How to Erase an iPhone [2 Ways]

iPhones have been on the global market for a long time. It is Apple’s product and, customers of apple are highly satisfied with this version of their phones. iPhone provides strong security and its iOS, which has its apple store as well. We will see how you can remove or erase data stored on an iphone. Usually, iPhones have a lot of storage categories with their phones, such as sixteen GB, thirty-two gb, sixty-four gb, hundred and twenty-eight gb, and so on. Modern phones can have memory in terabytes as well.

Storing data on any device is easy. You can use the internet or share it through connectivity with different networks to share resources. But there comes a time when you need to delete that data or when you have to remove extra files that are filling up your memory. So how can we do that? It is a simple procedure if you want to clean or erase your iphone.

How to erase an iPhone [2 Best Methods]

There are two easy ways to erase your data from the iphone.

1. Erase your data from phone settings

How to Erase an iPhone 2 Ways

Every manufacturer provides a setting in which you can make changes to your phone to some extent while using it. Usually, adding, copying or erasing and sharing of data is available for the users to do with their device. Through this, we are also able to delete the data in our phone, just by following the basic steps below

  • In the phone, tap on settings option
  • Go to general and press reset option
  • It will give you some choices and options, choose to erase all content and settings options below
  • The phone will ask for your password, enter the password
  • Wait for your phone to finish deleting your data and all settings
  • Your entire data will be erased and gets back to the launched condition

2. Erasing the data from iphone using an Erase software


Erasing the data from iphone using an Erase software

There is always an aftermarket open-source product available on the public market, which can be used for alternative tasks. For erasing the data, an alternative app available is Dr fone. It is a mobile tool kit that contains a data erasing tool. It scans the iOS device and looks for every private data and as well. You can also choose manually which apps and data you want to delete or not. Remember, the data removed through this app will be gone forever. This is how the tool works.

  • Download the app on your computer first, then install it in your system
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Open the app and click the erase button on the top right corner
  • It will show the option as Erase full data, and delete private data. If you want to delete the phone, press erases full data. And if you want to remove specific data, then press erase private data
  • Follow the instructions of the program, and you can also choose to scan your iphone and choose what you want to delete, and then you can wipe the data. This will allow you to remove the data entirely and free your phone.

These two methods help you fix your problem by removing the data. There are other general apps in the market too. But dr fone is the basic and best of them all. It comes with a premium version, and you need to buy it in full release before you can use it. Once you have purchased this app, it can help you erase the data you want and set your phone free back to its position.

Why use verified or paid apps

If you are using the iphone, it means that you have privacy concerns, and you care about everything related to your device because you pay a reasonable price for that. So it is necessary to take care of this device too.

Once you feel like you should delete or erase the data in your device, you cant use an un-trusted app to mess with your device. It can cause any harm, which can cost you a lot. So to avoid risk, paid apps are always available, which guarantee the surety of device and data so that the user may not lose his useful data or the device may not get corrupted.

Factory reset (alternative)

An alternative solution for every device to erase the data is restoring the device to original factory settings. Which means that if you want to remove entire data from your phone. You can go to phone settings and go to the system select factory reset phone. Will it prompt a message saying wipe all the data and restore the phone? Click yes, and your phone goes into a reboot loop and then wipes the data first. Then reboots again with a new restart like a new phone out of the company.


We see that cleaning the phone is not a hard task to do, but how we do it may become risky sometimes. There is a chance of loss of essential data, or sometimes the device may get corrupted. Or some software sometimes removes a necessary component from the device, which may affect the performance of the device as well. So its always smart thought to use a trusted or paid software to deal with your issue and remove your problem instead of getting into more problems

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1. How to erase the iphone without passcode?

Iphone asks for a passcode when you have already set a lock on your phone. You need to use that pattern or lock code to erase the phone too. But, if you remove the home screen pattern code or the lock code, then the phone won’t ask for your passcode before removing the data.

2. How to wipe a locked iphone?

As we discussed in the above section, locked phones require a passcode before removing or erasing the data from a device. Lock code or passcode is something that protects you from unauthorized access of unauthorized users into your device. It stops them from using your device in any situation at all. Passcode appears on the home screen without which you are unable to access the device if you don’t remember the passcode. So when you wipe your data on the device, it requires the same passcode to clean your entire information but first asking from you about your passcode to confirm that you want to do it.

3. How to erase the iphone without apple id?

To remove or erase iphone data, you don’t need any apple id. It only requires your passcode. If, in any case, it asks for your apple id, you have to input it. Otherwise, you can go for the hard reset option that enables you to completely restore the device and remove all the components installed on it. In this way, you can remove your data from your phone without using apple id. If the problem persists, you should call the nearest apple store retailer and get your device checked to see if there is an issue with your device or not.



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