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How To Fix Werfault.exe error in Windows 10


In this article we are talking about WerFault.exe error in windows 10 also  I am telling you how to fix this Werfault.exe error in windows 10. This article is very helpful for you. Read this article till the end. If you received a Werfault.exe error while using windows 10, then you have landed to the right place.

What is WerFault exe

Windows 10 users are commonly facing this error as this latest os is having a vital feature in the Windows Error Reporting system. This option treats with Windows error like Application error, WerMgr.exe or Werfault.exe.

WerFault is a feature that allows Microsoft to track and address error related to the operating system, Windows features, or many Applications. It is a service that receives and send information about error occurs to the Microsoft in Windows OS.

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Werfault.exe in windows is responsible for sending and recording the error report to Microsoft and gets information about this solution, there are system files that are related to Error Reporting System and these files are located in the System 32 folder with the help of System 32 folder Microsoft detects the error and provide the solution in the way of update or install.

Actually, the werfault.exe is used for windows error reporting. when you meet errors related to the operating systems, Windows features, and many other applications, it also allows the errors to be reported to Microsoft. Then you will receive information about solutions to solve this error especially for Windows models such as Windows 7 and Windows 10. The error message may appear like this. Note the detailed information can be different in different cases.

This errors mostly occur in on opening programs, if you get this error with different programs to contact their vendor for further assistance as this could be in software. This error is also known as windows Problems reporting belong to software Microsoft Windows operating systems by Microsoft ( WerFault.exe is an important part of windows but often causes problems. Werfault.exe is able to monitor applications.

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Werfault.exe Error mainly occurs due to the incompatibility of the display drivers or many other drivers with your system hardware. Thus, windows keep on reporting on such issues. But most of the time everything seems to work accurate and, you must know about these steps in order to keep things together before they get out of your hands

Issues Occurred by EXE Errors

There are four issues that are occurred by exe errors. These issues are given below:

  1. The First one is Viruses, malware, and spyware
  2. Invalid broken, corrupted or out of dates drivers and files
  3. Conflicting entries in the windows system registry
  4. Applications Conflicts

Causes of WerFault.exe Error

Commonly, if a type of exe error causes on a frequent basis there is only one thing you need to perform first before you do anything else clean the system registry chances are. your windows registry has some corrupt files that need cleaning or repairing.

Why Does WerFault.exe Error Occur?

WerFault.exe error is usually encountered on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. These latest operating systems have a necessary feature called Windows error reporting system.

If these errors are appearing on your computer then these files got corrupted and deleted from their place or a virus and malware-infected your system. These types of errors can slow down the performance and speed of your system and also cause certain other errors not repaired earlier as these results in a very high (Central Processing Unit) CPU Usage about (90-100%) hence it is very important that this issue is resolved without a delay.

How To Fix Werfault. exe Error

Now I am telling you 5 methods to fix this type of error. I am providing you the best ways that will fix the Werfault. exe error display on your computer. You can try any of them one by one. Following are five best methods that you can use to fix this problem:

  1. Disable Windows Error Reporting Service
  2. Update or re-install Device Drivers
  3. Run SFC
  4. Use Anti-Virus Software
  5. Use Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

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Disable Windows Error Reporting Service

Disabling Windows Error Reporting is the possibility the simplest and the best and accurate method to get rid of the WerFault.exe error. Steps are given below:

  1. Press and hold Windows+ R key t to access the Run dialog box. Type services. MSc in it and click on OK
  2. Now locate and double click on Windows Error Reporting Service from the list to access the Properties dialog box
  3. In General, tab, change startup type as disabled and press apply and then press ok
  4. Restart your computer

You have successfully fixed the windows error reporting service and this method might fix this error. In case this error does not work then you will try other methods.

Update or re-install Device Drivers

In many cases, this error is caused by outdated or corrupted drivers

  1. Firstly, press and hold the Windows +R key to access the Run dialog box. Then type devmgmt. MSc in it and press Enter to the access Device Manager.
  2. In the device, the manager expand the “Display Adapters” category and then uninstall the drivers
  3. Switch to “Action” tab and then click Scan for hardware changes
  4. Wait til drivers are installed again and then restart pc
  5. You can also use third-party driver updaters


The full form of SFC System file Scanner. SFC can scan and repair the system files that are causing Werfault.exe error in your computer.

  1. Press the Windows+ X key to open the Power user menu and select the command prompt.
  2. In the command prompt type these commands: “SFC/scannow
  3. Let SFC can scan and repair the corrupt or misplaced files.

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Use Anti-Virus Software

  1. Now Download and install anti-virus software on your computers such as Avast, Norton, 360 Total security, Kaspersky and many others.
  2. Open the Anti-Virus software and do a full scan of your computer
  3. Wait till the Anti-Virus software scans and repairs all threats and problems then restart your computer

Use the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool

  1. open Windows search box and search and Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
  2. Now Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool from the search result
  3. Now restart your computer and check problems
  4. The process is completing
  5. The error is solved. You can now continue to use you pc without by the WerFault.exe error.


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