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Avast Passwords: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS


The internet mode of work depends on accounts and passwords. But, it creates an interesting problem, which is remembering all passwords. The easy solution for that is to use a single password for all platforms. However, due to security restrictions, you are compelled to use specific guidelines for creating passwords, which include special characters, capital letters, and numbers. Moreover, a single password is also a risk. That’s why you need a software to store all your passwords.

In this article, we will present you with an Avast passwords review. So, you must pay attention to the detail.

Avast Passwords: Review

The company is based in the Czech Republic, and it claims that two billion attacks occur on online users every year. As a result, millions of users lose their passwords. Ultimately, it leads to the theft of money, data, and information. That’s why a password manager is required for every user. Avast passwords store all your passwords in a secure location, which cannot be accessed by the outsider. You have to reach your passwords by providing a master password.

This strategy minimizes the leakage and provides you with a defense line against attackers. This application is readily available for all operating systems and platforms.

Avast passwords review: Pros and cons

There are always advantages to every application linked to some disadvantages. It is also true for Avast passwords. That’s why we will tell you the pros and cons.


The upsides are described below.

  • This application works close to the Avast antivirus and VPN, which ultimately leads to an all-round set of security tools.
  • The interface is neatly designed and made in a clean manner. Any user can use this application without much difficulty.
  • An extra layer of authentication is added by the presence of a master password.
  • It has an option of secure notes, which stores your documents behind a virtually impregnable barrier. This way, you can store your critically secure data in a vault.
  • In smartphones, a one-touch login is available.
  • You can download the browser’s extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • The password guardian feature helps you produce a secure password.
  • A fully functional free version is also available for most of the users.
  • You are given the freedom to import passwords from other password managers.


Everything also contains some downsides. And it is also true for Avast passwords. So, the disadvantages are below.

  • It has no Linux client.
  • Windows users are required to download all packages of the Avast.
  • You cannot share passwords.

Technical specifications about Avast passwords

The following are the technical details about the application.

  • You can use this application on Windows 7 or above, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • Three modes are functional, which are login, credit cards, and secure notes.
  • Three browsers are supported, which are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • This application uses 256-bit AES encryption for passwords.

Is Avast passwords safe?

This application uses two-step AES authentication, which is almost impossible to break. Any attacker will require days of coding to penetrate through the first layer of security. That’s why it is impossible to break into the application code and bring out the stored information. But if you forget the master password, then there is no way to recover it. That’s why you must keep your master password in a written form anywhere secure.

How to use Avast passwords?

You can get the app for your mobile from the play store. But, here we will tell you about the desktop method. So, you must follow the steps.

  • Connect to the internet. Your internet connection must be strong, reliable, and stable. Otherwise, you will get the file in a greater amount of time.
  • Now, open your web browser.
  • After that, go to this link
  • This link will give you the Avast application.
  • It is necessary to have Avast full package for the working of the application. So, you must download the full package from this site.
  • You will need an activation code for using the application.
  • The activation code will be sent to you with the confirmation email of your order.
  • So, you must purchase the paid version from the
  • After getting the code, you must enter it in the application’s required box.
  • After activation of the license, you can set the master password and start using the password manager.

Pricing of Avast passwords

The pricing model is monthly and you will be billed annually. You will be charged 1.53$ per month or 18.36$ per year. You can use this single license for all your devices. If you are using a Windows computer, a Mac, an Android mobile, and an iPhone, then one subscription will be enough for all devices. The application will use two-factor authentication for all devices. But, you cannot share the secure line with another IP.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is Avast passwords free?

Ans: The application is free to download. You can use it for passwords. But when you require two-factor authentication, AES encryption, and many other premium features, then you will need the activation code. Thus, you can call the application free with limited usage freedom. If you only require to store passwords for online accounts, then the free version will provide you the full service.

Q2: Is Avast trustworthy?

Ans: The application is perfectly trustworthy. Your passwords will only be stored in your device. There is no possibility of sharing your password on any server. And the AES encryption makes it impossible for hackers to decrypt the passwords by any means. That’s why you can call it a trustworthy application.

Q3: What the other best password managers?

Ans: There are many password managers available on the internet. But we will mention the best ones.

  • LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome)
  • Dashlane (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • 1Password (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Keeper Security Password Manager (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Sticky Password (Windows, Apple, Android, iOS)
  • Intel’s True Key

You can use anyone according to your requirements and satisfaction.


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