Youtube Playback Error [Fixed]

Today we will discuss how you can fix Youtube playback error in chrome. Read this article to check if the problem is resolved or not. I have seen many people on different websites that complained about this error. A few days ago, I also faced this error. Whenever I clicked any video on Youtube. I tried many times but each time I got the same message.  Actually most of the users face the same error while opening any video on youtube such as technology, films, and other videos on any device, even the videos in your watch history. Most of the users met the same issue, as this is the most common error comes out with youtube.

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Methods to fix YouTube playback error

To get YouTube working again in your Chrome browser, one thing that you perform you need to fix the underlying problems. That usually just mean clearing locally stored data from chrome, but you may have to take more drastic action and reset the browser completely. Now I am telling you the best 4 methods to fix youtube playback error on chrome. Please read the following methods carefully, I hope after applying these methods your issue is fixed

  1. Update Chrome
  2. Closing and Restarting chrome
  3. Turning off hardware acceleration
  4. Try incognito mode

Update Chrome

I hope that you should always be using the latest version of Google Chrome. Chrome will automatically update to latest version. But it is best to double-check this.

Paste chrome://settings/help into the URL bar and press enter. You can see that your Google Chrome is up to date.

Clear Cookies and Cache

The step that you need to perform is to clear your cookies and cache on Google Chrome to clean out your browser. Now paste chrome://settings/clear browser data into the URL bar. Now select all the time from the results. Tick cookies and other site data and cached images and files. Click clear data your cookies and data is cleared.

Disable extensions

Sometimes extensions can occur compatibility issues with youtube. To view your extensions, paste chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar. Now disable each extension in turn by clicking the slider. After this try to play a video on youtube again and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Closing or Restarting Chrome

Chrome is a very best browser with the help of chrome you can fix a lot of problems, including issues where youtube does not work, by simply closing or restarting your browser. In many cases restarting the browser will also install any available updates.

  1. Close Chrome
  2. Launch Chrome
  3. Now check is youtube is working or not.
  4. If youtube still does not work, try force-quitting chrome to make sure that it has completely  closed
  5. On Windows: force quit chrome by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL key on the keyboard and then click on task manager.
  6. Choose chrome from the given list, and then right-click on End Task.
  7. On macOS: force quit Chrome by pressing Option+Command+Escape on a keyboard to bring up the force quit menu.
  8. Choose Chrome, and press Force quit.

I hope that youtube is working again if not then try other steps and continue to read this article.

Turning off hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a feature that is specially designed to use your graphics processing units (GPU) in addition to your Central Processing unit to render website pages. when it works properly your graphics card can easily handle it, this feature helps chrome more smoothly.

Javascript is the most common programming language which is used by youtube to display their videos in your web browser. While there are circumstances where you can view videos just fine with javascript off, if you turn it off then it can prevent videos from playing on youtube. You need to turn hardware acceleration off and turn javascript on and then check to see if youtube works or not.

  1. Navigate to chrome://settings and choose Advanced near the bottom of the page.
  2. If the hardware acceleration slider is on, then click to turn it off.
  3. Choose relaunch to restart Chrome with the help of hardware acceleration turned off, or proceed to the next step to turn on javascript first.
  4. Now select Content settings. The content setting is located in the privacy section of the same advanced settings page where you turned off hardware acceleration. You will typically need to scroll up to find it.
  5. Now choose java script
  6. Click on the slider to allowed it.
  7. In the end, restart Chrome and check if the youtube works.

Try incognito mode

The incognito mode in Google’s Chrome private browsing mode that prevents your browser from saving any information about what you search for or view on the internet. It does not prevent external sites from tracking you, but it does not prevent the storage of cookies and by default prevents extensions from running.

If youtube works in incognito mode, it means that the problem is with your extensions. In this case, you also try disabling your extensions one at a time, just use youtube in incognito, or use a different web browser for youtube.

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How you can change Youtube playback settings

  1. First sign in to youtube. First of all, you need to head towards going to the website and sign in to youtube simply by entering your email address and passwords.
  2. Now clock on the youtube settings.
  3. Choose Playback
  4. Adjust playback settings

What does native payback mean?

Now I am telling you about the native player. Native player both Ios and Android devices provide their own native players. The native player introduces a feature called rich media playback efficient with good streaming support which depends upon an optimized and efficient code stack. I hope that you will find this article helpful to fix your problem. Follow the steps given above properly. They will surely help you to fix this issue as soon as possible. If you have any questions or want to solve your problems regarding this issue then do let me know in the comments. I will try to solve your problem if I could.







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