter in the (Os/2, ecomstation, Windows Nt or Ce),( ReactOS Operating Systems) it is the counterpart of command.com in Dos and windows 9x systems and analogous on UNIX shells used on UNIX like systems. The initial version of cmd.exe on Windows NT was developed by Therese Stowel.

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Steps to open Command prompt To enter commands:

Now I am telling you three steps to open a command prompt to enter commands. Following are the steps:

  • Open Run by clicking Wimdows+R key or from the start menu.
  • Type CMD.exe and click enter After this click om ok.
  • Now you are ready to try every cmd command.

10 Best and Useful Commands

Now I tell you the best 10 useful commands. These are:

  1. Ipconfig (basic cmd command)
  2. Ping (check whether your internet is working fine or not)
  3. Shutdown ( useful command for windows 8)
  4. CIPHER ( overwrite or delete any directory permanently)
  5. NETSTAT (check open protocols using cmd commands)
  6. RECIMG ( create custom recovery images)
  7. SFC/Scannow-CMD Commands
  8. wbadmin (start Back up useful CMD-command)
  9. ASSOC
  10. Driverquery


Ipconfig is a command-line tool used to control the network connection on windows NT/2000/XP Machines. It displays all current (TCP/IP) network configuration values and refreshes (DHCP) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and domain name systems (DNS) settings.

Using Ipconfig cmd command you can easily find the IP address. you can also find your IP address from the control panel as well. But it requires a lot of clicks and will take some time. Using config cmd command you can quickly check your IP address. To use this command type IPCONFIG into the command prompt and it will quickly show your IP address.


Ping command is a command used to test the ability of the source computer to reach a specified destination computer. The ping command operates by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request messages to the destination computer and waiting for a response.

A ping command can easily help you to check whether working of your internet, If we Talk in technical Terms, then it can immediately check whether your pc is sending/receiving a packet or not. If the resulting IP of any domain works, then it means it is working perfectly. So if the IP of sites comes in the form of result, then your internet connection is working perfectly.


The shutdown command is very useful for windows 8 users to create shutdown short icon. So, they can quickly shut down their computers with ease. The windows, 8 users have to open tiles first and they can turn off their pc. This command is very easy and time saving for windows 8 users. The one advantage of this command it works on every version of windows but in the older version of windows, there is no need to create shortcuts. follow these steps to use this cmd command.

  • Right-click on the create shortcut.
  • To create shortcuts, you can use these commands:
  1. ShutDown:shutdown/s/t 0
  2. Restart:shutdown/r/t 0
  • Now click on OK and use shortcut buttons to restart and shutdown your PC.


This command is very helpful for you if you have an old HDD in your computer or laptop.  Basically, this command wipes your whole driver completely without any kind of problems. The one advantage of this command it does not require any other software to overwrite or delete any directory completely. If you are facing SSD, then there is no need to use this command simply enter cipher/w:c command into a command prompt and click enter. It will wipe the whole drive by writing random data.


This command is very useful to find open protocols of your network operator. This command can help you to check trojan. It will provide you the list of the related IP address as well. To use this command enter netstat-an in Prompt and click enter.


It is one of the hidden features for creating Custom recovery Images. Using this command, you can also create your custom recovery. You can also remove the default bloatware and also enables you to add your favorite third-party programs to recovery images to your computer easily.


Windows has its top-secret scanner which scans system files for problems. If OS is corrupted or any file is missing of your windows. It can fix any virus which is creating problems in windows. To run this command first open command prompt in administrative mode and enter this command SFC/scannow and then click ok.


In this command, you can easily create system backup images without any kind of problem. You can create a backup of each and every file of your windows and other files. The backup feature is removed in Windows 8.1, so you can create system backup using this command easily in Windows 8.1.


Most of the people are facing problems in extensions and default programs. They are set by Windows to access that file extension. To overcome this issue, ASSOC comes handy. Using this cmd command, you can also check out all extensions and can change it. e.g. assoc.mp3=PROGRAM_NAME using this command you can change it your wish to save your time in future. Though you do it by doing right-click on the file name and then by going into properties, you can easily change it. Assoc is very best cmd command.


The driver query is one of the best and useful cmd command which you must try out. Most of the people know the driver plays important role in the functionality of your Operating system. So, using this helpful cmd command you can easily manage your all driver tasks. Moreover, using this cmd command you can easily find out the location of any driver at which it is installed.

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How you can use the command prompt?

To use a command prompt you simply need to type cmd.exe in the search field in the start menu or click on start, then accessories and then press the command prompt icon.

How many commands are there in CMD?

If we talk about how any commands in CMD then windows provide access to over 280 commands. These 280 commands are used to do certain operating systems task.








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