March 12

[Easy Fix] iPad Screen Won’t Rotate



Your iPad screen won’t rotate even after you enabled the auto rotation screen option? You don’t need to be worried. There is always a solution when there comes a problem. We will help you through some ways to fix this issue.

This post will help you fix the iPad screen rotation issue.

How to fix iPad screen rotation issue

There are four easy fixes for this solution. You can try them all one by one and check to see which one worked for you.

Method 1: Making sure that portrait orientation lock is off

Making sure that portrait orientation lock is off

The portrait orientation lock is a built-in function of the iPad, which enables the screen to stay locked in the portrait view and does not change when you rotate the device. It would be best if you made sure that this lock button isn’t turned off on the iPad. To do this, you have to follow these steps

  • Press the home button on your iPad to minimize all the apps and return to your home screen
  • Swipe up from the button of your current screen
  • Go to the control center and make sure that the portrait orientation lock is turned off. If it displays a red lock icon, then tap it, it will become grey, which means that it has been turned off. Some iPads may have side switch if your iPad has such a switch on its side to lock the screen orientation. Toggle the switch to see if the screen rotation starts working or not

Method 2: Restart your iPad

As we know, most of the device issues can be fixed by restarting the device in the first place. It causes all the background running processes to shut down and then reboots up with a fresh start. It is possible that something might be causing issues with the software or the hardware. Perform a proper restart to see whether it starts working or not. Try rotating the screen after the iPad turns back on.

Method 3: try rotating the screen with applications

There are different apps which use portrait or landscape view. Usually, games are played in landscape mode, which rotates the screen. Try installing such games or apps which rotate the screen when you load them and see whether this works on your screen orientation or not. If it does not work, go for the next fix.

Method 4: make sure that the display zoomed mode is turned off

make sure that the display zoomed mode is turned off

The display zoomed mode is built in the function of iOS, which enables the text and icon interface to look more significant and easier to read. Usually, each iOS is set on standard mode. Display zoomed mode overwrites the screen rotation, and it may be the reason behind the problem. You should check whether you have enabled the show zoomed mode, which is causing your iPad screen not to rotate. To do this, follow these steps

  • Go to settings
  • Go to display brightness
  • Press view button
  • It will show you two views, and you will be able to check whether you are in standard mode or zoomed mode.
  • If you are on zoomed mode, tap on the standard method to switch it back to normal display and press set button
  • Press confirm if a prompt message is displayed
  • Restart the iPad and see if your screen orientation is working or not.

After trying all these steps, one of them may be the solution to your problem. If it still doesn’t fix the problem, then it is time you need to get support from Apple franchise or retailer and get your device checked.

Alternative solutions

If your device isn’t fixed with the solutions, then you can try to use third-party apps, or you can download any app for screen rotation such as Screen rotation control, rotation control, and such other apps available on the online store.

Screen rotation control app

It is available on the APK store. This app determines the orientation of the screen. It can cause portrait switch, landscape, reverse landscape, reverse portrait in all the four directions for the screen to be flipped. This app supports the games and other apps orientations in all four modes. Usually, it supports gingerbread 2.3 or higher optimized versions, or froyo 2.2 from which the newer versions are not supported by this app.

If there is a situation to force-rotate the application or game, then it may cause an error or may not display correctly, because forcing over another built-in app view can cause a conflict and interference with the currently working apps. There are other screen rotations apps as well, which are available on the APK store for free download and easy to use. But the Screen rotation control app is user-friendly and easy to use the app.

Rebooting the device to factory settings

The last option which anyone can try with things that are going out of hand is resetting the phone with factory settings. Once the device is restored, all the settings and options are restored to the defaults set by a company for their device. This may help the problem with screen rotation and orientation because sometimes bugs or malware can attack the operating system, and they can affect the performance of your device.

So it is perfect for restoring your device to defaults by factory resetting it and check if the problem gets sorted out or not.


We see that there is often an issue with the iOS users about the rotating screen not working with the orientations. There are four possible fixes to resolve this issue, such as turning zoomed display off, orientation display lock setting, restarting the device, rotating screen with different applications. One of them is likely to solve the issue on different devices. But if the problem persists, then it is the time to replace a device or perform a factory resetting for once which will erase all the data and previous settings

This should be a solution for this; usually such issues are solved by factory resetting the device, but still, in any case, it fails to work back on with the orientation and rotation. Then definitely something is wrong with it, and we cant provide help for that.

The only solution then left is taking your device to the nearest retailer or authorized Apple store and get your device repaired or replacing it would be a better option.

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  1. How to access screen rotation settings on iOS?

Go to the settings of your iPad by swiping up from the home screen and look for an option like screen orientation, and there will be a lock sign logo in front of that option. You can select to choose whether you want to keep the screen locked in portrait mode or enable it to allow using the screen for landscape mode as well. This is the same as the auto-rotation screen on android devices

  1. iPad Pro screen won’t rotate?

iPad Pro doesn’t have much change in settings than a simple iPad. So the same solutions should work for Ipad pro as well. You can try the four fixes like restarting the device first or enabling orientation setting manually, using apps that cause landscape flip and adjustment to the screen, and turning zoomed display mode off to the standard model. This should fix the problem

  1. Should I be worried if my screen doesn’t rotate when I open certain apps on iOS?

If the screen orientation lock is enabled, then your device may be locked in the portrait mode, and won’t rotate until you turn it off. If it still doesn’t work, then you need to worry about your device. There might be an error in the software, or your hardware is most likely not working at its best. Try to get your device repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


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