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[Quick] Manage, Delete And Add a Server in Discord


Discord is an application that allows your PC or mobile to focus most of its resources towards the actual game. It is free and very easy to use the app. The voice quality is really good, and there are a lot of features. One of the best qualities of Discord is that it lets you move around freely and be a part of different multiple server communities for an assortment of varying purposes.

In the beginning, people used to talk on Team Speak or on the Vent, but it is now all about the Discord. It is now marked as the number one chat and voice server platform for gamers as well as for companies. If you want the Discord and its features, read further to know how to add, manage, and delete a server from Discord.

Discord has its client app and also a browser app. Both of these apps allow access to different settings, and both work equally well. If you admin on Discord, then you have all the power over the server, and you can control what the users can do or not, how they can interact with others, whether you use the bots on your servers or not, and all that stuff.

Adding a Server in DiscordAdding a Server in Discord

To create or add a server in Discord, the first thing you need is a Discord account. It is free, but you still have to register with an email address to create a username for yourself.

  • Open the Discord website
  • Click on the Register link on the next page when it loads if you don’t have any existing Discord account.
  • Enter your email first, and then come up with a username and add a password.
  • Then select Continue option and complete the login.

Once you have reached the email verification process, then you will be able to download the Discord client, or you can use the web app. In this discussion, we will discuss Discord for macOS. To create a server or to add a server, follow these steps

  • Open the website of the Discord and then select Download for macOS, or you can also open it from your web browser.
  • Then open the app and log in.
  • Now select the + icon that is on the left side from where you will create a server.
  • Select Create a Server option in the next window.
  • First of all, name your server and then select the geographical location for it. In the next window, Location isn’t important, but you can choose one close to you.
  • You can add a server icon, too, if you wish to.
  • Select the Create option, and your server is created and appears back in the Discord client.

Managing the Discord ServerManaging the Discord Server

Everything in the Discord is already taken care of, and it is very little you need to do if you want to manage your Discord server. Yes, The one thing that you can do is create roles for your users. These are like the clan levels from where you can assign the roles to users, guests, officers, admin, etc.

  1. Select your server from the Discord and then go to Server Settings.
  2. Select the Roles from the list in the new window. There should be an option like ‘@everyone’ in the roles section.
  3. You need to select the + icon on the top of the roles section.
  4. Name the roles and then assign them with permissions.
  5. Then select Save option once you have done that.
  6. Repeat for process for all types of roles you want to create.

First, we have to get some users.

  1. Go to the Discord app and move over to the person icon to the right of selected text.
  2. You can copy the link that appears from the popup window.
  3. Send that link to all people that you want to invite to your newly created Discord server.
  4. If that person doesn’t have a Discord account, then he will be prompted to create an account, and then he will be able to join your server.
  5. Then you can assign a role to each new user as above.

Deleting Server in DiscordDeleting Server in Discord

If you think that you don’t want a server, then you can select to delete it. Deleting a server from Discord is not necessary, but still, if you want to do it, you can.

  1. Open your Discord app and then log in.
  2. Select the server name first and then select its Server Settings.
  3. Select the Delete Server option from the server window that is at the bottom of the left pane.
  4. Click on Confirm deletion if prompted.

And that is done, your Discord server should be deleted from your server list, and you and all other users will no longer be able to access it.


In this discussion, we discussed that Discord is a great app for chats and voice communication, and there are different servers of discords that can be managed, edited, or deleted and also added or created from the admin. The processes are simple and easy to handle. We discussed adding a new server, managing a server, deleting a server from Discord in detail with step by steps.

We hope that this info was helpful for you, you can leave a comment on the post so that we can know it was helpful or you can review it back using our mail provided at the end of the page. We will respond to you when we will get your mail.

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1. How can you kick out the owner of a discord server?

You can’t do that; you can’t just steal a server from anyone. Whoever is the owner of a server cannot be removed from the server. They can’t even leave it without transferring the ownership. If their account was compromised, then they are only allowed to contact Discord support and try to get the server back.


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