Quick Fix: The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style

The error displays on the screen as the selected disk is of GPT partition style. Windows cannot be installed. It’s a common problem that occurs to users worldwide. So what exactly is this error, and how is this error caused?
A hard disk usually consists of two partitions on the disk, an MBR and GPT. MBR is traditional, and often, this one is compatible with most of the systems because it uses a standard BIOS partition table. A GPT has a UEFI partition table, which is the replacement of old BIOS.
So now you have a basic understanding of MBR and GPT. So you will understand that this error of GPT is partition is due to your system is based on the old BIOS or MBR type, which isn’t compatible with GPT. So the question is, how can you resolve the GPT partition style problem?

Solutions for Resolving GPT Partition Style Problem

To successfully install your windows on your system, here are two ways to do that. The Unified Extensible Firmware Interface boot (UEFI) and Basic Input Output System (BIOS). So what is the difference between both of them?

Difference between UEFI and BIOS

A UEFI connects a computer firmware to its operating system. It is used for initializing hardware components and starts the operating system stored on hard disk drives. It differs from BIOS, which was traditional and didn’t have many features and advantages. UEFI is the new replacement of BIOS. A bio is embedded on a chip in the motherboard of a computer. Its firmware is preinstalled on the motherboard. It has fixed settings which cant be changed and which won’t be changed even if the computer is a computer is powered off. BIOS loads computer hardware components and makes sure they all work correctly. Then boot loader loads to initialize window or any operating system installed.
UEFI stores all the info about startup and initialization in a .efi file that is stored on a unique partition called EFI system partition. It also contains the boot loader programs for the OS installed on the computer. Its data can be edited or modified to some extent.

UEFI boot

The first resolution is to enable the computer boot to UEFI. Then you can install your system on the selected GPT partitioning disk. Follow these steps

  • Press the power button and shut down your computer
  • Then power up the computer again, when the screen lights up in the start, press the function setting button to enter the BIOS. Function keys can be as follows Esc, f1, f2, f10, Delete, etc.
  • Use your arrow keys from the keyboard to locate the boot panel.
  • Select the boot list option UEFI and press enter button.
  • Then press the Esc key to exit bios and continue the installation of your windows on your computer.
    This method will fix the problem.

Converting the disk from GPT to MBR

Before performing this step, make sure you back up your data already. Because this solution erases your previous existing data on the disk and creates a new disk, that might be a problem for you in case of data loss. That’s a risk which no one likes to take nowadays. You need to follow these steps.

  • Press the power button and shut down your computer.
  • Insert the windows disk or USB from which you want to install windows.
  • Press the power button to boot up the computer, and it automatically will load the windows installation.
  • Hold the shift key and press f10 key from the keyboard that will bring a command prompt window.
  • Then type these commands and press enter key after each command. Such as “diskpart” and then ” list Disk.”
  • You need to identify the disk manually in which you want your windows to be installed and also the one that you are going to format. Then type in the following commands and keep pressing enter key after typing each command.
  • Select disk number such as disk C, D, E then
    Convert MBR

Converting the disk from GPT to MBR
Now close the command window and let it install windows on your computer.
This method should work fine and resolve your problem of the GPT and MBR issue. These are common problems that every user almost faces when there is a difference in hard disk drive type. Try these fixes and see how it works for you.

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For a person with little or less knowledge about technology and computers, this type of error may be alarming for them, or they might get confused about how to resolve it. There is always a solution to the problem, so we don’t have to worry about that. We discussed two methods that can help the windows installation error due to GPT format of the hard disk, and MBR can be converted with GPT and how we do that.

It should always be remembered that whenever you face this error, and you want to fix it, run the standard windows first and back up your data from the hard disk, so you don’t have to fear any data loss when you convert the partition type or delete the partition.

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Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Is the selected disk of GPT partition on the HP laptop?

GPT partition doesn’t vary over the different hardware. It works the same for all the manufacturers, no matter hp or dell or any other manufacturer. The laptop is set up to boot with the primary BIOS mode. You can use the convert method to make the GPT partition work like MBR and efficiently resolve this issue.

How to install Windows ten without data loss on gpt partition?

To install windows ten on your system on gpt partition, you insert the disc of windows and boot up the computer. If your system is bios based, then you have to use the UEFI method or the Convert GPT to MBR method. This will cause your setup to start the loading. Simply follow the instructions and only select to delete the partition where you want to install the windows. Don’t format other partitions if you don’t want data loss.

Can error windows not be installed on drive 0 partitions one without losing data?

This error can be fixed using the diskpart or EaseUS free partition software. Diskpart results in the data loss so EaseUs software is better because of its safe for the data. It is a premium software that allows you to fix this error without affecting other devices.



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