March 18

[Easy Fix] NTLDR Is Missing Error


You are just on your routine, and you start up your computer to work, and suddenly, windows don’t seem to boot up successfully. You see a black screen saying NTLDR is missing. That is an error that usually occurs in windows. It may have been caused due to several reasons. NTLDR boots the files and processes from the computer memory and lets the windows to boot up successfully.
In this case, you can press Alt+ Ctrl + Del key from the keyboard to restart the system. Because you might not have any idea about this type of error, so don’t mess with it. Don’t need to worry. We are going to help you with this problem. But first, you need to know what is NTLDR and what is it used for?

NTLDR And Its Uses

It is a short form for NT loader, which is a boot loader that loads and starts the boot time tasks and processes within a computer memory. NTLDR can also load a non NT based operating system such as Windows 7,10, etc. It runs from primary hard disk but can also be loaded from bootable USB or CD-Rom etc.

How To Solve NTLDR Is Missing Error

This error may be caused by several different reasons. We have solutions that may be possible to get rid of this issue. You can try to solve it by using these methods one by one.

Restart Your Computer

It may be removed just by a simple restart. You never know what is causing the issue. Press the Ctrl and Alt key along with the Del key to restart your computer as soon as the message shows. Hold these keys for few seconds and see does your computer boot into windows successfully?
If it does, then you have fixed the error, but if you see the error again. You can try other fixes for this.

Unplug All The Removable Drives

This error also occurs when your pc is booting from a non-bootable disc or USB drive or any floppy, etc. In this case, you can unplug all these removable drives from the pc, and then you hold down ctrl and alt keys, and then you press Del key, which will restart your computer. Check to see if you see normal windows now or still have that error.

Configure BIOS Boot Order Of Your Computer

If you have made sure that there is no removable drive connected to the pc, you can configure the BIOS boot order to make sure your pc boots from system drive at first. To do this, you need to follow these steps

  • From the keyboard, press Ctrl and alt and then del key to restart the pc
  • On the main screen after restart, use specific keys such as f1, f2, f10, etc.
  • Now in the new boot menu, press right key to select the boot pane
  • Then press down to select the hard drive and press + key to move that hard drive up to the top of the boot list.
  • If the hard drive is already on top, then skip this step.
  • Press f10 key to save settings and exit BIOS
  • When it shows a prompt message of setup confirmation, press enters key and then select yes.
  • Your computer goes into the reboot afterward, check to see if the error Is removed successfully or not. If not, move to the next solution

Configure BIOS Boot Order Of Your Computer

Perform Startup Repair On Computer

Most of the window’s problems can be fixed by performing startup repair. But you need a windows 10 installation disc as well before you perform this repair. Here’s how do you do it.
Follow these steps

  • Insert the Windows disc into your computer
  • Hold alt ctrl and del to restart your computer
  • When the first screen is loading using any of the specific keys such as f1, f2, etc.
  • Press right arrow key and go to boot pane
  • Press down arrow key and select installation disc then press + from keyboard to move that disc to the top
  • Press f10, and save your settings and then exit BIOS
  • The windows show the screen saying press and key to boot from cd
  • Select your language, time and keyboard and press next
  • Click repair option at the bottom of your computer screen
  • Click troubleshoot and then select startup repair, then select Windows 10
  • The window starts to scan your computer and fixes all the problems that it detects automatically. Then see if the error is removed or not.

Perform Startup Repair On Computer

Rebuild The MBR Of Your Hard Disk

The master boot recorder is stored on a hard disk that contains necessary codes to boot a window. Ntldr error may be due to corrupted MBR. You can rebuild MBR by following method.

  • Follow the first 8 steps of solution 4 to reach windows recovery mode again
  • Click troubleshoot
  • Then use these commands in command prompt:
  • Bootrec / fixmbr
  • Bootrec / fixboot
  • Bootrec / rebuildbcd
  • Exit

Restart your system to see if it boots normally.

Check Your SATA Cable

The SATA cable is used to connect your hard disk to a computer’s motherboard. The cable may be loose due to which it is showing ntldr is missing. Open your computer case to see if there is any problem with the SATA cable.


The article provides information about the error ntldr missing from the computer and how to solve it. We have seen what an ntldr is and why it is necessary to fix this issue. We discussed a series of steps involved to remove this error. Each step followed a unique procedure to access the hard disk and solve this issue. Hopefully, these solutions are going to fix your problem. You can also try other solutions if possible and share with us if that worked out for you. It would be great if you can add more solutions to our suggestion. If you have more questions regarding this error, you can contact us on our email and number provided. We will catch up with you when our system is online.

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1. How to fix ntldr is the missing error from windows XP using a USB drive?

For Windows XP, download fixntldr. Zip file from google. Click on it and open the folder and copy “ntldr,” “boot.ini” and “” to my computer in drive c. if it asks to overwrite the existing document, press yes and let it overwrite. Right-click each file, choose properties and uncheck the read-only attribute. Then press ok. Select the language which says 1st try this, 2nd try this and see what comes next. Let the window work on it to repair

2. How to fix ntldr error on windows 7?

Use a windows 7 installation CD and follow the same instructions provided in the above solutions. Restart your computer and boot from disc. After all the process of bootload, make sure you press repair now instead of install. Then select recovery options and let the computer do its work, you can use the same commands like windows 7 and add “bootrec/ MBR” and rebuild it. Click restart and fix the error

3. Is there any third party app to deal with ntldr missing error?

No, there are no such apps to handle this problem. Only windows itself using its installation disc can repair or fix this issue. Or a bootable cd or USB, floppy, etc. can be used to set the error because it is caused at the main boot of the computer system on the operating system, so third party apps cant engage in the process. There hasn’t been any app as such which can deal with this type of issue yet, but who knows. Maybe in the future, we may have an app that can fix these issues.


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