[Report, Kick, Ban] Someone on Discord?

Discord is a platform that is specifically designed for video gaming, and there is also an audio and visual communication medium between the players in this particular gaming software. It is generally operated in Windows, Linux, Web browsers, etc. Discord was developed with unique electronic features where each client had their specific identification number, and they were easily able to communicate with each other through the feature of screen sharing, video calling and texting. It is available in 27 languages and is written in JAVA Script. In this article, we are going to discuss how to report someone on Discord whosoever might be bothering you.


Discord is a great place for the gamers where they can easily communicate and exchange their opinions, yet you might face some trouble makers as well who might be bothering you throughout, and you might want to block or report them thus to report someone on Discord, they must have broken a guideline. In order to report a person, the Discord will need the user ID, a link to message the person you’re reporting. The messages could aid in the evidence, so don’t delete them. You’re the channel admin you need to follow these steps :

  • Navigate to the Settings and then Appearances so that you have to turn on the Developer Mode
  • Right Click on the User and select Copy ID for the User ID
  • Then Paste it somewhere safe
  • Select the three dots to the right of the message that you’re reporting and select Copy Link
  • Visit the link and add all the necessary information into report request

The trust and safety team of Discord will investigate your report and go from there. Reporting is, although the last option, you can kick out the toxic trouble makers by the feature of Kick or Ban. You can also use either of these tools as long as u don’t delete the messages being reported.


In order to kick or ban a person, some specific steps are designed. Both the features are different; however, they serve the purpose of keeping the toxic people away and hindering them in making any problem or trouble.

Kick Someone on DiscordKICK SOMEONE ON DISCORD

In order to kick someone from the Discord channel, you need to be the admin. However, kicking someone out from Discord channel would be such that the person would be able to rejoin once you permit him with the privilege. Following are the steps to kick someone out of Discord

  • Select the correct channel within Discord
  • Select the user from the user list
  • Right-click their username and select Kick
  • Select Kick again to confirm the action

The username would stay beside it, thus to remember the kicked out person in memory. Once the person is kicked out, he would get out of the server and would not be able to appear until you permit him. However, some members other than the admin may possess the power to bring them back. If you suspect that might happen, add something in your terms and conditions to avoid such thing and keep the instigator away from the Discord channel.

Banning Someone From Discord  ChannelBANNING SOMEONE FROM DISCORD CHANNEL 

Again, you need to be the admin of the channel to perform this action. As the limitation of the kick is already mentioned that you may kick out someone but other people that might be friends with him are able to bring him back thus to avoid the situation or even it persists then u need to buzz off that person and bring the behammer by blocking them for good. You would need to follow these steps to block the person from Discord Channel

  • Select the channel the user is in
  • Select the user from the List
  • Right-click their username and select Ban
  • Select Ban again to confirm the action

Likely, Ban will have the username as well to avoid further consequences and mistakes. This time the admin will be able to lift the Ban. Even if then that particular person has friends with the admin rights, you can have one to one conversation about allowing them and restraining them for creating any trouble in the future.

However, Discord is a phenomenon gaming zone for gamers and allows you to do multiple things. It is a good place to spent time and enjoys video gaming sessions however any sort of discrepancy or trouble can be solved by efficiently using the features designed to keep the trouble makers, toxic people and instigators away from you such as REPORT, KICK and BAN so you can have a safe and sound gaming session.


In this discussion, we studied what discord is and how you can report someone on the discord. We have discussed 4 different ways to report or ban and kick someone from the discord easily. You can try any of the methods above and see which one works for you. We have a comment section below the article where you can provide us your feedback and review. Or you can ask more questions if you have any. We will try to respond when we get to you.

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1. Is it illegal to use discord under the age of 13?

Anyone under the age of 13 is restricted to use Discord app as per their Terms of Service. If a server owner is aware of it and ignores it, discord will take action on the server and its owner.

2. Is discord a bad app?

There are many positive features to Discord that make it safer for the kids. Discord is also free of advertisements or purchases. And on the other hand, there are several other reasons why Discord is not safe for kids, and it should only be used either by mature people or supervised children.






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